7 Unexpected Foods That Can Lower Your Testosterone (And What to Eat for a Quick T-Boost Tonight!)

Discover The Surprising Foods That Lower Testosterone–Plus What to Eat to BOOST Your T-Levels Right Now… Click Here to See ... Read more 956 Views The post 7 Unexpected Foods That Can Lower Your Testosterone (And What to Eat for a Quick T-Boost Tonight!) appeared first on Gotham Club.

7 Unexpected Foods That Can Lower Your Testosterone (And What to Eat for a Quick T-Boost Tonight!)

Discover The Surprising Foods That Lower Testosterone–Plus What to Eat to BOOST Your T-Levels Right Now…

If you’re a dude in this world, you’ve probably got testosterone-boosting tips coming out your ears.

And that’s great!

I mean, healthy testosterone levels influence everything from energy to workouts to your sex life to your overall health and happiness.

For men, it's no surprise that maintaining healthy T-levels is a really big deal.

After all, from a biological point of view, testosterone is an important part of what makes men, well, men.



Modern men face everything from chemical additives in food, plastics leaching into food and water, and lifestyles with a lot of sitting and not much movement.

And all of these factors can reduce your testosterone.

Some reduction in testosterone is normal as men age.

But lower-than-normal T has been found in younger and younger men–and not only thanks to the many perils of modern life.

A study in the Journal of Clinical Endicrinology And Metabolism found that men today have lower testosterone levels than their grandfathers, and the reason may be biological in nature.

So what can you do about it?

In fact, one of the most common recommendations for boosting testosterone is changing your diet.

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You May Have Heard Certain Foods Can Increase Your Testosterone–But Did You Know Some Everyday Foods Can Hurt Your T-Levels Too?

You’ve probably been told many times: eat whole, natural foods, avoid processed foods and sugar, and exercise.

That’s right, boys, it’s a two-way street.

While plenty of foods will give your T-levels a pick me up, there are certain ones that will lower these levels too.

If you’re doing all the good work of boosting your testosterone, the last thing you want to do is accidentally undo all that hard labor, I’m guessing!

If that sounds like you and you want to continue to raise your testosterone, read on to avoid these easy eating mistakes!

Now, I know what you’re thinking: I’m just going to list a bunch of junk foods here, aren’t I?

Junk foods which you already know aren’t good for your health.

Think again, gentlemen!

Some of the foods I’ll reveal here will surprise you. Some even fall in the health-food camp!

So what should a guy avoid, if he’s got an eye on his testosterone levels?

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1) Soy

According to , soy contains estrogen, which is a female sex hormone. 

Although both men and women have estrogen, keeping this hormone in check will help you maintain healthy testosterone levels. 


2) Alcohol

Okay, I’m guessing you already know that alcohol isn’t great for you. But did you know it can directly affect your T? 

Luckily, I’m not talking about that occasional glass of wine with dinner. (After a long work week, sometimes you’ve just earned it.)

Instead, as reveals, heavy, steady drinking can harm your testosterone levels. 

When it comes to enjoying the bubbly while keeping your sex life healthy, moderation is key. 

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3) Dairy

 Dairy is another food group with a dirty reputation.  

Remember all those “Got Milk” commercials?

Well, there’s something they weren’t telling you.

It turns out milk and other dairy products aren’t so great for your testosterone levels. That’s because dairy often contains hormones that can interfere with testosterone.


4) Mint

 This one will probably surprise you!

After all, mint seems like a pretty harmless decoration on that slice of cheesecake you’re eyeing.  

But when consumed in larger quantities, like peppermint or spearmint tea, mint can lower testosterone levels.  

That’s because it contains menthol, according to  

Scientists found out that spearmint essential oil lowered T-levels in rats! 

Now, I’m not calling you a rat. But if you’re concerned about your testosterone levels you might opt for the green tea instead.

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5) Some fats

 Okay, loading up on fats at every meal isn’t a great idea in general. 

But according to , too many omega-6 oils (like those found in vegetable oils, such as canola, and especially friend foods) reduce T-levels. 

Most modern diets have too much omega-6 in them, but you can balance that out by eating more omega-3.

Find healthy omega-3 fats in fish and macadamia nuts, and limit your intake of fried food to cut back on omega-6.


6) Muffins. Croissants. Donuts. Bread. 

Basically every reason for living. 

Just kidding. Well, sort of. Bread-type foods are delicious, but they do reduce your testosterone levels, says. 

You don’t need to go gluten free, but for the sake of your testosterone, don’t overdo it on these grains.

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7) Licorice root

This might seem a little random. I mean, I’m guessing you’re not stuffing yourself with licorice root in front of the tv daily. 

 Unless that’s your thing. In which case, no judgement! 

But this herb can reduce testosterone levels. So avoid this supplement if you’re concerned. 

When choosing foods, remember that it’s not as simple as “healthy” or “unhealthy.”

Our bodies break down the molecules in food in complex ways.

While a healthy diet consisting of whole, fresh, local and seasonal foods will boost your overall health, getting too much from any food group can harm you.

Eating too much from the food groups listed here might not hurt your overall health, but it could be a whammy for your T-levels.

In other words: everything in moderation.

And here's what you can eat to BOOST your testosterone potentially:

Here’s What to Eat Right Now For a Near-Instant Surge Of Testosterone…

As you may or may not already know… your testosterone gets distributed throughout your body via your bloodstream.

Which explains why many of the foods listed above are SO bad for your performance *down there*…

They can cause your blood vessels to tighten up… and potentially get clogged… meaning the testosterone you DO have now won’t even make it to where you need it most.

(This is also known as your “free testosterone” or “bioavailable testosterone”… and it’s responsible for things like your ability to get it up, your hardness and sex drive.)

But there’s a simple solution to address this annoying little problem… and get WAY more free testosterone flowing through your veins.

And luckily, it doesn’t require you to make a radical change to your lifestyle.

All you have to do is

… and pull every last bit of testosterone you do have straight down to your d!ck, where you need it most.

Because when your blood is flowing like it’s supposed to… and your hormones are actually being used…

It’s a LOT easier to get hard as a diamond, whenever you want.

(Which as a woman, I have to say… when I’m with a guy who can get it up like *that,* it’s SUPER HOT… especially if he’s a bit older!)

These plants will also help you last longer… so you can have your partner screaming at the top of her lungs all night. ????

Not to mention there’s also the possibility of having bigger, more explosive, and wildly pleasurable orgasms when you ejaculate… if you eat these plants often enough!

P.S. Did you know can give you more powerful erections?! (Just make sure you brush your teeth before going to the bedroom… LOL!)



The post 7 Unexpected Foods That Can Lower Your Testosterone (And What to Eat for a Quick T-Boost Tonight!) appeared first on Gotham Club.

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