4 Reasons To Get Your Hormone Levels Checked

Should you regularly check your hormone levels? Yes, consider the following reasons. Written By Emma Sturgis / Reviewed By Ray SpottsMore

4 Reasons To Get Your Hormone Levels Checked
Written By Emma Sturgis / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

The body goes through lots of changes, most of which are caused by hormones. Some of these changes are further triggered by menopause, stress, monthly cycle, et cetera.

While hormones aren't the only causes of body changes, they're the most significant ones. For that reason, it's vital that you continuously keep an eye on them. Hormone fluctuations could be a sign of a more severe problem. So, should you regularly check your hormone levels? Yes, consider the following reasons.

Debilitating Periods

A normal feeling during the first few weeks of your cycle followed by painful periods, hardly able to get out of bed, is a sign that you should get your hormones checked. Other red flags include severe cramping and stomach pains.

These could also be signs of more severe conditions, including endometriosis - a condition affecting the womb lining. Further, experiencing abnormally heavy periods could also be a sign of hormonal imbalance or other conditions. Be sure to seek medical assistance.

Low Libido

Low hormonal levels, especially hormone estrogen, could be the reason you're experiencing a low sex drive. Other symptoms are vaginal dryness and fluctuating moods, which results in an unpleasing sexual experience.

If you're experiencing abnormally low libido and you're not in or anywhere near menopause, then chances are you're experiencing hormonal imbalance. Fortunately, there exists Oestrogen therapy, which can help correct the situation. But, first ensure you visit a qualified doctor to ascertain if this is the case, and if necessary, suggest alternative medications.

Prolonged Feelings Of Anxiety, Low Esteem And Depression

Anxiety and feeling low are common signs of hormonal imbalance. If constant mood changes, feelings of confusion are your new routine, then you're a victim of hormonal imbalance. Visit your doctor to do the same and advise appropriately.

Prolonged Feeling Of Being Tired

Prolonged fatigue without any tangible reasons could be a sign of hormonal imbalance. Like the skin, extreme fatigue can be linked to problems with the thyroid, otherwise called hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is a partially active thyroid that occurs when it fails to produce enough hormones.

Though underactive thyroid is impossible to prevent, daily hormone tablets can help correct the situation. Your doctor should advise further on the same.

Hormonal imbalance is common with people approaching or already in menopause. However, even those who are far from menopause can experience this condition. Further, even males are not an exception. Regularly checking your hormone levels will help diagnose and treat the problem in good time. Low testosterone medication for males and other types of medications is essential if you’re out of balance. Watch out for the above signs and visit your doctor soon as you notice them.

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