7 Things You Can Do TODAY to Make Your Penis Perform Better TONIGHT (Scientifically Proven)

How To Perform Better In Bed in As Little As 24 Hours (Or Less!)–No Matter Your Age Or Erection Quality ... Read more 1,282 Views The post 7 Things You Can Do TODAY to Make Your Penis Perform Better TONIGHT (Scientifically Proven) appeared first on Gotham Club.

7 Things You Can Do TODAY to Make Your Penis Perform Better TONIGHT (Scientifically Proven)

How To Perform Better In Bed in As Little As 24 Hours (Or Less!)–No Matter Your Age Or Erection Quality Right Now…

Let’s face it, gentlemen.

You and I both know that your performance in the bedroom has a lot to do with how you live when fully clothed.

I mean, if I guy spends his day on the couch eating chips and watching television, he’s unlikely to transform into an NFL star in the sack.

At the same time, a guy who works out for seven hours a day is probably going to be worn out by the time date night rolls around!

But no matter how you live, there are things you can do ahead of time in just ONE DAY to improve your performance in bed.

How can this be?

First off, there are ways you can improve your erections—and I’m not talking about going to the doctor, getting a prescription, waiting six months for it to maybe take effect, and then dealing with all the side effects.

Nope, there are things you can do TODAY to have a more impressive erection TONIGHT.

So whether you forgot your anniversary until the morning of (oops), or have a surprise hot date… keep reading if you want to wow her.

What was it that Buddha said? Grant me the strength to change the things I can, and the wisdom to accept the things I can’t?

Well, Buddha wasn’t necessarily talking about your penis. But some of that wisdom applies!

I'm not saying doing these things will turn you into a pornstar overnight… but you have to start somewhere.


If the blood ain’t flowin’, there are going to be some limits to the strength of your erection.

However, there are still some things you can change today.

So what can you do to boost the power of your erection?

Here's what the research says:

1) Drink THIS Every Morning…

This one is easy:

Drink coffee in the morning!

That’s right, that men who drink two or three cups of coffee each day are less likely to have problems with their erections than men who totally avoided caffeine.

In fact, the researchers even said caffeine had a similar effect to Viagra—without the high price tag or the embarrassing browsing history!

How does this work?

Well, caffeine is a stimulant, and it helps the arteries in your penis expand so blood can flow more freely down there, when you need it. Caffeine also increases blood flow itself. I call that a win-win!


2) Feel The Burn

What else can you do to boost your erection tonight?

Feel the burn, dude. Do some cardio.

Not only does cardio benefit your heart, it benefits your penis.

Men who do cardio regularly have healthier blood vessels. In fact, your body creates more blood vessels in muscles that you use a lot, which can decrease your blood pressure.

Your penis isn’t a muscle—so you can save the curls for your biceps. But cardio exercise does help your performance in the sack.

Not only will you have the stamina to impress her, but your erection will benefit.

Men who ran twice a week were found to have better sexual health than men who didn’t do any regular exercise.

So if you need to impress somebody tonight, I’m not suggesting you run a marathon without any training—it’s definitely possible to overdo it! But a jog before dinner might give your erection a boost.

3) Brush Your Teeth

Yes, you’re more likely to get laid if you don’t have bad breath. Duh. But good oral hygiene can improve your sexual health.

Amazingly, men who have gum disease are two times as likely to have ED.

Gum disease can cause inflammation in your whole body, which can really tank your sex life.

So keep that toothbrush and floss handy, and get ready for the night of your life.


4) Take A Day Off From This Habit

I’m talking about cigarettes.

Better yet, quit smoking altogether. But if you’re a smoker, and you want to improve your performance tonight before you have a chance to quit—try quitting for one day!

You might be surprised at the results. When you don’t smoke, your heart is healthier, and when your heart is healthier, your body circulates blood to your erection better.

Cigarettes have long-term effects on your body, but they also affect your heart the moment you smoke them. So toss the pack in the drawer the day before your date.

(Hot tip: your breath will be better, too!)

5) Relax

Simple, right?

Well, sort of. Stress sends the hormone cortisol pumping through your body, which not only makes it hard to get an erection (no pun intended)—it makes it hard for you to even want to get it on.

So take a walk in the park or do some meditating before a big night. You’ll perform better, and your overall health will improve, too.


6) Skip The Cocktails

Sorry to rain on your parade…

But if you drink before sex, you’re more likely to have trouble getting and sustaining an erection (even if you don’t normally have problems).

That’s because alcohol is a depressant, which means it slows you down, *down there*!

Of course, one glass of wine probably isn't going to instantly kill your ability to get a boner.

But for your best odds of a truly rock-hard erection… skip the drinks, and guzzle up that H2O.

Which brings me to the last item on this list…

Studies show it's the most effective way to improve your erections fast, and it's the best part is… it's super easy to do:

7) Eat These Key Fruits & Vegetables to Get An “Insta-Boner” TONIGHT!

First, eat apples, pears, berries, or oranges.


A study of tens of thousands of men found

These specific fruits contain flavonoids, which help increase blood flow… and keep your arteries from becoming brittle.

But you know what can boost your blood flow (and boners) even better than fruit?


For example, garlic. A 2013 double-blind study conducted in Korea found

(An erection is just blood flowing into your penis, after all!)

This means you’ll not only have an easier time getting hard when you eat it…

But many men say garlic, when combined with , can give you higher energy levels…

… an insatiable sex drive…

And a lot of guys say this combination of veggies gives them the kinds of boners they haven't had since college or high school! (YUM) ????

