Animal cruelty fury: Stolen livestock forced into bakkie

A case of animal cruelty and livestock theft has angered residents in a North West town. Thankfully, police intervened.

Animal cruelty fury: Stolen livestock forced into bakkie

Three suspects will appear in the Lehurutshe Magistrate’s Court in the North West on Monday.
But as it stands, they won’t face any charges of animal cruelty. That’s despite carrying out livestock theft by stealing three cows. And then tying all three living animals flat onto the back of a Toyota Hilux Bakkie.

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Livestock theft leads to animal cruelty questions

Police arrested the three suspects behind the incident on Thursday, after Free State Police received a tip-off about cows being loaded on a bakkie near Swartkopfontein.

“The trio were arrested during an operation that was conducted between the Swartkopfontein and Kopfontein Ports of Entry. Members were informed about people who were seen loading cattle on a Toyota Hilux bakkie. Upon following up, the members successfully tracked down the vehicle which was found loaded with three live cattle. The vehicle was then escorted to Swartkopfontein Port of Entry where the suspects failed to give proper account of the possession upon questioning.”


Police have confirmed that while investigations are still ongoing, the three suspects are not currently facing charges of animal cruelty.

Once SAPS made the announcement of the upcoming court appearence, South Africans across all walks of life took to the comments to demand that animal cruelty charges are added. In the photo provided by police, not one or two, but THREE cows were tied up lying flat on top of the bakkie. In order to make sure the animals could not stand, they were trapped under a net acting as the bakkie’s canopy.

The issue of livestock theft has long plagued SAPS and local farmers. Some police officers were also recently caught being a lot more involved than they should of.
In July, five SAPS members from the Free State were arrested on charges of stock theft

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EFF Manifesto: Wealth taxes and RDP houses in Sandton

The EFF manifesto is here. And if you listen to Julius Malema, so too could be plenty of land...and even RDP houses in Sandton.

EFF Manifesto: Wealth taxes and RDP houses in Sandton

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have unveiled their new manifesto, going into the upcoming Local Government Elections. As expected, party leader Julius Malema was in top-form as he revealed the party’s key promises. From the usual remarks about land for all, to promises to distribute jobs on a 50 50 gender basis, let’s take a look at some of the standout points.

“Clearly spelt out, the overarching objective of the EFF is to build developmental municipalities, imbued with the will and desire to reverse centuries of ill-treatment, subjugation, and inhumanity that African people have been subjected to in the land of their birth.

It is now a fact beyond doubt that the so-called former liberation movement has failed and is nearing the end of its disintegration process.”

Julius Malema

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EFF manifesto launch: RDP houses coming soon to Sandton?

The party says its manifesto is “people-centric” and if in government, will have a key focus on getting people living back where the economy runs strongest.

While unveiling the manifesto in Johannesburg this afternoon, Malema explained that the party will look to purchase property in Sandton.
This will then allow an integrated affordable housing development, right within one of the country’s economic hubs.
Malema went on to insist that the legacy of apartheid spatial planning can not be allowed to continue.
And as result, the country needs to move away from the perception of “rich” and “poor” areas.

“We are identifying a piece of land in Sandton to build RDP Houses. All the buildings in JHB City centre and hijacked ones. They will be refurbished and made into housing for our people. We want our buildings in Sunnyside, Kempton Park and Vaal.”

EFF promises a property wealth tax

Another standout part of the EFF manifesto is the threat to unveil a wealth tax on those who are “rich”.
Malema says that anybody who can afford to live in Sandton must be able to subsidise the poor.

“They are rich and they must subsidise the poor. Dali Mpofu will be the first to pay. He must pay for a poor person in the township and a village. Even myself, I stay in Sandton, I must pay the wealth tax to subside the poor. That is the only practical way we can share the wealth of the country.”

Julius Malema

While there were also promises to deal with corruption, eradicate all pit toilets and have EFF councillors available on call 24/7, Malema and co promised that all jobs created would be made available equally to men and women.

“When we give land, jobs… women must get 50%,” said Malema.

You can read the EFF manifesto in full, here.

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