17 Gems I Just Found Hiding in the Amazon Beauty New-Arrivals Section

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17 Gems I Just Found Hiding in the Amazon Beauty New-Arrivals Section

I may be dating myself by saying this, but I remember a time when all you could buy on Amazon were books. Cut to today and there are a million different things to discover. As someone who shops on Amazon multiple times a week, I certainly have my favorite go-to categories, one of which is beauty products—specifically, beauty product new arrivals. The section is refreshed constantly, and it's a great way to quickly locate useful seasonal items.

On a recent rainy afternoon, I got lost in Amazon's new beauty product arrivals, and the next day, a package arrived at my doorstep (funny how that happens). So in the spirit of sharing, I've compiled 17 intriguing new beauty products I found that you can get in a flash—and they might even become future favorites and repeat Amazon purchases. Keep scrolling to shop and find out your next makeup, skincare, or bodycare purchase.

I love that this has a high SPF and is suitable for sensitive skin.

I'm intrigued, especially given that this toothpaste has five stars.

Very important summertime essential.

Such a good price for this popular little tool.

This has everything I look for in a mascara.

I can't get over how chic Essie's spring collection is.

The reviews for these no-frills blemish patches are excellent.

This affordable eye cream is definitely worth a try.

This looks like it would smell amazing for summer.

My hand-cream obsession now comes in soap form, and I'm ordering it immediately.

I can't get over what a steal these are, and the colors are so good.

The perfect five-star rating kind of tells you everything you need to know.

Found: the perfect moody blue for spring.

I'm not a baby, but I do get dry skin…

Protecting your fresh ink is crucial.

Such a smart buy for all skin types.

Obviously not the prettiest packaging, but the reviews say this gets the job done.

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