5 Sex Positions for MAXIMUM G-Spot Stimulation (#4 Can Make Her Squirt!)

Discover the BEST 5 G Spot Sex Positions for Maximum Pleasure… Click Here to Discover the “5 Finger Tantra” Move… [Click here to read more] 7,442 Views The post 5 Sex Positions for MAXIMUM G-Spot Stimulation (#4 Can Make Her Squirt!) appeared first on Gotham Club.

5 Sex Positions for MAXIMUM G-Spot Stimulation (#4 Can Make Her Squirt!)

Discover the BEST 5 G Spot Sex Positions for Maximum Pleasure…

If only orgasms were as simple as they seem in porn. *sigh*

Every girl is a little different when it comes to what makes her come–and for many women, clitoral stimulation is the only way.

Sex sans clitoral stimulation does the job for only a very few lucky girls out there.

Unless, that is… you know the right way to go about it. ????


In fact, there are 5 amazing positions that can help to give a woman an orgasm without any clitoral stimulation at all… and that's because they focus on her G-spot.

Even better, because there are 5 of them, you'll sure to find one that fits your personal preferences as well.

So if you'd like to take sex from “extremely enjoyable” to “meltingly mindblowing”… then I highly recommend you give these positions a try!

Beginning with #1:

1) Doggy Style

This position is a well-known favorite, so I decided to jump off on a high note for you and put it at the top of the list. ????

Doggy style got its reputation because it's considered one of the more “impersonal” sex positions:

Very little eye contact…

Less physical contact…

And a lot of thrusting.

But in reality, doggy style is actually one of the best positions to reach a woman's G-spot during sex.

The G-spot is on the inner front wall of a woman's vagina–about 2 to 3 inches deep. So during doggy style, you'll have easy access to it–you'll be thrusting toward the front wall, hitting that G-spot every time you do.

Plus, this position makes it easy for you to reach around and give her some clitoral stimulation as well, which will speed up her orgasm.

2) G-Whiz

I love a good pun, but I would definitely re-title this one something cooler like, “The OG,” or, “The Big O-Zone.”

In this positions, the woman lays on her back with her legs up on your shoulders.

Her legs being closer together will tighten her vaginal muscles, and that intensifies the sensation and gives you easy access to her G-spot.


And in case you hadn't already guessed, her tightened muscles will feel pretty good for you too. ????

Deeper penetration in this position will really allow her to feel you hit her G-spot, so it's best to bend your torso as far down toward her body as possible.

It will also help you to tilt your body forward just a little bit instead of kneeling straight up, pushing her legs back toward her.

The pressure against her legs will also help her keep them straight when you bend–and that allows her to stay in the position even longer.

3) Missionary

Yup, the good ol' standby is actually one of the best for her big “O” moment(s).

Missionary works particularly well if she spreads her legs further apart and pulls her knees toward herself, angling her body up so that you can more easily reach her G-spot.

You can also encourage her to move her legs this way by pushing her hips further apart yourself.

Or for maximum stimulation, have her wrap her legs around your torso for a kinky twist.


4) Reverse Cowgirl

This one is great for both of you–and for lots of reasons.

In reverse cowgirl, with her on top facing away from you, you get to sit back and let her do some of the work.

You'll be a fan of the view, and she'll like the idea that you get to watch the action.

The rotation of her hips makes all the difference here, so hold on to her hips and give them a little pressure while she rides you.

Thrusting while she's on top will also make her feel the penetration more deeply. This will not only feel *awesome*–it'll help her reach orgasm faster too.

Plus, this position simultaneously slows down your orgasm. So she can take the reigns, take her time, and make it happen for both of you.

The standard cowgirl position is actually pretty great for G-spot stimulation too. If she sits straight up and doesn't lean forward, there is clear access to her G-spot from that direction.

She'll have an even better reason to sit straight up if you reach down and rub her clit, or just tell her to sit back because you want to watch her.

Either will be all the motivation she needs–trust me. ????

5) The Flat Iron/Downward Dog

This final position is one of my personal faves, and I was not at all surprised to find it on this gem of a list.

For this one, the woman lays on her stomach with her lower back arched and her hips propped up. (Some women like to use a pillow to help their hips, but it's not always needed.)

Then you get behind her, usually straddling her (though there are other variations).

Like doggy style or any style from behind, this position allows you to penetrate the inner front wall of her vagina, perfectly reaching her G-spot.

However, this position may be even better than doggy, because you get to be much physically closer to her for things like kissing…




You get the idea. ????

If you're into rougher sex, or the mood is just striking you right, you'll also easily be able to pull her hair or slip your arm around her neck and tighten.

The way your bodies are positions allows for all kinds of sexual preferences to be met.

Each of these positions allows you to hit her G-spot in a way that can lead to a mega-powerful orgasm. However, if you want to give her the most pleasure possible…

…then it's practically essential that you try this:

Want To REALLY Take Her Over The Edge?

If that’s the case… then it’s time for my faaaaav between-the-sheets technique:

The legendary “Deep Spot” Orgasm!!!

Because when it comes to how orgasms feel for us girls… the “Deep Spot” Orgasm is WAY more intense than a standard G-Spot orgasm.

(And if you’ve ever seen a girl squirt, it’s most likely because she felt this kind of pressure on her “Deep Spot.”)

Of course, there is involved… but what’s super amazing is that even though a woman’s “Deep Spot” is further up from her G-Spot… you don’t need some “monster dong” to hit it (lol)…  

…the technique does most of the work for you. ????

But enough of my rambling lol… here’s the technique if you wanna check it out for yourself:

[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on October 11, 2020.]

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