Not to mention if you eat them regularly enough, you may find yourself lasting a lot longer in bed…

(… WAY longer than the national average of 6 minutes…)

So if you're serious about getting a d!ck that won't quit… and satisfying every woman you sleep with, every time…

Do yourself a favor, and add these 5 veggies to your grocery list:


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You better bet that lots of men and women alike have those too!

As a matter of fact, 64% of 2,000 surveyed Americans report having a sex bucket list.


Admittedly fewer of these lists are formally written down than life bucket lists–it’s natural to feel more comfortable keeping some fantasies under wraps.

But aren’t you dying to know what’s on other women’s bucket lists?

It turns out that women in particular have some surprisingly kinky dreams for their future selves…

And I’m here to let you in on the fresh fantasies that even your partner might not admit to you:

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1) Using A Sex Toy

There is a reason there are THOUSANDS of sex toys on the market–they bring novelty and enhanced pleasure to the bedroom.


Whether it’s as simple as a vibrator or as kinky as clamps, sex toys get the juices flowing.

Visiting a sex shop with your lady can be a fun and arousing adventure that sets the mood for the evening… and you’ll start to find out just what she’s into.

Go out for dinner after hitting the sex shop to keep the mood and suspense going before you hit the bedroom.

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2) Sex In a Body of Water

WHAT? I know what you’re thinking–is this even possible?

We all (should) know (and hopefully didn’t learn the hard way) that hot tub and pool sex are no go’s (chemicals and bacteria = infections… no thank you) and that even shower sex needs to be approached carefully since water can dry out even a highly aroused woman.

So HOW do you check this one off the list???

Sorry to be a buzzkill but the thing is, no matter where you end up doing this, there will be some risk of bacterial infection or UTI.


Minimize risk by making sure the water has low bacterial levels in the first place.

Choose a location with a temperature you feel comfortable in–sorry west coasters, the frigid Pacific is awesome for surfing but is really not the easiest place to maintain an erection.

Use lube, since your woman’s natural lubricant can be washed out by the water.

And if you’re using condoms, be aware that water can get inside the condom and cause it to slip off.

And, if you’re in the ocean, safe sex takes on a whole new meaning.

You’d BETTER know all about currents and rip tides. Be careful out there on your kinky adventure!

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3) Car Sex

Good news–men’s number one sex bucket list item also made it to women’s top three!

Would you have guessed that car sex is on women’s minds?

I don’t care if you drive a Tesla or a beat up 1990 Toyota–when it comes to the bucket list, it simply must be done.

There are a few things you need to know before you make this excursion, however.

First of all, don’t do this in the middle of the day in a popular parking lot. Sex in public is illegal.

Definitely crack a window or two, because the two (or more ;)) of you are going to create some SERIOUS steam and heat and the fresh air is going to be life-giving.

I don’t care if it’s raining, snowing, or hailing. You can handle it. Crack a window.


That’s Not All…

You should also be prepared for some pretty limited positions.

You’re either going to recline in the front passenger seat or in the back seat. Or, if you happen to be the nomadic type who keeps a bed in the hatch (yours truly!), you will have more space, but probably not as much as if you were in a bedroom.

Missionary, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl are your best bets when getting it on in the car.

Oh, and I highly recommend keeping baby wipes nearby…especially if you have leather seats.

But at the end of the day, even though women do have some pretty kinky desires… you don't have to leave the house to bring out a woman's kinkier side. ????

It's a lot easier than you may realize… here's what I mean:

The Easiest Way to Satisfy Any Woman’s Kinkiest Desires (& Make Her Crave Your Manhood 24/7)…

Here’s a fact… if a woman wants to use a sex toy, it does NOT mean she’s implying what you’re packing *down there* isn’t enough.

Lots of women want to incorporate toys because they can stimulate spots that can’t be reached by P-in-V penetration alone…

… and while yes, toys are a lot of fun, you don’t need a vibrator or a dildo to stimulate these areas…

Just try this easy, one-handed move called

It’s proven to give almost any woman multiple O’s… and as a woman, I can tell you it’s INSANELY hot when a man can pull this off:

What if she's the kind of woman who wants to fool around in a car?

Well, the thrill of having sex in a public place is usually enough to satisfy a woman’s wild side.

BUT if you can be the man to not only help her fulfill that fantasy… but help her cum over & over again in the process…

Then you’ll be a king in her eyes, and she’ll come to you every time she wants to live out another fantasy.

Hell… she might even help you live out a few of your own as a thank you… (speaking from experience!) ????

Sometimes, though… fulfilling a woman’s kinky desires comes with a couple “logistical” issues.

Like sex in the ocean for example.

Even if the water is calm… even you have lube and can keep her wet… and even if nobody is around…

Do you know, with 100% certainty, that you’re gonna be able to get it up, and keep it up… for as long as she needs to actually enjoy it?

I mean I’m not a guy, so I don’t know about these things…

But I can only imagine what it must be like to try and get a hard-on in the ocean where there are sharks and crabs and who knows what else!

So if you’re fooling around in a new environment… or you just want to make sure your boners are on-point… I highly recommend eating beforehand.

These somewhat surprising foods have been shown to help men get hard & stay hard in all sorts of situations…

And in fact the world’s oldest pornstar even eats these foods before shoots to get it up “on-command”… and he’s in his freaking 70’s!

You do have to eat them in the right combination though…


The post Kinky New Survey Reveals the #1 Item on Most Women’s “Sexual Bucket List” (And It’s HOT!) appeared first on Gotham Club.

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