20+ Black Moms to Follow On Instagram Who Share Kids’ Activities

Check out these 20+ imaginative Black moms on Instagram for easy and creative learning activities for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners! The post 20+ Black Moms to Follow On Instagram Who Share Kids’ Activities appeared first on HAPPY TODDLER PLAYTIME.

20+ Black Moms to Follow On Instagram Who Share Kids’ Activities

AHEAD: You will find 20+ amazing Black moms on Instagram who share the creative learning activities they do with their young children.

No matter what colour you are, we all know that life with young children is HARD!

I created a roundup talented black moms who share the imaginative and fun learning activities they do with their little ones. From Montessori inspired activities to creative arts & crafts to unique sensory bins and more, this round up of Black mothers and educators is a great resources for any parent looking for inspiration and ways to encourage learning in their own homes.

Why Black Moms

By highlighting Black mothers who run activity accounts on Instagram I am not leaving other activity accounts out of the conversation. I am trying to add their voices in a society where Black female voices have traditionally been muted.

Although the kids’ activity space has always been welcoming and inclusive. Because as moms we know the struggles of raising littles is real for everyone. But I wanted to use my platform to amplify my fellow Black mothers.

I hope in doing so you can join me in recognizing their talents without feeling I am somehow putting them above anyone else.

Check out these 20+ imaginative Black moms on Instagram for amazing ways to make life with toddlers, preschoolers or kindergartners easier!

1. Mandisa @happytoddlerplaytime is a CPA turned stay-at-home mom to 3 (including twins). She shares easy and creative activities on her blog Happy Toddler Playtime.

CReaTivEly #happytoddlerplaytime

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2. Kayla @keeptoddlersbusy is a mompreneur of 2 who shares activities, tips, reviews and more. Check out her blog Keep Toddlers Busy here.

NEW POST ALERT!. Check out the how to at keeptoddlersbusy.com! My son is obsessed with galaxy but also space is really trending right now. This is a great project that will take up some time. Let me know below what kind of crafts you are doing at home!

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3. Meet Canadian educator @educate_w_wonder. She’s a Registered Early Childhood Educator who shares hands on learning experiences and learning opportunities through play and wonder. She is amazing with loose parts play.

Such a beautiful day for a game of flower tic tac toe outside. #nature#tictactoe #flowers #dandilions #educatingfromhome #educatingkids #outdooreducation #naturallooseparts #tictactoefun #distancelearning #outdoors #earlychildhoodeducator #blackeducators #learningasigo

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4. Nicole @polishedplayhouse is a mom, interior design enthusiast and early childhood expert. She is passionate about early learning, and ensuring that all children have equitable access to high quality public education.  Check out her beautiful blog The Polished Playhouse here.

. Happy Tuesday! As we transition into doing more writing activities, I wanted to share one of our favorite pre-writing materials. Wax craft sticks. This set was in the Target dollar spot two summers ago but you can also find them on Amazon as “Wikki Stix.” . They stick to most surfaces and unlike play dough or markers, they never dry out! You can use them to form and feel shapes, letters, and numbers. . . . . . . . . . . #polishedplayhouse #montessoritoddler #montessori #toddleractivities #sensoryplay #sensoryplayideas #earlyyears #teachermom #playroomdecor #playroominspo #kidsroominspo #targetdoesitagain #targetdollarspot #targetlittles #targetteachers #homeschool #homeschoolpreschool #openendedtoys #earlylearning #playathome #organizedwithkids #learningsthome #kidsactivities #emergentwriting #letthembelittle #earlyliteracy #wikkistix #handsonlearning

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5. Marketa @schoolathomeandbeyond is a mama and home educator sharing Montessori inspired activities and her homeschool lifestyle. Check her out on instagram here.

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6. Meet @Nahdz_adventures, a mom to 3, play enthusiast and lifestyle blogger. She loves to inspire parents to get out and be creative with their children. Check out fun blog Nahdz Adventures here.

It also helps minimise mess. How are you managing toys/ activities during this time? Bricktropolis book from @rachelbeckles Sensory Spoons from @storyprops

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7. Yanique @kiddiematters is a former school social worker turned stay-at-home mom to three beautiful children. Check out her blog Kiddie Matters where she shares creative ways to help children learn social and emotional skills.

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8. Meet Alecia @nostresshomeschooling. She helps homeschooling moms avoid stress and becoming overwhelmed by sharing simple and easy solutions. Check out her blog No Stress Homeschooling here.

And the container is out as well as the bubbles !!!

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9. Montessori Madre is a Montessori mom to a busy toddler.

