7 Cheap Closet Staples That Are the Backbones of a Fashion Person's Wardrobe

The basics.

7 Cheap Closet Staples That Are the Backbones of a Fashion Person's Wardrobe

We’re all for good basics. After all, it’s these staples that often end up being the backbones of our wardrobes as the foundational elements to balance out trendier pieces. As a result, we cover those simple pieces on the regular. Today, we thought we’d highlight those summer staples that seem to be consistently turning up on the feeds of some of our favorite fashion people. Specifically, we wanted to zero in on the items you can find on the more affordable end at under $70.

With all that in mind, keep scrolling to check out seven affordable items that seem to be true staples in a style setter’s wardrobe this summer. You’ll also uncover some visual inspo below, along with product recommendations if you happen to be shopping at the moment. 

Whether ribbed, simple, or in a muscle silhouette, the tank top is a true staple in any fashion person's wardrobe this summer to throw on and look chic.

The white button-down shirt has always been a classic and continues to enter the spotlight even more as a must-have this season.

In the jewelry realm, chain-link necklaces (either single or layered) are a go-to because they basically pair flawlessly with anything and can instantly elevate other basic pieces.

If a fashion person is wearing jeans right now and in the summer months, it's likely a more relaxed, straight-leg cut, which has basically become a fresh classic.

Featuring either multiple straps, T-straps, or one thick strap, strappy sandals (especially in a neutral hue) are a wardrobe hero to be dressed up or down.

Yes, joggers are also a staple, but sweatshorts are proving to be the backbone of summer wardrobes as a comfortable and cool item worn with a T-shirt, tank, blazer, whatever.

The beauty of a tank dress is that it's chic and highly versatile either worn on its own or with statement accessories. 

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