9 Design Moves the Property Brothers Always Do—and Why You Should, Too

What home design features do "Property Brothers" stars Jonathan and Drew Scott like best? Find out what looks they love, including in their renovations. The post 9 Design Moves the Property Brothers Always Do—and Why You Should, Too appeared first on Real Estate News & Insights | realtor.com®.

9 Design Moves the Property Brothers Always Do—and Why You Should, Too

It’s been a big year for Drew and Jonathan Scott. They premiered their new HGTV show, “Celebrity IOU,” starred in Season 3 of their hit show “The Property Brothers: Forever Home,” and even have a new season of “Brother vs. Brother”—coming soon!

And while the brothers are always taking risks and trying out new styles, it’s clear that they have some go-to renovation tricks and style choices that give their projects that signature “Property Brothers” style.

Read on to find out which looks the brothers love best, and maybe you’ll be inspired to bring some of these designs into your home.

1. They install two-tone kitchen cabinets

The Scott brothers love designing two-tone kitchens.


Drew and Jonathan love tying bold colors into their kitchen renovations—but they’re careful not to go overboard with too much of a good thing. That’s why they often choose two-tone cabinets.

Light-toned cabinets allow a kitchen to look fresh, while cabinets with bolder tones allow for some contrast and personality.

Sometimes Drew and Jonathan choose to put the accent cabinets on the kitchen island, other times they go with white uppers and dark lowers. Either way, this colorful style always look incredible.

2. They pick bold lighting fixtures

This modern light fixture is perfect for this dining space.


The brothers are known for their light and bright contemporary style. And while the Scotts often accomplish this look by breaking down walls and letting natural light into a home, they also love installing bold lighting fixtures.

Not only does a new light fixture brighten up the home, but the right design can also bring extra style into a living space.

Whether it’s a country-chic pendant light over the island or a modern chandelier over the dining table, the brothers always seem to find just the right fixture to brighten up a home.

3. They choose light hardwood flooring

light floors
Light flooring helps a home feel big and bright.


Drew and Jonathan regularly renovate old family homes, and old homes often have outdated, dark-wood flooring.

Dark floors can make a home feel small and closed off, so the brothers are always keen on replacing them with light, wide-plank hardwood, which can give the whole house a new look.

The light wood color can make even a small space seem bigger, more welcoming, and much more modern. It can make a huge difference.

4. They install fun tile in the entryway

This fun blue tile brings a ton of personality to the entryway.


While the brothers often recommend installing uniform hardwood floors throughout the living space, they often make an exception when it comes to the front entryway.

They recommend installing entryway floors that are easy to clean and durable, which means tile can be a perfect choice. But instead of choosing plain tiles with boring colors, the brothers often pick bright, colorful tiles with fun patterns to give the entryway a little extra personality.

This creative tile gives the home a unique look.


From retro-inspired tiles to one custom penny tile entryway with the word “HOME” printed in pink, Drew and Jonathan always delight their clients with their fun floor designs.

5. They make room for lots of closets in the entryway

This space is both functional and stylish.


While some new tile floors may be enough to bring style to an entryway, the brothers know they also need to add functionality to the front of the house. That’s why they often add storage right off the front door.

These roomy closets take the place of a dedicated mudroom, taking up less space in the house but still offering the convenience of a dedicated place to hang coats and store shoes. As a bonus, sometimes the brothers add a bench by the door, perfect for putting on and taking off shoes with ease.

These closets provide lots of storage.


6. They choose built-in banquettes over formal dining spaces

This built-in banquette is perfect for family meals, plus it comes with lots of storage.


Drew and Jonathan know that formal dining spaces can feel stuffy and outdated. They’ve found that many families prefer a less formal eating space that feels more cozy and comfortable for everyday meals.

That’s why the brothers often install a built-in banquette in place of a formal dining table. A kitchen banquette gives any home a warm and casual feel, making mealtime feel more relaxed.

Plus, the brothers add extra functionality to the banquette by adding plenty of storage with lots of cabinets and drawers. These banquettes are beautiful and convenient, so it’s no wonder the brothers bring this look into so many homes!

7. They use floating shelves in the kitchen

These shelves make this small kitchen seem larger.


Shaker-style cabinets may be all the rage, but the brothers also love to add a different kind of kitchen storage: floating shelves. The brothers know that floating shelves keep a kitchen feeling open, and they provide an opportunity to show off colorful decor and flatware.

8. They pick glass railings for updated decks

Glass railings can give decks a more open feel.


The brothers know that a deck can be an important part of any home. They connect the inside and outside spaces and make for a perfect spot to kick back and relax.

So, it’s important that a deck always look beautiful.

That’s why the brothers love updating decks with elegant glass railings. These railings look great, and they provide great sightlines to the backyard, making the deck feel like a true outside oasis.

9. They install clean, fresh fireplaces

fire place
This clean, white fireplace is perfect for a contemporary living room.


The brothers love installing fireplaces because they add a warm, homey feel to any living space.

While bold, colorful fireplace tiles may be trendy in modern homes, Drew and Jonathan tend to stick to a more clean and classic look. Their fireplaces are timeless, so families can enjoy them for decades. Plus, the light, understated fireplaces allow the rest of the living room decor to shine.

The post 9 Design Moves the Property Brothers Always Do—and Why You Should, Too appeared first on Real Estate News & Insights | realtor.com®.

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