A Little Love Note to My Grandmother's Jade Jewelry

Passing her love for jewelry from me to you.

A Little Love Note to My Grandmother's Jade Jewelry

If I search through my memories of my grandmother, my Yin Yin, I always see her wearing jade jewelry. It might be in the form of a jade bangle or pendant—maybe a brooch. Jade was a part of her. And then, after years of me receiving pieces from her collection, the vibrant green stone became a part of me. Little did I know how much cultural significance each piece holds beyond its sentiment (which, of course, is priceless).

It’s no secret that I, as a fashion lover, am among the jewelry obsessed. Sure, there are gorgeous and undoubtedly jaw-dropping fine jewelry baubles with gemstones like diamonds, emeralds, opals, and more to dream about and admire. However, there’s something about jade, which has deep roots in Chinese culture, that I find so intriguing, especially when it’s carved into so many intricate shapes and forms. In an effort to dive deeper into my own lineage, I decided to find out why.

“Jade is prized for its beauty but also its ties to spiritual beliefs in the power of the gem,” explain Lin Ruiyin and Afzal Imram, the founders of Singapore-based label State Property. There are many varying beliefs in the mystical power of jade, including that it keeps its wearer safe from unwelcome spirits and energy. When a piece like a jade bangle breaks, it’s believed to have absorbed all the negative energy in a person. According to designer and Hong Kong native Wendy Yue, jade is perceived to have an energy known as “qi” that connects with the body’s energy. “Once you wear a piece of jade that you own, your body and the jade are believed to be interconnected, so the color and luster of the jade naturally reflect your health and happiness,” she says.

Crystal Tung, the founder of Ren, a label specializing in modern and vintage jade jewelry, shares that the love for jade dates back to 3400 BC. With such a long history behind it, it’s easy for the gemstone to fall into the category of traditional jewelry often reserved for special occasions like weddings. However, Tung—like Yue and the founders behind State Property—is working to change that. “I wanted to enable people to connect or reconnect with East Asian culture through an iconic and beloved stone, jade,” Tung says. “There hasn't been much innovation in jade jewelry, and I saw an opportunity to merge modern design sensibilities with tradition.”

Tung reminds me of an old Chinese saying that goes, “Gold is valuable, but jade is priceless.” I can’t pinpoint the reasons my grandmother had in mind when she gave me my first piece of jade, whether it was for good luck, protection, or maintaining tradition. However, I can tell that each one is exactly that—priceless.

This would have fit in my grandmother’s collection.

A modern classic.

A gorgeous addition to anyone’s everyday jewelry look.

I love the combination of the jade stone with the dome-style ring.

These may be some of the prettiest earrings I’ve seen.

The perfect layering necklace.

Jade for everyday occasions.

A classic pendant like this will look just as good on its own as it will with daintier pieces.

This may be one of the most unexpected takes on jade jewelry I’ve seen yet.

Let these be the talk of your outfit.

Can’t go wrong here.

Pierced ears or not, you’ll be wearing these for years.

I can’t get over the art deco–inspired feel of this ring.

How pretty is this color?

Simple yet fierce.

You’ll never want to take this off.

Layer this with your favorite jewelry staples.

It doesn’t get more classic than this.

For when you want an added touch of elegance.

Without a doubt, my grandma would love this.

In my opinion, vintage drop earrings will never go out of style.

Make a statement with a single jade earring like this.

Just wow.

This beautiful piece will stand the test of time.

Just in case you want some subtle luxury in your jewelry box.

Just look at the detail of these carvings.

Without a doubt, these will be in your collection for years.

Jade on a locket? Yes, please.

The shape of these beads feels so modern.

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