15 Exciting (But Easy) Outfits to Wear at Home This Month

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15 Exciting (But Easy) Outfits to Wear at Home This Month

As we enter into yet another month of self-isolation, it's very warranted to feel like you're losing hope in your wardrobe. After all, how many times can we wear our leggings and sweatpants and feel really good about ourselves or excited about our look? (I'm including myself in this melodramatic saga.) Well, the hope of this story today is to help you reimagine the contents of your closet by giving you new and exciting outfit ideas to try at home this month. 

Thanks to the plethora of stunning content fashion girls have been posting on Instagram, we have at-home outfit ideas for days, so all you have to do is choose a few to re-create. Ahead, I have rounded up 15 of the at-home ensembles I currently have saved for you all to see. While each of these looks is easy to re-create, they are all also fun and lively. And if you ask me, that is exactly what my current wardrobe status is lacking, and I will not have that come summer. 

You'll need: Button-Down Shirt + Sporty Shorts + Flip-Flops 

You'll need: Button-Down Shirt + Bikini 

You'll need: Black Tank Top + Short Shorts + Pumps

You'll need: Matching Knit Set

You'll need: Bright Floral Dress 

You'll need: Printed Short-Sleeve Button-Down Shirt + Short Shorts 

You'll need: Knit Dress + Flip-Flops + '90s Shoulder Bag

You'll need: Printed Bucket Hat + Bikini + Floral Top + Printed Jeans 

You'll need: Cropped Sweatshirt + Long Shorts + Mules

You'll need: Printed Crop Top + Striped Lounge Pants

You'll need: Scarf Top + Light-Wash Denim + Chain Necklaces 

You'll need: Button-Down + Tube Top + Trousers + Flip-Flops

You'll need: Camisole + Printed Midi Skirt 

You'll need: Sweatshirt + Matching Sweatshorts + Crew Socks + Sneakers 

You'll need: Cropped Cardigan + White Denim Shorts 

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