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For animal lovers, movie pets can be some of their favorite cinematic characters. From Okja to Lassie, here are the most beloved on-screen creatures.

For some movie fans, it can be a lot easier to fall in love with animal characters that it can be to fall in love with human characters. Anyone who has owned a pet at some point in their lives knows how special these animals can be and some movies really capture that feeling effectively.

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Whether it's a cat, dog, bird, or something a little more unusual, these lovable creatures bring so much cuteness and love to a film. They can be heroic animals or just really good friends to have around. Here are the most iconic pets in movie history, ranked.

10 Okja (Okja)

Before making Oscar history with his amazing thriller Parasite, Bong Joon-ho delivered this unique and touching adventure story. tells the story of a young Korean girl who raises a genetically modified pig as her pet, which becomes the target for a number of interested parties.

The titular pig is certainly an odd-looking pet, but it's easy to fall completely in love with the animal. The comical appearance of Okja brings a lot of laughs while its fight for survival in a cruel world is heartbreaking.

9 Baxter (Anchorman)

Ron Burgundy, the popular San Diego newsman, is quite a self-involved person, but there's no denying his love for his dog Baxter. This cuddly little puppy means the world to Ron and is his best friend in the entire world.

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Baxter is the perfect companion for Ron. He is always there to give him words of encouragement, he calls him out when no one else will, and he even speaks Spanish. These two make an adorable pair, with matching pajamas to add to the cuteness. Even when Baxter was kicked off a bridge, he returned to Ron when he needed him most.

8 Hooch (Turner & Hooch)

There have been a lot of buddy cop pairings in films over the years, but Turner and Hooch are certainly one of the most oddball duos. Tom Hanks stars as Turner, a bored cop hoping to find some real crime to fight. He is unexpectedly partnered up with a slobbery dog named Hooch to solve a murder.

Despite his messy appearance, Hooch is a loyal and brave partner to Turner. He knows how to take on the bad guys, helps Turner solve the case, and puts his life on the line to save his friend.

7 Beethoven (Beethoven)

Beethoven is another very messy dog who is still unbelievably lovable. This giant Saint Bernard is taken in as a puppy by the loving Newton family. As the dog grows, it becomes the center of their entire world whether they like it or not.

Sure, Beethoven can be a little intrusive and even destructive at times, but he always has good intentions. And any damage he does is made up for by the fact that he loves his family and is a great pal whenever they need him.

6 Toothless (How To Train Your Dragon)

How to Train Your Dragon is set in a Viking community who make it their mission to fight the dragons that invade their lands. Hiccup is a young boy who is not very talented at fighting dragons, despite his best efforts.

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One day, Hiccup discovers an injured dragon named Toothless. Realizing Toothless is not as scary as he thought, Hiccup befriends the beast and helps it fly again while Toothless helps give Hiccup the confidence he was lacking. Together, they form a beautiful and strong friendship that changes their community for the better.

5 Jones (Alien)

There aren't too many humans who made it out of the Alien films alive, but somehow Jones the cat managed to survive. Jones is the friendly and relaxed feline that keeps the crew of the Nostromo company during their long trip.

When the crew inadvertently brings an alien creature on board the ship, Jones is wise enough to lie low and avoid getting eaten. Jones is so lovable that Ripley is willing to go through the entire ship looking for the cat even after all her friends had been killed.

4 Willy (Free Willy)

It's not too many kids that are lucky enough to have a whale as a pet. Of course, the tragedy of Willy, the orca whale in Free Willy is that he shouldn't be kept in captivity. The film follows a foster child who befriends Willy when he finds him at an aquarium.

The two friends form a strong bond and have a lot of fun together, but Willy truly belongs in the open ocean with the other whales. The young boy helps the whale make a miraculous escape and their bond remains even with Willy being free.

3 Toto (The Wizard Of Oz)

There is a lot going on in The Wizard of Oz, like talking scarecrows, magical munchkins, and a wicked witch. Yet somehow, the little black dog named Toto still leaves a lasting impression. Toto is Dorothy's dog and despite being small, manages to be a big part of the story.

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Dorothy runs away from home in the first place to protect poor Toto and later, the Wicked Witch threatens Toto along with Dorothy. In fact, Toto is even the one who reveals the truth about the Wizard of Oz.

2 Babe (Babe)

Babe is a little adorable pig who is bought by a farmer. But while a pig's use on the farm is pretty apparent, Babe quickly proves he is no ordinary pig and that he has many hidden talents. His friendly and innocent demeanor makes him an excellent sheepherder.

