9 Grandma Trends That Are Basically Mainstream at This Point

Admit it—you're kind of into them.

9 Grandma Trends That Are Basically Mainstream at This Point

The life span of a trend goes like this: At first, a select group of insiders begins to wear what we call a "micro-trend" until, at a certain point when there are enough versions to be found at a range of price points, it's officially a trend with a capital T. At that point, it either expires after the current season or proves to have staying power and therefore becomes "mainstream."

For as negative a connotation as it usually has, mainstream actually isn't such a bad thing. Really, it means that a trend that was once niche has proven to be worthy of a long-lasting place in your closet, and, at least to me, that's a beautiful thing.

Recently, I got to thinking about the whole idea of grandma dressing. When we reported on the budding trend back in February 2019, it was definitely a niche style. But since then, I've watched specific grandma fashion trends like oversize sunglasses and polished top-handle bags go from micro to truly being everywhere. And the same is true for six more of these retro-inspired styles that span everything from swimwear to jewelry to lingerie.

So without further ado, I'm sharing nine grandma trends that have become so popular they're essentially mainstream (in the best way possible). Scroll down to discover them all and shop the pieces worthy of having in your wardrobe for a long time.

We called this trend last summer, and ever since then, underwire detailing and high-waisted bikinis have only become more popular. Based on the number of pretty options to choose from, it's safe to say you'll be seeing a lot more of these.

Styling: WeWoreWhat Claudia Bikini Top ($95) and Emily Bottom ($95)

Styling: Faithfull the Brand Toulon Bikini Top ($90) and Toulon Bottoms ($90)

Styling: Montce Gingham Bustier Top ($150) and Paula Tie-Up Bikini Bottom ($122)

Shop the matching Toulon Bottoms ($90).

If you look inside any fashion girl's jewelry box right now, you'd overwhelmingly find oversize and chunky jewelry staples. The statement pieces lend a luxe element to anything you wear them with, so it's not hard to see why this trend has taken off.

Styling: Cinco Gala Bracelet ($99); Reliquia Enia Ring ($128); Maslo Curb Chain Necklace ($68)

Want to take your outfit from average to above-average in less than 30 seconds? Drape or tie another sweater on top of your outfit mimicking the below styling ideas. This one couldn't be any easier.

Styling: ASOS Design Sweatshirt ($29)

Printed scarves will always remind me of my grandma, as she has passed down many of her beautiful silk scarves to me over the years. Fashion girls are reclaiming the vintage trend now by styling scarves around their heads, tied into their hair, around a handbag handle, or in any number of different ways.

Styling: Parade Scarf ($16)

Styling: Rowen Rose top, skirt, and scarf

Micro sunglasses are a thing of the past now that these '70s-inspired bifocals have emerged as the latest sunglass silhouette. Square and geometric frames in warm-toned colors are the way to go here.

Ahh, cardigans. The trend we love to love is so popular right now that it's easy to forget it was inspired by our dear grandmas. As stylish women all over are proving, cardigans are a year-round type of trend.

Ladylike bags with structured shapes and top handles are the ultimate grandma trend. Polished and timeless, the modern versions are 100% worth adding to your closet.

Styling: Little Liffner Baby Boss Bag ($273)

High-waisted underwear has seen a more recent return to style, especially when worn around the house as part of a loungewear look. The comfortable style might not be for everyone, but it's certainly earned a spot in the lingerie drawers of stylish women all over.

Styling: Cuup Scoop Bra ($68) and Highwaist Underwear ($18)

Pearls went from preppy to trendy and are yet another staple in fashion people's closets, especially baroque and freshwater pearls with their imperfect shapes.

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What you'll need: Cardigan + Bikini + High-Rise Jeans

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