Barack Obama Grooming Michelle To Beat Joe Biden In Presidential Election, Report Says

Apparently, the former running mates are now enemies.

Barack Obama Grooming Michelle To Beat Joe Biden In Presidential Election, Report Says

Is Barack Obama preparing his wife Michelle Obama to run for president in 2024? One magazine claims Barack wants Michelle to run to get revenge on Joe Biden. Here’s what we know.

Barack Obama Trying To Save His Legacy?

This week’s edition of the Globe reports Barack Obama isn’t happy with how Joe Biden is handling his position. According to the tabloid, Obama is obsessed with how Biden’s presidency is reflecting back on him. Apparently, Biden’s recent decisions in Afghanistan have Obama concerned. An insider dishes to the tabloid, “Obama only cares about his legacy and not Joe Biden’s problems,” adding, “He doesn’t want his reputation to get muddied up with the Afghanistan-withdrawal fiasco.”

Apparently, Obama never wanted Biden to become president, even backing Hillary Clinton in 2016 over Biden. According to the magazine’s snitch, Obama even told someone “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to [expletive] things up.” But that isn’t the only reason Obama wants Biden out. Apparently, it’s all for his own political gain.

“Obama has always shown himself to be a patient man. And now it’s paying off with Biden’s self-inflicted implosion. He knows that Joe will continue to fumble the ball — and when the situation looks beyond repair — he can come riding in as the conquering hero, making public recommendations about putting the country back on its feet and about who should lead it moving forward!” the insider reveals.

And his pick for the next president is none other than his wife, Michelle Obama. “Obama has positioned Michelle as the conscience of the Democratic Party by pushing her to the forefront of women’s issues and education initiatives,” the source explains. “You can bet that her name will be front and center when the 2024 candidates are discussed — and Obama will be happy to step over Biden’s political corpse to nominate her!”

Barack Prepping Michelle For 2024 Election?

After looking into the story, we found it to be completely delusional. First of all, there’s no evidence to suggest Obama disapproves of Biden’s presidency. The tabloid didn’t provide any evidence to back up its story, and, as far as we can tell, that’s because no evidence exists. Obama and Biden have remained friends and have continued to support each other since Obama left office in 2017.

Besides, it’s pretty clear Michelle Obama has no plans to run for office. Back in March, she told People that she was actually gearing up for retirement. “I’ve been telling my daughters I’m moving toward retirement right now, [selectively] picking projects and chasing summer,” Michelle explained. “Barack and I never want to experience winter again. We’re building the foundation for somebody else to continue the work so we can retire and be with each other — and Barack can golf too much, and I can tease him about golfing too much because he’s got nothing else to do.”

Given the former first lady’s sentiment, we seriously doubt she or her husband have any plans to move back into the White House. It’s clear the outlet was just trying to stir up drama for the Obama and Biden families to sell some magazines.

The Tabloid On Michelle Obama

Besides, the Globe has been far from accurate in the past when it comes to Michelle Obama. Earlier this year the magazine claimed she never wanted to be a mother. Then the outlet alleged Michelle resented Barack for making her give up her career to be a mother. The publication even reported Barack was angry with Michelle for “going Hollywood” and spending too much money. Clearly, the Globe can’t be trusted anywhere the Obama family is concerned.

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