17 Swimsuits With Rave Reviews on Amazon (Plus 8 That Are Just Pretty)

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17 Swimsuits With Rave Reviews on Amazon (Plus 8 That Are Just Pretty)

Do you ever find yourself 15 pages deep into an Amazon search, reading product reviews with such intensity that you feel like you know the people writing them? Because I sure have. It wouldn't be the first time I've gone into a rabbit hole of reviews on Amazon, and let's face it, it won't be the last. Haters will say it's a waste of time, but to them, I simply show off my well-curated shopping cart, which is now full of prospective purchases that feel satisfying because of how well-researched they are.

Well, on a recent such virtual shopping trip, I focused my attention on swimsuits. And boy, do I have some excellent finds to share with you here. Swimsuit season is almost here, and even if it means I'll be sporting mine in my backyard, I'm still just as excited to add a few new styles to my wardrobe. The 'zon is really coming through right now on this front, and after reading dozens of Amazon swimsuit reviews, I've pulled together 17 suits that deserve your attention for being so well-loved and highly rated. But while I was at it, I happened to fall in love with a few more that I couldn't resist sharing because they're just too pretty.

Scroll down to shop the well-reviewed Amazon swimsuits I found as well as eight more further down.

This high-waisted bikini has nearly 2000 glowing reviews and comes in 29 color and print options. It's worth it to click in just to compare all of them. 4.5 stars, 1923 reviews

I love it when an item makes it to both the highly rated and pretty categories. 4 stars, 173 reviews

The square neck and spaghetti straps feel so '90s. Side note: I own a similar swimsuit and definitely wear it as a bodysuit from time to time. 4.5 stars, 47 reviews

A simple triangle bikini like this won't ever really go out of style. 4.5 stars, 1610 reviews

Because I know you wanted to see it in black, too. 4.5 stars, 1610 reviews

I'm not opposed to the idea of wearing this bikini top with sweatpants or jeans around the house. 4 stars, 523 reviews

This chic belted silhouette strikes me as something Rosie HW would wear. It's worth taking a look at the back, too. 4.5 stars, 573 reviews

This print! 4 stars, 155 reviews

I'm telling you, halters are back. 4.5 stars, 216 reviews

This color never fails to wow me. 4.5 stars, 213 reviews

You know I can never resist a square neckline, not even on swimsuits. 4 stars, 371 reviews

To quote one reviewer, "I'm honestly thrilled that I took a chance on this swimsuit. After reading reviews I ordered a size up and the suit fits perfectly! It holds everything in without being too tight. I love the ruching on the front and the ruffle is flattering, feminine, and draws the eye up". 4.5 stars, 1914 reviews

Brown swimsuits are a severely underrated trend if you ask me. 4 stars, 226 reviews

Leopard swimsuits are timeless. Simple as that. 4 stars, 1511 reviews

If you like compliments, this pretty one-piece has got you covered. 4 stars, 256 reviews

Non-halter triangle bikinis feel so fresh. 4 stars, 1122 reviews

Amazon shoppers overwhelmingly adore this comfortable and well-fitting pick. 4.5 stars, 212 reviews

Way too pretty to resist.

Hell yes to tie-dye bikinis.

This color feels so fresh.

This makes me want to be vacationing in Positano, and I'm into it.

The right amount of trendy.

I'm majorly into lingerie-inspired bikinis at the moment.

This full-coverage swim shirt is kind of a vibe.

I'm pretty sure this is for tween girls, but am I crazy to want one myself?

Smocking will always be a yes from me.

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There aren't many retailers that you could say this about, but if Amazon was the only retailer we had, we'd probably be okay. As you know, the inventory is vast and much of it is pretty damn stylish. So the next time you're bored, it wouldn't be a bad idea to kill some time on Amazon. (Obviously, you should only buy something if you know you'll love it and it'll spark some joy—see what I did there?)

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Classic sneakers are a thing, so get yourself a pair.

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If you haven't bought a pair of Teva sandals yet, is it even 2020?

I've decided this is the year a add a hand serum into my routine.

As cute as it is cheap.

Wear this with less "beachy" pieces for an of-the-moment look.

I'm very impressed that this is 100% silk.

Get your '90s fix.

So fun.

Anyone else currently craving non-"dad" sneakers?

Chunky chain necklaces are one of the year's biggest trends.

This is a great price for a mirror of this size.

Nice work, Amazon.

Not as affordable as some of the items on this list, but worth it.

Everyone is talking about this style right now.

All the fashion girls are painting their nails yellow this season.

Why wear black leggings when ones like this exist?

You only live once.

I can vouch for this glowy-skin potion.

True story: You get this headband and 11 more colors for $13. 

Adding these to cart is kind of a no-brainer.

No such thing as too many pairs of straight-leg jeans.

Yep, you get all of these for $7.

Just a little something to hold your stuff.

Yes, that's an elastic waist you see. You're welcome.

One in every color sounds about right.

It's great that these are in bulk, as I see myself ripping a few pairs.

These are a #1 bestseller, so I'm convinced.

If you're going to wear a bucket hat, you might as well wear a fun hot pink one.

Just some on-trend sporty shades to wear with your bike shorts and Tevas.

So many people swear by this (very) affordable white tee.

Finally: A hair ribbon that actually stays in your hair.

This lip balm is stylish because it's French.

This candle has more than 1000 reviews, so I'm very intrigued.

If Kaia Gerber and Bella Hadid are wearing Dickies lately, so can you.

If you own a summer dress, you have a use for this bag.

Gotta love a T-shirt bra that isn't hideous.

Long shorts > short shorts in 2020.

Wear this with jeans, dresses, and bike shorts.

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