. . . The last several days I’ve been able to take care of myself, my family and my friends as well as be taken care of by my family and friends. One of the needed takeaways from doing so, was best said by @mspackyetti when she discussed: “Us [as black people], being full human beings is in and of itself and act of resistance. Our existence is resistance.” . . I’ve been particularly overwhelmed with the amplification of this account in response to the killing of black people. . . So, for those who are new here, this our montessori life. I started this account as a response to the low representation of black accounts in the montessori-at-home social media community. When we first started our journey, I sought to find every black account dedicated to this work, I found a few and am so grateful for that genuine community that was formed from it. . . I found them because I was LOOKING, I was LOOKING because I NEEDED it. I NEEDED it because REPRESENTATION MATTERS TO ME. A lot of people are just now realizing how white their feed was, or that black montessori accounts ever existed. There’s been a lot of “this account deserves to be acknowledged or credited for the work they’re doing”. So just a reminder, we have been EXISTING and will continue to EXIST. Even in a world that has had the luxury to decide wether we exist or not. . . So for those new here, welcome. I really hope you’re here to see black boy joy in all its glory, a Montessori family who is black and is proud of it. We are black, we are multicultural, we are bilingual, and we are so much more. We love our montessori life and share our joy to inspire and uplift. Because black representation should be important to everyone. We will be unapologetically joyful—EXISTING everyday.

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10. Jamila @littlemissgirlchild is a mom and Montessori educator.

Are you sinking or floating during this quarantine? This is a quick science experiment you can set up at home. I set up as for casual exploration. There is a basket with small objects but after she was finished she wanted to hunt for more objects. This experiment was extended for GC1 by introducing new language such as buoyancy, density, and air pocket. #montessoriinthecity #blackmontessori #blackmontessorifamily #blackmontessorian

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11. Karina @karinacarina_ is a mom to an adventurous toddler sharing Montessori inspired homeschool preschool ideas.

Saske has been hammering away using anything he can get his hands on, so I decided to try a little redirection and bring out this Gem Digging toy I was saving for when he got a bit older. I figured maybe he was ready for it under very close supervision. He loved hammering, and while initially he didn't really understand that we were searching for something inside, as soon as we discovered the first gem he caught on and wanted to keep searching. He didnt however want to keep wearing the comfortable goggles so the search will have to wait until next time. Definitely reccomend this toy, it was very fun for both of us.

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12. Dannicharles @djsbookclub encourages early reading, learning all the while homeschooling Montessori style. Check out your YouTube Channel.

Number 1-10 clip cards. Great for beginning addition, counting quantities and number recognition. So easy and Inexpensive to make. Check out my story to see#djsbookclub #makinglearningfun #earlymath #homeschoolingwhileblack #montessori #blackmontessori #homeschool

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13. Sulamita @obrincardaisa is a mama from Rio de Janeiro who loves doing creative games and activities with her two kids.

Pintura com giz líquido caseiro… . (Não foi de hoje, só percebi hj que está nos stories, mas não veio para o feed)

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14. Kamilah @parentpartnerships is a teacher, mother and founder of Parent Partnerships based in the UK.

themed counting to make simple adding a little bit more fun. We used the eyes as manipulatives to make the learning more concrete. #montessoritoddler #earlylearning101 #earlychildhoodeducator #playdiscovercreate #preschoolathome #earlyyearsideas #sensoryplay #montessoriathome #toddler #earlylearning #montessori #tufftray #sensorytray #trayfortheday #preschool #preschoolactivities #learningisfun #learnthroughplay #sensorybin #sensoryplay #invitationtoplay #hueristicplay #mumbloggeruk #mumlifeuk #londonmum #londonmums #playbasedlearning #ukmumsquad

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15. Janine @janine_encourageplay is a mom, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and founder of Encourage Play & Coping Skills for Kids.

We have so much cardboard at home, I want to try and make this with the kids!! #cardboardandducttape #playeveryday

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16. Meet Crystal @littlecupcakepreschool.

Sensory bin for Dinosaur Dig! . . . . . . #preschool #prek @preschoolsensory #sensorybin #sensory #preschooldinosaurs #dinosaurcurriculum #dinosaursensorybin #sensoryplay #daycare #daycareowner #sicklerville

A post shared by @ littlecupcakepreschool on

17. Meet Chicago and toddler mama Lanée @mama.and.og.

put in the freezer overnight ⁣ ⁣ This was my second go round creating the boats and I saved this batch in our freezer for later⁣ ⁣ My first batch went for a sail in the third pic. I decided not to use toothpicks again since they are a bit dangerous for toddlers⁣ ⁣ This idea was inspired by @7daysofplay⁣ . . . . . #sensoryplay #sensorybin #sharechicagoparent #chicagotoddler #mommyandme #chicagokids #toddlers #chicagoparent #chicagomama #chicagomomlife #springtime #familyfun #chicagodad #momblogger #indooractivities #toddleractivities #indoorplay #montessori #montessoriathome #toddlerplaytoday #chicagoishmom #sharetheeverymom⁣

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18. Meet Khay @everydaywithindie homeschooling mama of 2 sharing purposely creative play ideas.

