9 Proven Steps to Get a One-Night Stand (Get Laid as Soon as Tonight)

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9 Proven Steps to Get a One-Night Stand (Get Laid as Soon as Tonight)

Want an Easy One-Night Stand? Just Follow These Steps…

A lot of guys fantasize about having a one-night stand with a hot woman. 

There’s a gorgeous woman, standing alone by the bar…

She locks eyes with you, her breath coming faster, her chest flushing…

As you make your way to each other, and kiss without a word…

It’s minutes before you’re on the floor just inside your door, clothes flying off…

And after a night of mind blowing sex, she leaves… not expecting flowers, phone calls, texts…

And then you wake up, because man that’s the dream.

But it doesn’t have to be.


Actually, having consistent no-strings-attached sex with attractive women can be your reality. I’ve had amazing sex with more than 100 gorgeous women–the same night I’ve met them.

And believe me, I’m no Brad Pitt. 

I’m just an average-looking dude who used to get tongue-tied and nervous around women. 

But then, I finally got tired of not getting any action and I decided to just go for it. And the results have been astounding.

I just changed my approach to meeting women. And it worked like a charm. 

Let me walk you through the 9 simple steps that helped me turn one-night stands with hot women into my reality:


A One-Night Stand Is NOT a Unicorn

The crazy thing is that most guys don’t think women want one-night stands. 

They think finding a woman who wants a one-night stand is like finding a unicorn. 

But that is absolutely not true.

Recent studies tell us that the majority of as much as men. 

In fact, American in their lifetime. So why do we think the exact opposite is true? It’s because they’re not talking about it. 

don’t tell more than 2 close friends when they’ve had one-night stands. 

So, unless you have a lot of single women as close friends, you’re not hearing about this… but it happens.

Now, make it happen for YOU.

These are the 9 things I needed to learn before I could count on NSA sex, pretty much any time I wanted:


1) Go Where the Action Is

The majority of women like to go to bars or clubs for their one-night hook ups. So, that’s where you should start looking…

But also consider looking for one-night stands at less conventional locations like weddings and birthday parties where love and celebration is in the air.

Forget dating apps for same-night one-night hook ups. Women rarely agree to meet up the same night you’ve connected on an app. You generally need to establish trust beforehand, when you’re meeting online.


2) Choose Wisely, Young Jedi 

Don’t go after the most attractive woman in the room. 

She’s likely used to guys hitting on her, and even if she’s attracted to you, she will be wary, and take her time.

Instead, go for a slightly less attractive woman (but I’m still talking hot). She  will welcome your attention and be more willing to go home with you.

Also, look for women who look like they want to be noticed. Those are the ones who are laughing loudly, dancing, and looking around the room as if they are trying to catch a man’s eye.

That’s a woman who wants to see some action before the night is over.


3) Be Smart About “Hello” 

Avoid cheesy pick-up lines and sleazy come-ons. 

Believe me, I’ve tried every line in the book and they never work. One time I asked a woman if she had a Band-Aid because I scraped my knee falling for her. She rolled her eyes, turned around, and walked away. 

The next time I approached a woman I casually introduced myself and gave her a genuine compliment. “Hi, my name is Gibson. You’ve got really pretty eyes. I was hoping we could talk for a bit.”


Like magic, the woman’s eyes lit up. She turned towards me, smiled, and said “Sure, what do you want to know?”  

There was an immediate connection and she and I left the bar together an hour later.  

Remember, women are there to meet guys and are waiting for you to make the first move. They hate to make a move, and are grateful when you do.

Use that knowledge to help boost your confidence. 


4) Keep the Convo Fun

You’ll know if she wants to talk right away. 

Ask what she likes to do for fun. Or ask her for some funny Netflix recommendations. 

Avoid boring questions like “What do you do for work.” 

And don’t talk about yourself too much. 

Keep the conversation focused on lighthearted topics that will keep her smiling and laughing. 

The more she laughs and smiles, the more attractive she will find you. 

5) Watch Her Body Language (This is KEY)

After a few minutes of conversation, you should pay attention to her body language. 

Here are good signs: She’s smiling, laughing, facing her entire body towards you, and giving you direct eye contact. In that case, keep going, you’re doing great.

Here are signs she’s not interested: She’s looking at her phone, seems distracted, has her arms crossed, or smiles without showing teeth. 

At that point you should politely excuse yourself and find another woman to pursue.

But let’s assume she’s smiling at you…


6) Take It to the Next Level

At this point she’s relaxed, she’s laughing, and showing signs that she’s attracted to you.

Move in a little closer to her and start making gentle physical contact. Touch her on the arm, or on her back. Hopefully she’ll start making flirtatious advances in return. 

That’s when you slowly move in for a kiss. The kiss is essential to sealing the deal. 

I have kissed every woman who has ever gone home with me.

And, make sure your kissing game is on point. I have found that women judge how you will be in bed based on your kissing technique… 


7) Seal the Deal

After the kiss, don’t let things cool down. 

Ask her if you can go back to her place. It’s best if you go to her home since she’ll feel most comfortable there. 

Once you walk through the door, start kissing her again. You both know why you’re there so don’t waste any time with small talk. 

Tell her how sexy she is and how turned on you are. 

Once you get down to having sex, be sure to use a condom (obviously). And do your best to not bust your nut before she orgasms. 

You want her to feel absolutely satisfied. Why? Who knows? This could turn into a “friends with benefits” situation if she has a really good time…


8) Keep It Vanilla (Unless She Asks…) 

For the first time, don’t attempt anything too kinky like bondage, choking, or spanking. Stick to basic sex.

The sex will be hot enough just based on the fact that you are both so new to each other. 

Now, if she specifically asks for something kinky, then by all means, go for it…


9) Exit Gracefully 

Avoid staying the night, which may give her the impression that you’re open to a relationship. 

Instead, tell her that you had a great time and you need to get home. 

If she asks you to call her, give a non-committal answer like “that could be fun.” Don’t make promises. 

If you want, you can text her the next day and tell her you had an amazing night and she should contact you if she wants to have another night together. 

This puts the ball in her court and lets her know exactly what you expect if she does contact you, which is another night that ends in bed… 

The best part is that once you realize that this isn’t an impossible dream, you will have the confidence to go out and have one-night stands anytime you like…

There’s one part that most guys get tripped up on, and I want to go into that in a little more detail, and give you some specifics on how to make this happen, naturally…

How To Escalate In A Way That Feels Natural

The problem you probably have the most trouble with through this whole sequence is probably escalation.

This was actually where I got stuck a lot in the past, But then I changed this ONE thing.

They aren’t anything overtly “sexual” or “creepy”–they seem really innocent and friendly… but when you do them in the right places and the right order… they turn her on REALLY quickly.

And I’ve often found that she’ll be so worked up for you… and so damned horny… that she’ll happily hop into bed with you at the first opportunity…

It's all down to a chemical reaction in her brain which is hard-wired. Women are programmed this way…right back to cavemen days.

These touches set off a primal reaction in her body that she can't fight. It makes sex almost inevitable.

(The order you do these touches makes all the difference!)


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