5 Netflix Originals Cancer Will Love (& 5 They Will Hate)

Cancer signs enjoy emotional and authentic relationships when watching movies and tv. Here are 5 Netflix originals they'll love & 5 they'll hate.

5 Netflix Originals Cancer Will Love (& 5 They Will Hate)

Ruled by the moon, Cancers are the sensitive types who value personal relationships more than anything else. Fiercely loyal, empathetic, and sometimes moody, Cancers will drop everything to make sure they are there for their loved ones. As a water sign, they are easily ruled by their emotions as they ebb and flow throughout their lives.

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With that being said, there are movies perfect for Cancers and there are movies and television shows that may not be suited for them. Here are the 5 Netflix Originals a Cancer will love and 5 Netflix Originals they will (probably) hate.

10 Love: The Half Of It

To start, this recently released Netflix Original, directed by Alice Wu, is perfect for a Cancer. Advertised as “this is not a love story,” this movie touches on every kind of relationship a person has in their life that people value: first loves, best friendships, and family.

While The Half of It is in no means a happy story, it’s an important one to a Cancer. Within this movie are the heartfelt day-to-day moments that people share and it is exactly what a Cancer thrives upon.

9 Hate: Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a Netflix Original spectacular that has viewers pressing play every time a new season is uploaded. With it comes harrowing and heartbreaking stories revolving around humanity and technology.

With the harsh, brutal realities of these stories, it can make it hard for a Cancer to watch. Most episodes end with a death or tragedy or some other wrenching ending. A few episodes contain endings that revolve around human connection or endings that are emotionally satisfying, but as said earlier, those are few. It’s best for Cancers to watch these intermittently or not at all.

8 Love: Someone Great

Let’s be honest, Cancers love the feeling of love and connection. So when heartbreak comes, it may mean the time to run, but that’s not always the case.

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Someone Great is a movie just like that that is perfect for a Cancer. Because Cancers feel deeply and have the ability to empathize easily, Someone Great needs to be on their list. This movie follows the story of a couple falling out of love, with the main protagonist accepting fate and relying on her best girlfriends to get her through the first 24 hours of her breakup. This movie reflects the ugly and beautiful sides of a breakup: feeling the feelings, reminiscing the good memories, and knowing that in the end, what was shared between two people will always be special. With all that said, how can this not be on a Cancer’s watch list?

7 Hate: The Haunting Of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House is scary, dark, and the “I-have-to-keep-watching” type of tv show. But for a Cancer, this one is hard to watch since this show revolves around a broken family with themes of drug abuse, suicide, and shattered pasts.

This show, released in 2018, is based on the book by Shirley Jackson of the same name. It’s an intoxicating watch, with drama-filled horror in each episode. But because it contains broken relationships between multiple characters in the show, it may be hard for a family-centric Cancer to watch. The jump scares are no fun for Cancers, either.

6 Love: Umbrella Academy

Umbrella Academy is a funny, epic, fantastical show that revolves around a family, so what more could a Cancer ask for? All of the family members in this show struggle with their own powers, own demons, and all members drift away from each other at some point.

The best part is that family, loyalty, and love bring them all together once again for this great, action-packed show.

5 Hate: Tiger King

While Tiger King is wild, literally, it may not be a Cancer’s cup of tea. This documentary plays like an out-of-this-world soap opera that’s filled with longtime feuds, trapped kittens and other exotic animals, and even a crazy potential murder mystery.

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Because there isn’t a lot of emphasis on healthy, constructive relationships in this documentary, it’s best if Cancers avoid this one. Or maybe not. This is Joe Exotic we are talking about here!

4 Love: Cheer

Sometimes family is in blood and sometimes family is made up of the bonds made with the people you know and the friends you make. is that exact example and why Cancers will love this documentary.

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Viewers will follow the loving and intense storylines of fellow cheerleaders and see how their passion for the sport and their commitment to their team forms undying bonds, even when things go sour during practice.

3 Hate: Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman is undoubtedly a famous animated dramedy filled with love, friendship, and relationships. It may not be best suited for a Cancer, though, since the main character is unfortunately toxic.

Throughout its entirety, Bojack Horseman has proved himself to be an unlikely character that has made many questionable decisions. He is overall selfish, possessive, and rash, and because of this, it causes many rifts in his relationships. Needless to say, it's difficult to watch the titular character sabotage his relationships, so in turn, it's best for Cancers not to add this to their watchlist on Netflix.

2 Love: Violet Evergarden

This one is for all the anime lovers out there. Packed with compelling animation and a gripping plot revolved around making human connections, it’ll be hard for Cancers to steer away from this one.

Violet Evergarden follows a girl who was bred for war and her journey into becoming a woman with an understanding of love and acceptance with the people she writes letters for. Violet Evergarden reminds people of how important sustaining good relationships are, and how it's hard to live without making these important connections in our lives.

1 Hate: The King

Another “king” title on this list and rightly so. This movie is critically-acclaimed so it may be hard for Cancers to avoid this one, but since its focus is on war, titles, and feuds, maybe it won’t be hard to avoid.

The King is a historical drama film based on Shakespeare’s own works. It follows King Henry V’s ascent into the throne. Of course, such a film captures the dramatic, and traumatic, events of betrayal as he navigates his way into becoming king after his brother’s death. With these dark themes in play, its no wonder The King makes it as a "Hate" option.

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