Farmer Hoggett sees something in Babe and the little pig continues to impress the serious yet caring man. He even makes the farmer open up a little more and show his loving side. Ultimately, Babe also proves to be a helpful and loving pig to his fellow animals.

1 Lassie (Lassie Come Home)

Lassie is likely the most legendary dog in film history, with countless films and television shows that she has led. It's not hard to see why there is so much love for this beautiful dog as she proves to be the smartest and most caring canine around.

She is seen as always loyal to her young masters and has an almost supernatural attachment to them. Whenever they are in trouble, Lassie is there to save the day or go get help. Few pets have saved their owners as much as Lassie has.

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The season one finale of Buffy is one of the best. Giles learns that there is a prophecy that says Buffy will die when she faces the Master. The problem is, Giles seems surprisingly okay with this information.

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Buffy overhears Giles discussing her fate with Angel and is understandably hurt by Giles's casual, matter of fact manner. Giles admits that he doesn't like it, but there's nothing he can do about it. He seems to give up, which would be unacceptable if this episode were written today.

8 The Hyenas

Another episode early on in the series shows Xander falling in with the wrong crowd. After Xander and a group of popular kids sneak into the hyena cages at the Sunnydale zoo, they become possessed and begin acting very strangely. Xander becomes verbally aggressive with all of his friends and Giles initially writes off his behavior, thinking that Xander is acting like a typical sixteen-year-old boy. Xander later goes on to attack and almost rape Buffy. Giles's negligence in this episode is a major flaw and didn't age well.

7 His Only Friends Are Teenagers

Seeing a much older school administrator hanging out with his teenage students as frequently as Giles does would raise a lot of red flags at any high school in today's world.

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Giles' only friends seem to Buffy, Xander, Willow, Cordelia, and Oz in the first few seasons and then he and Anya grow close when she's introduced in later episodes. It seems very strange that Giles, who is significantly older than the company he keeps, doesn't have any friends his own age.

6 Putting Buffy In Danger

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5 Sleeping With Buffy's Mom

Giles and the rest of the parents eat some "bad candy" in season three, which causes them to behave recklessly. Giles and Joyce sleep together while under the influence of the possessed chocolate bars and by doing so, Giles crosses a huge boundary.

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Of course, Buffy is understanding due to the fact that her mom and her watcher weren't in their right minds, but the jokes about it carry on through the entire series when really, it's something fans just want to forget about because regardless of his frame of mind, it was a line that shouldn't have been crossed and probably wouldn't be a punchline today.

4 His Co-Dependent Relationship With Buffy

Giles and Buffy's relationship has been criticized by fans more recently because going back to re-watch the series, it's not the healthiest relationship and in a lot of ways, it's very co-dependent. What starts as a watcher/slayer dynamic, quickly shifts to more of a father/daughter relationship and then borders on an unhealthy partnership when both Buffy and Giles start relying on one another to fill emotional voids that neither one is entirely capable of fulfilling.

3 He Leaves A Lot

In the later seasons of the show, Giles frequently threatens to leave Sunnydale, or he does leave Sunnydale. This back and forth, indecisive behavior is not good for Buffy and her friends, and in a lot of ways, it gaslights them.

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It also makes them lose faith in the person they've looked up to and relied on through their most formative years. It's an out-of-character twist for the usually well-maintained voice of reason and not something viewers would take to today.

2 Doesn't Trust Buffy

Buffy is the chosen one and the whole purpose of this show and the reason why Joss Whedon created it, was to depict women in a more empowered way and flip the script on Hollywood's "damsel in distress" typecasting. The problem is, Giles frequently doubts Buffy and has to step in to correct her or help her. Buffy isn't the stand-alone hero that she probably would have been written as if the slayer were a man. It seems Giles's need to protect his slayer is frequently due to the fact that she is a girl and it makes viewers wonder how Giles would manage a male slayer if they existed.

1 Gets Away With Murder

At the end of season five, Buffy has defeated Glory and the god has turned back into her human self, Ben. Buffy won't take a human life and Giles knows that, so when he finds Ben where Buffy left him, beaten and unarmed, he kills Ben himself. No one ever seems to wonder where Ben/Glory went after that night, even though Giles admits to Ben before taking his life that Buffy fully expects Glory to return and that's why Giles must kill them both. It's hard to believe that Buffy never questions Giles about Ben in later seasons or worries that Glory could return.

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