Around 60 retired engineers volunteer to help restore Eskom free of charge

A group of 60 engineers, mostly Eskom retirees, have offered to help rebuild the power utility at no cost. Eskom has asked for their CV's.

Around 60 retired engineers volunteer to help restore Eskom free of charge

A group of former Eskom employees, who are now retired, have offered to help restore the power utility free of charge. 

Eskom spokesperson Sikonathi Mantshantsha, on Saturday 9 April, said the group had not been approached by Eskom but had instead volunteered their skills at no cost. 


Mantshantsha explained that the group of engineers gathered together at their own event. 

“They had an idea to approach Eskom and offer their skills to the company at no cost. Eskom responded by asking for their CV’s so it can determine which of them have skills that would be required,” he said. 

“We’re going through the CV’s to see what can be done. None will be compensated for any work, it is completely voluntary,” he added.

Mantshantsha said anyone else who wishes to volunteer is welcome to approach Eskom.  


Eskom, earlier this week, let us in on some good news. The power utility said that with COVID-19, came a drop in electricity demand. Although bittersweet, many South Africans have welcomed the fact that there have been no major interruptions in the country during the nationwide lockdown instituted on 26 March.  

Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter said that although nothing can be guaranteed, there could be less frequent bouts of load shedding in the next quarter. The lockdown period has seen Eskom’s engineers manage to reduce the required hours of rolling blackouts from the initially projected 31 days to three days.

“The impact of COVID-19 saw a huge drop in the demand for electricity,” said De Ruyter. 

“We noticed clear shifts in the patterns of consumption. The morning peaks disappeared while the evening peaks were more pronounced. The night dip was also far more pronounced. This made it difficult to ensure stability in the system,” he added. 

In other Eskom news, an employee at the Koeberg Power Station also tested positive for COVID-19. 

“Eskom observed all the protocols for dealing with the pandemic, and immediately contacted all those employees who were in contact with him. Those who were in contact were immediately placed on precautionary isolation,” the utility said in a statement.

“Of the seven employees that were tested for COVID-19 following contact with the infected person, thus far, six results have been received, and they are all negative,” it said. 

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