A French Girl "Never Liked" These Basics But Now Wears Them on Repeat

Simple and chic.

A French Girl "Never Liked" These Basics But Now Wears Them on Repeat

We cover French-girl style on the regular given the set’s highly covetable approach to fashion with their pared-down, effortless vibes. In fact, we recently dove into the summer trends and go-to denim outfits one of our favorite French girls—Aïda Sané (@basicstouch)—is all about right now. Next, we thought we’d get her sartorial point of view on some of the basic, simple wardrobe staples she swears by.

This influencer and tastemaker relies on a variety of basic pieces to create her chic looks. And interestingly enough, she told us that there are a few common next-level basics she never personally liked a ton in the past but recently tried again and is now so into.

We’re sharing her thoughts below in case you’re interested in adding some fresh French girl–approved staples into your arsenal this season. Keep scrolling for more, complete with a bit of visual and shopping inspiration.

"A sleeveless top was definitely not my thing in the past over classic tees. But after trying them, I found them really chic and effortless. Iʼm getting used to them, and I love to combine them with straight-leg jeans and strappy heels or palazzo pants."

"In terms of more statement, elevated basics, I used to find floral midi dresses or maxi dresses in general too much for me because I wear a lot of separates and neutrals. But now theyʼre definitely my go-to—especially around spring/summer because theyʼre so easy to wear. Just add a nice hat and a straw bag and youʼre ready to go." 

"I remember when the trend came out years ago, and I did not understand the hype, but now I finally understand. These heels are so chic and comfortable. Plus, that tiny height might look unnecessary, but it does make a difference, and you can literally wear them with everything from jeans to culottes to body-con dresses." 

"I donʼt know why I never fell in love with maxi dresses until now. I think they were too intimidating for me, as Iʼm a bit on the petite side, but now I want a lot more because theyʼre so easy to wear." 

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