12 wedding photographers to follow on 500px

We’ve put together this collection of 12 incredible wedding photographers to follow from the 500px community to inspire you. The post 12 wedding photographers to follow on 500px appeared first on 500px.

12 wedding photographers to follow on 500px

According to the 2020 WeddingWire Newlywed Report, 60% of couples say the style of photography is the most important thing to consider when it comes to choosing someone to document their big day. Finding the right photographer is so important, in fact, that it’s the most popular place for couples to increase their budget. Furthermore, creating an “inspiration board” is among the top ways couples plan their weddings prior to getting engaged.

With emerging trends like “statement decor” and offbeat color schemes shaping the industry, 2020 is an interesting time to be a wedding photographer, even if most weddings will have to take place at home or with a limited guest list. Whether you’re making the most of the situation right now or gearing up for a booking increase as cities reopen, we’ve put together this collection of 12 inspirational wedding photographers to follow from the 500px community.

With home bases around the globe and specialties ranging from adventure and destination photography to multicultural and even at-home weddings, these photographers remind us of the importance of capturing life’s most significant milestones. Of course, this is just a point of departure, and we encourage you to browse 500px for more inspiration. Feel free to add your favorites in the comments below!

Angela Perez

This Florida-based photographer spends her time shooting fashion stories and traveling the globe to document destination weddings as part of the creative duo Angie & Marko. Their photos—made for the “wildly in love”—evoke a spirit of adventure and wanderlust, while introducing us to some of the most stunning (and unconventional) places to celebrate.

Angela isn’t one for staged, overly posed pictures; instead, she prefers candid, genuine moments that unfold when a couple forgets they’re being photographed. Her photos are a powerful reminder to savor those little, “blink-and-you-miss-it” details throughout a couple’s journey to the altar. From eclectic festivities in Miami’s art district to trips into the woodlands, Angie & Marko are up for anything.

Melli & Shayne

For this Germany-based photography team, every wedding tells an epic story, whether it takes place on an olive farm in Italy or against the breathtaking landscape of the Serengeti. Melli, who hails from Germany, and Shayne, who hails from Mauritius, met in Zanzibar, and they’ve been charting new territory ever since.

Beyond the standard “wedding poses,” the duo aims for authentic, real-life stories that are at once unique and universal. In addition to their still images, Melli and Shayne produce signature films, drenched in atmosphere and a cinematic sensibility. They’re also the educators behind How I Shot This, where they share stories and resources for emerging photographers.

Jaakko Sorvisto

This Finnish photographer is a master at capturing wedding days from start to finish, beginning with those early-morning, “getting-ready” flutters, and ending in sunset dances with friends. From the towns of Tuscany to the iconic Bengtskär Lighthouse in the Archipelago Sea, he creates romantic images evocative of classic films and rooted in magical Nordic landscapes.

Jaakko has traveled to Marseille, Norway’s Lofoten Islands, Suomenlinna sea fortress, and far beyond—collecting timeless memories and cinematic images along the way.

Junior Asiama

This Ghana-based photographer, filmmaker, and artist might be known for his fashion and portrait work, but he also has a keen and distinctive eye for weddings. As he recently told Karen Biilmann of 500px, his work often revolves around “the art of visual intimacy,” and that sensibility translates into warm, genuine photos of couples during their happiest moments.

Sara K Byrne

This Portland-based photographer can often be found on the road, chasing down love stories among the beautiful landscapes of the American West. Recently, she’s climbed Rattlesnake Ridge, camped in the redwoods, caravanned old dirt roads, gotten nosebleeds from the dry desert air, and reached some remarkable (and almost inaccessible) spots—all to tell the stories of two people in love.

Sara is also known for her gorgeous double exposure work, combining the magic of the darkroom with the convenience of the digital age.

