Arsenal announce plans to welcome fans back to the Emirates

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Arsenal announce plans to welcome fans back to the Emirates

Arsenal could allow a limited number of fans into the Emirates Stadium for their Premier League match against Sheffield United on October 3.

The Gunners have said they are working with authorities on plans to welcome back supporters in line with the latest UK Government guidelines.

An Arsenal statement said: “In recent months we have been working very hard with the relevant authorities on plans to bring fans back to stadiums, and specifically Emirates Stadium, initially with reduced capacities.

“Although our home fixture against West Ham United on Sunday 20 September will be played behind closed doors, based on the current UK Government guidelines, we hope to be able to welcome supporters back to Emirates Stadium on a reduced-capacity basis from the Sheffield United game scheduled for Saturday 3 October.”

Initially, tickets would only be made available to the club’s gold season ticket holders and premium members.

Any fans in attendance would need to social distance while inside the stadium, while other measures including new hygiene protocols would also be in place.

Anyone who attends the match would need to agree to a code of conduct.

Pilot schemes are taking place in several sports with a view to reopening doors to a limited degree from October 1.

On Saturday, 2,500 fans watched Brighton’s friendly against Chelsea at the Amex Stadium – the first time spectators have been allowed inside a Premier League stadium since March.

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Manchester United title talk is silly ‘blind faith’

Any suggestion that this … The post Manchester United title talk is silly ‘blind faith’ appeared first on Football365.

Manchester United title talk is silly ‘blind faith’

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Healing United’s blind faith
A mailer questions and, perhaps understandably, some reds respond with rancour. Ved Sen’s was quite succinct, and I’d agree with most of it apart from him claiming that Manchester United, along with Chelsea and Arsenal, are ‘in transition’.  That may be true for the latter, but to claim Manchester United are in transition after seven + years of manager and transfer mayhem is, I’d suggest, a bit of a stretch.

As is his assertion that “..this is a club with the youngest squad in the premier league which can expect to organically get better over the next 3-5 years even with marginal new signings”.  That’s not a stretch.  It’s blind faith.  Last season, Manchester United finished 33 (that’s thirty-three) points behind the champions (bear in mind it could’ve been much worse if ‘Pool’s form hadn’t dipped post-lockdown).  An awful lot has been made of the fact that they finished third, as though this is proof of some form of progress.  Unfortunately for those doing so, a look at the final table for 2018-2019 shows Manchester United finishing sixth with the same amount of points (66) and 32 (that’s thirty-two) points off that season’s champions.


So far, MUFC have made just the one new signing.  Personally, I think it’s and, if it is followed by similar whereby OGS is allowed to build a squad with quality in depth, then Utd fans will have concrete reasons for hope.  But this will be dependant on Woodward fighting his every instinct to sign a combination of Ronaldo, Bale or Sancho and for silly money and silly wages.

Manchester United fans are looking for a clear, and medium-long term transfer strategy.  Woodward, historically, is looking at the immediate financial gains from sponsorship and advertising deals that signing a ‘Galactico’ would bring.

Yes, the transfer window is far from over and every one of us, regardless of which club we support, will have to wait and see what happens.  Chelsea and Arsenal have already made inroads with their new signings and we’re yet to see how that pans out.  Those Manchester United fans that think they are still in touch with ‘competing for the title’ however may, on 2nd September 2020, have reason to be concerned that they already are a ‘top four trophy’ team only.

Manchester United are, and I say this without the slightest sarcasm, still, arguably, the biggest club in the world.  But, if in this window they do what Ed has historically always done then, , Utd are ‘two injuries off being f**ked’.
Mark (Messi is going nowhere) MCFC.


You gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to Foden
Anyone wonder what must Phil Foden be thinking?

He has always been told next year is his year. Now, if Silva goes and then Man city have this talent pool – De Bruyne, Messi, Bernardo Silva, Sterling, Mahrez, Jesus, Aguero and Foden.

Is Pep telling him next to next year is his year? Are Pep and Man City cheating on him?


Squad depth
Trusting youth is the way forward in this economic climate. Not buying isn’t a bad thing on the long run, is it?

For example, did anyone of you know about Fowler and Owen before their first game for LFC? Both did great on their first appearance for the senior team. Why is it that the manager trusted them to make an impact instantly?

And, with all the technology and know how of today, why is it that we don’t trust Brewster / William and/or Elliot et al. to have the same impact for LFC this season?

Or, not-buying functional player i.e strengthening the squad, has created the 30-year wait?
Khairur (not looking forward to this season) Penang


In reply to , of course we’re worried, but it doesn’t matter. Every Match of the Day this year I’m going to watch a lovely montage that finishes with Liverpool lifting the Premier League trophy, and I will go to bed happy because of it. Even if we finish 4th.  Even if we finish 8th.

Everything is fine. This season cannot possibly be as good as last season and that’s okay.
Dan, Plastic LFC


The unbearables
Can the mailbox please tell us who is more unbearable?

A- Liverpool fans because they won the league?

B- Man utd. fans writing in every week analyzing every single signing and non signing, what player has said what, what formation they should play next season, Why Woodword is Woodword, what OGS said, what the acronyms they use actually stand for etc.

Answers only valid from fans supporting other teams.



Overseas goal to banger ratio
Surely there’s no contest and it’s , right?
Dave, (one striker and the season’s in the bin again) Winchester Spurs


Fan mail
Stuart’s thoughts about got me thinking. I’ve been reading this site for so long I was here back in the day when it still had a sense of humor and posted things like the hilarious ‘Gary Neville Diaries’. Since then 365 sold its soul and went corporate so is more interested in bombarding you with ads until your computer crashes and pushing politics even though that has no place in football or sport in general (however much every sporting outlet thinks it does these days).

John Nicholson actually used to have a great column many years ago. I was an avid reader so I could hear about his NSFW band stories, tales of his beloved Middlesborough and his unique musings on football related things. I had to stop reading his column though as it just got so bland and boring like it was written by an AI pretending to be John not himself. If he is now pushing politics I’m really glad I stopped reading him.

When will the football media realise football and humor go together very well but football and politics don’t. It just turns off people who come to read about football. If people want to read dumb political opinions they can go to Twitter, Facebook or any mainstream news website. Same goes for footballers, stfu about politics and social issues, no football fan cares what you have to say, just play it’s what you get paid for.

So 365 please purge the politics and bring back the humor or is that not allowed because of your corporate overlords?
William, Leicester


I’m an abbrever
So who decides on the abbreviations and why is it inconsistent?

VDS — Edwin van der Sar
VDV — Rafael van der Vaart
RVP — Robin van Persie
DVB — Donny van de Beek
The Flying Dutchman — Dennis Bergkamp

I mean, come on!

Also, if you can’t write SNEIJDER by now you shouldn’t be published. Snyder, Snjieder, Snijder, Sneiden, Schneider..

As a non-native English speaker (reader? writer?) it grinds my gears when you can’t make the effort to spell the name correct. Am I alone in this? Or are other mailboxers unreasonable frustrated by this as well?
Stijn (Also, it’s ATLETICO, seriously) Amsterdam


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