Anthony Davis Girlfriend: What We Know About His Love Life In 2021

There's an air of mystery surrounding Anthony Davis' girlfriend. Get the scoop on Marlen P., and find out if the two are still an item.

Anthony Davis Girlfriend: What We Know About His Love Life In 2021

Is Anthony Davis‘ girlfriend Marlen P. actually his wife? Over the last two years, rumors have circulated that the Lakers star and his very private partner secretly tied the knot. Unfortunately, the gossip was complicated by separate whispers that Davis had been unfaithful to his woman. Through it all, neither AD nor Marlen has ever made public remarks about their relationship. We give them props for successfully maintaining their privacy, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t looking for clues about their status! Find out what we know about Davis and Marlen’s history and where we think they stand today.

Who Is The Mother Of Anthony Davis’s Daughter, Nala?

Not much is known about Marlen P. other than the fact that she is the mother of Anthony Davis’ child. She gave birth to their daughter Nala in 2018.

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Everything else is pure speculation. Based on a previous bio on her private Instagram account, Marlen is of Dominican ancestry. She is also a woman of Christian faith, writing “God above all ????????” in her current bio.

Other gossip websites guesstimate she’s in her late twenties, but the fact that she hasn’t even revealed her surname makes stats difficult to confirm.

One thing we do know is that Davis supports her preference to remain out of the spotlight. A look at his Instagram reveals very few pictures unrelated to basketball. Fans have to do a deep dive dating back to 2015 just to find some family photos. When it comes to being a public figure, it looks like AD is strictly business.

When Did Anthony Davis And Marlen P. Start Dating?

There’s no official word on when Davis began dating Marlen or how they even met. However, based on AD’s dating timeline, we estimate that they first got together around 2016 or 2017. By late 2017, the couple hosted a baby shower for Nala—and pics from the event are some of the only proof we have that they are (or were) an item.

The couple is so private that they waited until 2020 to make their first public appearance together. In February of that year, they posed for photos at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party. Marlen served up a killer look in a white dress, while Davis rocked a sharp black tuxedo.

Has Anthony Davis Ever Been Married Before?

Davis’ previous relationship was just as secretive. In 2015, he dated 6-foot-8 WNBA player Brittney Griner. The couple linked up shortly after Griner annulled her marriage to fellow WNBA All-Star, Glory Johnson.

Griner and Johnson’s relationship ended after a domestic violence incident outside of their Phoenix home.

David didn’t seem to have the same conflicts with Griner. “She is everything to me,” he said in an interview with TheNewsNerd. “We have an amazing relationship and have so much in common. We even wear the same size clothes and shoes so sometimes she borrows a shirt or two from me.”

Rumor has it the two married and divorced in short order, but neither has gone on the record about it.

Is Anthony Davis Still Dating Marlen P. In 2021?

In November 2020, Total Pro Sports reported on a claim that AD tried to cheat on Marlen. According to a now-inactive Instagram tipster, Davis offered to fly a woman out to LA for a tryst at a hotel. Uneasy with the proposition, she contacted Marlen and spilled the tea. Davis then allegedly unfollowed a number of dancers and models on the social media platform.

It wasn’t the first time Davis was called out for being unfaithful. In 2018, Sports Gossip reported that an Atlanta woman gave birth to his child around the same time Nala was born. The story remains unconfirmed.

Despite the rumors, which neither has ever commented on, it seems they remain a couple to this day. In 2019, Marlen made a rare appearance during an interview with Davis for Sports Illustrated. According to the writer, she was overseeing the couple’s house hunt in Los Angeles.

“[Anthony is] like, ‘The house has got to have a court and a sauna and a gym…,'” she explained to his agent Rich Paul.

“That’s easy,” Paul replied. “That’s most of the houses, when you’re spending the kind of money you guys want to spend anyway. I got it. Trust me.”

According to TMZ, the couple eventually settled on a $14.1 million mansion in Bel Air. The monthly rent for the 12,000-square-foot house? About $50,000 per month. (For that price, we hope he got everything on his wish list.)

We may never know if rumors of Davis’ wandering eye are true. But he and Marlen seem committed to presenting themselves as a unified front. In October 2020, at the NBA Finals, the basketball player was seen embracing Nala on the court, while Marlen kept a low profile in the crowd.

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