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Quentin Tarantino's films are rarely straightforward, and the obscured storytelling of Reservoir Dogs has led to tons of fans speculation.

One of the things that director Quentin Tarantino does best is create huge worlds with characters that have connections to other movies in the director’s filmography, and it makes for some incredible theories. , the filmmaker’s directorial debut and still arguably his best movie, is no different, especially given how there’s so little we know about the characters.

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Whether it’s finding ways of connecting the movie to a bigger universe, trying to figure out what happened to the few survivors of the movie, or even trying to find secrets in the blood stains on their suits, there’s so much to be found. Considering it’s such a self-contained thriller that gives little away on its surface, the vast amount of dense theories surrounding the movie is shocking.

10 It’s A parable For The Seven Deadly Sins

As there are seven members of the criminal gang, and it fits right in line with the theory that each character represents one of the seven deadly sins. The best examples of this are Mr. Blonde, who portrays wrath, as he murdered everyone in the jewelry store and is generally so bloodthirsty, and Mr. Pink, who obviously portrays Greed due to how selfish he is throughout the movie. However, a couple of the examples are a bit of a stretch, but it’s a fascinatingly allegorical way of looking at the characters.

9 Mr. Pink And Dr. Romero From Spy Kids 2 Are The Same Character

Reservoir Dogs would look a lot different if it were remade today, but Steve Buscemi’s role as Mr. Pink is marvelously fidgety and selfish. Buscemi also plays Dr. Romero in Spy Kids 2, and it isn’t just because the characters are played by the same actor that one Redditor believes the doctor and Mr. Pink are the same person.

It can’t be confirmed exactly what happened to Mr. Pink, whether he was caught by the cops or escaped, but, given that Dr. Romero is a mystery and nobody knows about his backstory, the Redditor came to the conclusion that he’s a former jewel thief. What adds weight to the story is that the Tarantino universe and Rodriguez universe have been known to cross paths in the past.

8 The Suits Of Each Character Reflects How Often They’ve Killed

There’s a lot of foreshadowing in Reservoir Dogs, and there are lots of things that provide information about characters’ backstories without there actually being any dialogue. One fan takes it even further, as they have considered that the character’s wardrobes represent how much they’ve killed.

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After the heist, all of the characters’ suits are in completely different conditions, from Mr. Blonde’s suit being caked in blood to Mr. Pink’s shirt still being blind white. As Mr. Blonde is revealed to be a merciless killer and Mr. Pink a scaredy cat who couldn’t kill a fly, the theory certainly holds some weight.

7 Mr. Pink Was Lying About Knowing Joe

Throughout the whole movie, Mr. Pink didn’t ever hide how selfish he was, but he was never depicted at as a liar. However, considering that he tells Mr. White how he and Joe have been friends for decades, it doesn’t exactly come across that way after seeing how Joe and Mr. Pink interact with one another.

Joe didn’t know that Mr. Pink was a non-tipper, and Eddie, who is Joe’s son, doesn’t seem to know Mr. Pink one bit, leading to the theory that Mr. Pink isn’t just a coward, but a liar, as well.

6 What The Title Really Means

When it comes to Quentin Tarantino’s movie titles, they’re all pretty self explanatory. One Upon A Time in Hollywood is a period drama based in Tinseltown, and Kill Bill is about an assassin literally hunting down somebody called Bill.

However, the meaning of Reservoir Dogs isn’t remotely clear, and Tarantino has never given any hints—but this theory could possibly be the answer. “Reservoir” is slang for “container,” and “dogs” is slang for “criminals.” So, the mysterious title could translate to Container of Criminals, which makes sense, as most of the movie is set inside a warehouse, which contains all of the criminals.

5 The Breaking Bad Connections

Vince Gillian has already said in the past that Walter White and Jesse Pinkman are references to the heist movie, but the connections could go even deeper. One theory argues that Breaking Bad could be more of a remake of Reservoir Dogs than anything, with Hank being Mr. Orange, as both are cops and Hank is often seen wearing orange.

Going even further down the rabbit hole, Todd is considered to be Breaking Bad’s answer to Mr. Blonde, as both are loose canons, and Todd has blonde hair. It’s one of the more far-out theories, but a fascinating theory, nonetheless.

4 Mr. Pink’s Fate

The way Reservoir Dogs sets up a whole universe is one of the ways the movie established Tarantino’s style. It’s no secret that Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction are set in the same universe, as fans know that Mr. Blonde and Vincent Vega are brothers. Tarantino had even originally planned a spin-off following the two of them, though it’s something that the director could explore in a future novel.

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But the connections don’t end there, as this Redditor posits that Buddy Holly, who is portrayed by Buscemi and waits on Vincent and Mia in Pulp Fiction, is in fact Mr. Pink. If true, though he wasn’t murdered or put in jail, it’s poetic justice for the character, as he refused to tip waiters and the beginning of Reservoir Dogs, and now he’s waiting tables, working for tips.

3 Pulp Fiction Is A Prequel To Reservoir Dogs

In almost an opposite theory, this Redditor, argues that Pulp Fiction is actually a prequel due to how the characters in the movie could be the same as the ones seen in Pulp Fiction.

Pumpkin is Mr. Orange, the Wolf is Mr. White, etc, and there’s dialogue that even backs up his claim. In his rant about not paying tips, Mr. Pink explained that he used to work a minimum wage job, and the very job that he’s talking about could be his stint as Buddy Holly at Jack Rabbit Slims.

2 Reservoir Dogs And Pulp Fiction Take Place On The Same Day

With all the theories of Pulp Fiction being a sequel or a prequel to Reservoir Dogs, this theory argues that it could actually be an intraquel, taking place on the same day. There’s only one thing that supports this: the scene when Vincent and Jules drive around the streets of LA in broad daylight with Martin’s brains sprayed all over the windows.

They would have spotted by cops a mile off, but there weren’t any about, and that could be because all units were busy attending to a jewelry heist that erupted into bloodshed.

1 The Cops Shot First

Right after Mr. White finds out that Mr. Orange was a cop the whole time, the cops raid the warehouse. Before it cuts to black and the credits role, it’s insinuated that Mr. White shoots Mr. Orange, which leads the cops to then shoot at Mr. White.

But, in a Han or Greedo type situation, this theory claims that the cops actually shot at White first. The fan came to the conclusion after all of the symbolism of police brutality throughout the movie, such as one of the cops earlier in the movie screaming, “I will shoot you right in the face if you don't put your hands on the dash!”

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