. We did this same activity about a year ago so it was fun to add on new vocabulary and skills. To recreate this activity, all you need is a container, vinegar,food coloring,baking soda, pipettes. Add a thin layer of baking soda to the bottom of the container and set up the colored vinegar with pipettes or even a spoon and let the fun begin. . . . #everydaywithindie#earlyyearslearning#earlyyearsideas#montessoriathome#montessoriinspired#learningthroughplay#activitiesforkids#littlelearners#handsonactivities#purposefilledplay#playbasedlearning#craftymama#homeschoolfun#stem#earlylearning101#activitiesfortoddlers#blackbabiesrock#learnathome#learnbydoing#preschoolathome#earlychildhoodeducation#handsonlearning#homeschoolcommunity#homeschoolmom#craftymom#toddlerideas#coloredvinegarandbakingsoda#toddlerscience

A post shared by Mama Khay (@everydaywithindie) on

19. Meet @raisingyannis sharing Montessori inspired activities.

Yannis naturally became interested in color without any prompting from us. Majority of the Japanese drive neutral color cars so color cars are easy to identify on the street. One day he started to ask us, what’s that? What’s that? It’s an orange taxi That’s a blue car A Red postal car For this activity, we are using plantoys color sorting cups purchased on amazon before we moved to Japan. Halfway through the activity, he decided to switch it up and use his vehicles and things he found around the house. We are only focusing on primary colors for now. If your child hasn’t shown any interest in color sorting then consider doing a color basket when the time is right. ( will link some ideas in my story) Another easy way is to add colors into your daily routine and conversation. For example, I have a yellow banana for you  Orange carrots for snacking… green avocado, would you like to feel it before we eat it? If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment.

A post shared by Montessori Inspired Activities (@raisingyannis) on

20. Meet Diona @alldayeverydaymom mom of 3 sharing homeschooling ideas and tips.

Today was one of those days when mom needed a break. After two days of intense yard work and waking up to a massive migraine I couldn’t focus on teaching. Instead we did tons of review and independent work using @madeformeliteracy task boxes! I’ve shared these many times because we use them ALL the time. I set them in trays at night so the boys can work while I make breakfast. If I’m working on a project and need 30 minutes or so uninterrupted these little boxes are perfect! Even better when I add a little snack to the tray. Are my kids the only ones motivated by food?!

A post shared by Diona| All Day Everyday Mom (@alldayeverydaymom) on

Meet homeschooling mama @_nakiawashington.

A post shared by The Washington Family (@_nakiawashington) on

Want more?

Looking for other Black parents to follow on Instagram? Check out this blog post of 20 Black Parents on Instagram Who Instill a Love of Reading in Their Children from Charnaie @hereweread.

Pre-order your copy of my new book of sensory bins: Exciting Sensory Bins for Curious Kids: 60 Easy Creative Play Projects that Boost Brain Development, Calm Anxiety and Build Fine Motor Skills coming out October 27, 2020!

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Prenatal testing is offered routinely to most women in Australia. However, it is your choice whether or not to have it, so it’s important to take the time to ensure you have understood the tests, the limitations, and the conditions that are being tested for. Prenatal tests are divided into two types: screening tests and diagnostic tests. Screening tests are used to identify the likelihood of your baby having Down Syndrome, whereas diagnostic tests provide a definitive diagnosis of Down Syndrome based on genetic testing of cells from the baby.

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Genetic counsellors can discuss the results of a Down Syndrome diagnosis with you in regards to medical, psychological, and reproductive implications. They can also provide support while you consider the options available to you, which are: continuing with the pregnancy, termination, adoption, or permanent care placements.

Your local Down Syndrome organisation can provide up-to-date information and support. They’re highly experienced in providing balanced, non-directive information, and will support you during the different stages of the decision-making process. They can also put you in touch with a family who has a child with Down Syndrome. This can be a helpful opportunity to learn about the day-to-day experiences of families, as well as about people with Down Syndrome living meaningful lives.

There are also online support groups available where you can connect with other women with a prenatal diagnosis or a high probability screening result, and mothers of children with Down Syndrome.

What is Down Syndrome?

Down Syndrome is a genetic condition, and not an illness or a disease. It is caused when there is an extra chromosome in their cells, and occurs at conception. It has nothing to do with anything you or the father have done before or during pregnancy. It almost always occurs randomly across all ethnic and social groups. There is an increased chance of having a child with Down Syndrome with increased maternal age, but it can occur at any age.

What is the outlook for a person with Down Syndrome?

According to Down Syndrome Australia, most people with Down Syndrome lead happy and healthy lives. They go to school, get jobs, participate in sport, and contribute to their communities in many different ways.

From a health perspective, people with Down Syndrome have:

  • Some level of intellectual disability
  • Some delay in development, which may include speech and motor skills
  • Some characteristic physical features, including a recognisable facial appearance and short stature
  • Some health concerns, which may include: vision and hearing problems, congenital heart condition, increased risk of leukaemia, thyroid problems, respiratory infections, gastrointestinal issues

Not all people will experience these health concerns, and some may not have any. In many cases, these conditions are treatable.

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The post Down Syndrome diagnosis – What to expect appeared first on Newborn Baby.

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