24 Gems to Order From Net-a-Porter's Friends & Family Sale Before They Sell Out

No time to waste.

24 Gems to Order From Net-a-Porter's Friends & Family Sale Before They Sell Out

If you're familiar with Net-a-Porter's Friends and Family Sale, you know that two of its defining qualities are that it's chock-full of good stuff and that it's very rare. But with temperatures finally dropping and fall shopping in full swing (since we actually have places to go this year), Net-a-Porter timed things perfectly with its just-launched Friends and Family Sale.

The sale runs until October 22, and using the code 25OFF, you can get 25% off of over 10k items from some of fashion's top brands. For this edit, I chose a selection of basics, accessories, shoes, special-occasion pieces, and more. But they're going to sell out quickly, so I won't waste any more of your time. Scroll on to shop the goods that I highly recommend adding to your cart. You'll thank yourself later when picking out fall outfits is easier than ever.

A shacket you'll want to wear on a daily basis.

Laura Lombardi has long been a Who What Wear editor favorite.

The perfect coat for cozy-girl season.

Can you blame me for being obsessed with this cardigan?

Fun fact: Gigi Hadid recently wore these.

This dress is literally perfect.

Polo sweaters for the win.

Stay warm while looking cool.

This is the first time I've seen these sneakers on sale anywhere, so there's that.

Don't forget the matching shorts and hoodie.

This is very useful.

A boot purchase you won't forget.

Why wear normal sweatpants when these chic ones exist?

If you want your flats to be as on-trend as possible, order these.

This LBD is low-key amazing.

It's not every day that you find Dôen on sale.

A ring to write home about.

Seems like a good opportunity to buy a cute bag.

You can never have too many logo tees.

I can't get over how good this is.

Consider layering something over or under this to make it work in the winter too.

I think I'm finally ready for a pair of low-rise jeans.

Meet the special hoops you'll wear over and over.

No time like the present to stock up on basics!

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Hero Fiennes Tiffin Is Back to Sweep You Off Your Feet


Hero Fiennes Tiffin Is Back to Sweep You Off Your Feet

Before Hero Fiennes Tiffin burst onto the scene as the brooding Hardin Scott in the film After—a role that skyrocketed him to heartthrob status—and walked the runways of Salvatore Ferragamo and Dolce & Gabbana, the London native played a young Tom Riddle in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It’s one of his earliest acting credits and an origin story I can’t help but discuss with him during our Zoom call. For the record, he was a Harry Potter stan in his younger days but “switched sides” in an effort to play it cool when he became involved.

I could spend my entire allotted 25 minutes talking to Fiennes Tiffin about all things Potter, like the time he met Daniel Radcliffe before being cast in the franchise and whether or not his Tom Riddle will make an appearance in a future Fantastic Beasts movie (one can only hope!), but we’re actually here to discuss his current project, After We Fell, the third installment of the wildly popular After franchise. In preparation for this interview, I spent the weekend catching up on all three films, and I have a bone to pick with Fiennes Tiffin. How can, after all this time, Hardin still be making the same infuriating relationship mistakes?! 

I should provide some context. The After franchise, which is based on the YA literary phenomenon of the same name by Anna Todd, is your classic good-girl-falls-for-the-bad-boy romance story, though much, much steamier. It centers on college students Hardin Scott and Tessa Young, two impossibly beautiful humans who, despite the odds stacked against them, keep finding their way back to each other. The constant push and pull of their relationship is enough to make you want to pull your hair out, but you still keep rooting for them in the end. The storyline is simple but effective. And audiences can’t get enough.

For Fiennes Tiffin, getting to the bottom of Hardin’s flaws and why he is the way he is has always been the main draw. “The fact that he’s been through so much but, as the audience, we only get to understand and know about it gradually as the story unfolds was one of the most interesting things to me when I first got the script,” he shares. That and getting into the headspace of such a complex person. While Fiennes Tiffin admits he too gets frustrated with Hardin’s actions, he had to find ways to sympathize with him. “What’s nice is that part of telling his story is trying to work out how we can justify it all. You can’t judge a character. Part of the fun is creating a mindset where you do genuinely believe them.” 

Four films in (After Ever Happy has already been shot and is due out next year), it’s safe to say Fiennes Tiffin is fully tuned in to Hardin. He counts himself lucky to be able to bring the character back to life again and again with a cast and crew he fully trusts. The films not only have been a launchpad for his career but are now opening new doors too. He has a producer credit on After We Fell, which he says he took on to simply “learn and grow” for future opportunities. 

Fiennes Tiffin may not be calling the shots or making creative decisions quite yet, but the topic of what’s next is a big one for the young actor, especially as his slate of upcoming projects continues to grow. It was announced earlier this spring that he would star opposite Diane Kruger and Sydney Park in the romantic drama First Love, which recently wrapped filming in Los Angeles. While he was hesitant to do yet another romance film, within three minutes on a Zoom call, Director A.J. Edwards sold him on the story of a young man’s difficult entry into adulthood. And then there’s the major news that he is joining Viola Davis and Lashana Lynch in the Gina Prince-Bythewood–directed historical African epic The Woman King. Fiennes Tiffin is, as they say, booked and busy, but he’s still got his sights on one day doing a darker project based out of London. “I definitely want to do something grittier, kind of boyish, and a dramatic thriller with a lot of twists and turns,” he says. 

As the clock ticks down on our interview, I pivot to the topic of fashion. Fiennes Tiffin may be an actor first, but he’s an on-the-rise style star second. In the midst of kicking off his on-screen career, Fiennes Tiffin signed with one of the UK’s biggest modeling agencies, Storm Models. What was originally meant to be a small side gig to keep himself busy and earn some extra money quickly exploded into a fast-paced world of nonstop travel, shoots, and runways. Standout moments include a Baz Luhrmann–directed film for the Erdem x H&M collection and a Salvatore Ferragamo campaign that turned into a long-lasting friendship between the actor and the brand. Fiennes Tiffin is a front-row regular at its shows and even accompanied designer Paul Andrew to the 2019 Met Ball. “I feel like my style has evolved with them,” he says of working with the storied fashion house. “Ferragamo does a great job of balancing the old and the new.”  

Fiennes Tiffin admits he still has a lot to learn about the industry, but his interest in fashion and clothes only continues to grow with help from his stylist, Michael Miller. The two have collaborated on a series of notable looks throughout the years, including one of Fiennes Tiffin’s favorites, for the Spain After premiere. While most of the press for After We Fell is virtual, the two are making the most of it by way of red carpet–worthy ensembles, including a chic Dior number and a navy checkered matching set by Daniel W. Fletcher. 

If one thing is for certain, Fiennes Tiffin’s sartorial choices are something we’ll never tire of. The same goes for his ability to sweep us off our feet.  

After We Fell is now available everywhere in digital HD and on demand. 

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