Carey Nash

This luxury destination wedding photographer has worked in more than 80 countries to date—and counting. Based in Alberta, he’s been photographing weddings for more than 15 years, visiting far-reaching locales ranging from Cartagena, Antelope Canyon, Paris, the Isle of Skye, Uganda, and dozens more. Some of his favorites include the Congo, Madagascar, Ethiopia, India, China, Myanmar, Bolivia, and Nicaragua.

Carey effortlessly fuses fine art and adventure genres to create unforgettable, one-of-a-kind photos for his clients. Beyond his work as a photographer, he gives back through volunteer work with Plan International, a humanitarian and development organization working across 71 countries. He’s also worked with the Global Enrichment Foundation, an organization devoted to empowering women in developing countries.

Berty Mandagie

Based in the Pacific Northwest, this photographer is known for his vibrant, nostalgic pictures and wanderlust-inducing adventures. As the son of a sailor, born in Indonesia, it’s no wonder Berty’s drawn to remote areas and the road less traveled. Though he does specialize in weddings, he defies easy categorization, spanning the world of both commercial and fine art photography.

As a wedding photographer, he’s recorded love stories close to home in iconic locations in Washington, Colorado, and beyond, while also traveling to far-off destinations in search of once-in-a-lifetime images. Along with his wife Emily, he also runs The Mandagies Adventure Blog, an ongoing exploration of the natural world and the great outdoors.

Jason Hampden

This Greensboro-based artist spans several genres, including commercial lifestyle photography, video, documentary, and, of course, weddings. Known for his authentic, real-life storytelling and mastery of early-morning natural light, he’s often on the road, traveling from one extraordinary location to the next and connecting with people along the way.

With a passion for earthy tones, warm sunlight, and spontaneous moments, Jason manages to capture images that are simultaneously modern, nostalgic, and timeless.

Avismita Bhattacharyya

Known for her documentary-style approach to weddings, this award-winning photographer has captured moving, candid moments at ceremonies throughout India. Whether it’s a Hindu-Jewish fusion wedding, a Bengali wedding, a Tamil wedding, or any number of enchanting opportunities, Avismita brings her signature vision to each and every couple, highlighting behind-the-scenes details and rituals where family, tradition, and romance collide.

Even during the COVID-19 crisis, she’s been documenting intimate at-home weddings, complete with all the magic and togetherness of larger affairs.

Manuel Orero

This Valencia-based photographer takes a natural, honest approach to weddings, capturing those priceless “in-between moments” that occur when people aren’t posing for the camera. He’s inspired by what street photographers call “the decisive moment,” bringing a candid and relatable sense of joy and spontaneity to his work with families.

From Manuel, you can expect real smiles, natural light, and off-the-cuff expressions. While he does admit to still getting nervous before each wedding, you wouldn’t know it; his photos are relaxed, warm, genuine, and memorable.

Ryan Brenizer

Between them, Ryan and Tatiana Brenizer have documented more than 1,000 weddings. Together, they create instantly-recognizable wedding portraits with a photojournalistic twist, in destinations ranging from Hong Kong and Singapore to Ireland to Chile and many more in between.

Whether they’re spending starlit nights in the mountains or visiting iconic NYC locations like Grand Central Station and the Botanical Garden, The Brenizers create pictures their clients cherish for a lifetime. Ryan is also an educator and regularly shares his behind-the-scenes tips with emerging artists. Oh yeah, and he has a photographic technique named after him–the Brenizer Method, also known as the “bokeh panorama.”

Kewin Connin Jackson

This Bordeaux-based wedding and lifestyle photographer got an unlikely start when he bought a camera to document a moped trip across Southeast Asia. He’s had a camera in his hand ever since, and because he’s drawn to human stories and connecting with people, weddings were the perfect niche.

Kewin blends a documentary approach with his signature warm, cinematic style to create images that are natural and romantic. He’s photographed bohemian weddings, multicultural weddings, day-after sessions, elopements, and honeymoons in unforgettable spots throughout France and beyond—with more on the horizon.

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The post 12 wedding photographers to follow on 500px appeared first on 500px.

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