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Falcon has quickly become a fan-favorite Avenger... especially now that he has taken on the Captain America mantle. These are his best moments.

Sam Wilson has mostly been a supporting character in the MCU up to this point, but this is likely to change soon. Now that he has taken up the Captain America mantle, he will hopefully play an even bigger role in the story. Plus, seeing as he is co-leading a television series, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, there are likely many more exciting Sam Wilson moments to come in the future.

Even though he’s only been a supporting character so far, Sam has already had many great moments that prove why he’s a hero. We’ve put together a list of his 10 best scenes and moments in the MCU.

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Updated on May 17th, 2021 by Matthew Rudoy: Now that fans have seen The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, they have been treated to many more great Sam Wilson moments. The extensive focus on his character in the series allowed him to undergo some rich development as he becomes one of the most important individuals in the MCU moving forward. The show gave the fans more of what made his character so compelling in the past while also making him more nuanced and integral as he grapples with difficult questions and difficult issues. His sense of humor, his relationship with Bucky Barnes, and his determination to do right by those who have been wronged led to some of his best moments yet in the MCU. 


When Sam and Bucky reunite in the second episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it doesn't take long for them to reignite the banter and chemistry that already made them a delightful duo in the MCU movies. Sam mentions that he believes the Flag Smashers might be part of "the big three" which he considers to be androids, aliens, and wizards.

Sam explains that almost every foe they face falls into these categories. Bucky insists that there aren't any wizards, although Sam insists that Dr. Strange is just a sorcerer without a hat. It is a humorous exchange that reminds the audience of what a likable character Sam is and reestablishes their buddy-cop dynamic.


Sam and Bucky share an incredibly important conversation in the show's fifth episode. Bucky admits and apologizes that neither he nor Steve Rogers understood what it meant for a Black man to have the Captain America shield. He also explains why he was so hard on Sam for initially giving up the shield, that it was really about Bucky's unresolved issues with his past and his identity.

Sam also sheds light on important truths as he tells Bucky to "Do the work." He helps Bucky see that amending is different than avenging, that it's not enough to just apologize to the people that Bucky wronged, but that he has to make them feel better and be of service to them by providing them with closure. The scene shows how much Sam has grown to care about Bucky and how he is unafraid to share hard truths that will help him and others.


Sam makes his first entrance as Captain America in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier's finale. It is an epic, rewarding, and inspiring moment that pays off after the show's buildup to it.

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Fans get to see the new suit for the first time on screen, which is a perfect blend of being the Falcon and the new Captain America. After the struggles Sam went through and the work he did in the previous episodes and now seeing him swoop in with the shield and the new suit to save the day, there is no doubt that Sam Wilson is the new and only Captain America.


After the death of Karli Morgenthau and the defeat of the Flag Smashers, the senators of the GRC thank Sam for defeating the terrorists. Sam responds with a rousing speech that forces the senators and the rest of the world to confront some difficult but important truths.

The speech focuses on how everyone has the power to do better and to unite the world instead of dividing it further. The scene highlights how Sam always prioritizes doing the right thing over getting clout. He easily could've turned this moment into getting clout and appeasing the senators, but instead uses the platform that he's given to try and create real, positive change.


The Falcon and the Winter Soldier further explores the legacy of Captain America and the super-soldier serum, a legacy that is revealed to be more problematic and complicated than the audience and Sam Wilson realized because of the United States' inhumane abuse and neglect towards Isaiah Bradley.

The injustices and suffering that Isaiah Bradley faced can never be fixed. However, they should be remembered, as should Isaiah's role in the history of Captain America and of the United States. By making sure that the Captain America Exhibit at the Smithsonian has a section dedicated to Isaiah's past as a super soldier, Sam begins to make sure that Isaiah will be forever remembered. It is a step in the right direction and is an emotional moment as the usually irritable Isaiah begins to cry and embrace Sam.


When we first meet Sam Wilson, he’s working out early in the morning as he runs around the National Mall in D.C. While he can’t outrace Steve Rogers, he gives a valiant effort. Steve repeatedly says to him, “on your left,” when making laps around him. This comes full circle, however, at the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier when Steve is in the hospital. Sam is there waiting for him and Steve says this again. It’s definitely a cute line that shows the friendship and loyalty they have for each other.


When audiences and Steve Rogers first see Sam, they assume he is a soldier. This doesn’t make him not a hero as he clearly has done his part to protect others, but Steve doesn’t realize that he is more than an average soldier.

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When Steve and Natasha Romanoff arrive at Sam’s door when on the run from HYDRA/S.H.I.E.L.D., Sam reveals that he can do more than just provide them a quick resting place. He does, in fact, have technology that makes him a superhero in his own right.


One of the great things about Sam Wilson is that he’s one of the Marvel heroes that is still just a human. He doesn’t have a super-soldier serum or a spider bite or anything like that. He does have a good heart and a lot of other skills though. He clearly cares about what war veterans have been through, and seeing him use his own pain to help others is definitely a very admirable trait to have.


One nice moment that happened in Avengers: Infinity War was seeing Rhodey and Sam work together and be friends. While Sam didn’t get featured too much in this movie, and was, unfortunately, one of the people who was snapped, he did get a few good scenes. After what happened to Rhodey in Captain America: Civil War, seeing these two fly together and watch the perimeter was definitely heartwarming.


One thing that fans have really enjoyed about Sam Wilson is his relationship with Bucky Barnes. The two started out not liking each other very much and clearly had a bit of jealousy over who was Steve Rogers' best friend.

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They have quite a few moments that are hilarious with great banter. The scene where Bucky asks Sam to move his seat up and Sam refuses is definitely one of the best of these.


While Sam might not be superpowered, he does have a lot of fighting skills. His time in the army and his training make him someone who is capable of hand-to-hand combat and fighting in many other ways. At the end of The Winter Soldier, Sam goes toe to toe with Brock Rumlow. What’s also great about this scene is how Sam isn’t putting up with any of Rumlow’s grandiose villain talk and just tells him to shut up.


One of the most triumphant and best moments of Avengers: Endgame was when all of the dusted superheroes and heroes returned and arrived at the battle at the Avengers compound. Sam himself is the first person we hear as he announces in Steve’s earpiece, “on your left,” before flying in next to Steve’s side to help defeat Thanos.


Sam Wilson definitely has a good sense of humor. He shows this many times throughout the movies, and this is never more apparent than when he is giving Bucky crap. When Bucky and Falcon are fighting Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War, the two aren’t getting along well. When they both end up on the ground in webs and Falcon finally uses one of his weapons to get Spider-Man away from them, Bucky is annoyed Sam didn’t do this earlier. This prompts Sam to respond with this humorous line.


Given that for his time so far in the MCU Sam has been Falcon, it might be understandable that he’s a little leery and amused by a superhero who is in a catsuit. After encountering T’Challa as Black Panther for the first time, Sam asks him this hilarious question. This is just another great example of Sam’s humor. And seeing this many references to a cat and mouse game is clever.


This moment might be one of the most exciting, if not the most, for Sam’s character in the MCU. Sam Wilson has been Captain America in the comics, and many fans are thrilled that the MCU is giving him this title, too. Many people are looking forward to seeing what the MCU does with Sam moving forward now that he has taken on this iconic role. When this moment happened in Endgame, Sam was clearly overwhelmed and honored to take the shield from his best friend.

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