Behaviour of Jarryd Hayne's supporters distracts from courage of his victim

The now 28-year-old woman has been to hell and back since she was sexually assaulted inside her Newcastle home in September 2018.

Behaviour of Jarryd Hayne's supporters distracts from courage of his victim

The repulsive behaviour by Jarryd Hayne supporters after the disgraced footballer was jailed took away from the incredible bravery shown by his rape victim.

The now 28-year-old woman has been to hell and back since she was sexually assaulted inside her Newcastle home in September 2018.

From being physically injured, to emotionally tormented and having the guts to report a high-profile sportsman, her name then dragged through the mud during two trials.


It continued even after her attacker was jailed.

As she left court with detectives, a man there in support of Hayne was witnessed verbally abusing her before spitting in her direction.

What type of message does this send to women considering speaking out about sexual assault?

Why was the victim not better protected by court sheriffs, who on the same day escorted her to lunch over safety concerns?

Sydney University professor and former gender advisor to the NRL, Catharine Lumby says the court process can retraumatise victims.

"Many women who are sexually assaulted and have the bravery to take it to court, describe going through the justice system as like a second assault and to have it compounded by that melee outside the courtroom is appalling," she told 9News.


Jarryd Hayne is being sentenced today for sexually assaulting a woman.

Earlier in court, the victim courageously faced Hayne to speak her truth.

She described anger, frustration and wanting to end her life.

"This same sickening feeling resurfaces to this day. I have spent countless hours crying… the feeling of violation and feeling dirty doesn't go away. I have nightmares and flashbacks of his face looking right through me. Sometimes I can't get out of bed," the woman told the court.

She revealed being too scared to report the crime at first, fearing repercussions, but praised detectives from the NSW Police Sex Crimes Squad for supporting and encouraging her to speak out.

It was when someone suggested it could help other victims, she found the strength to fight.

"From that moment on I was going to hold my head up high," she said.

"No means no… you don't owe someone your body, nor should they expect it.


"What I experienced was horrible, nobody should ever have to feel that way. I am destroyed and damaged, but I am still standing."

The judge believed every word she said.

In handing down the sentence, Justice Helen Syme told the court it was very clear the woman had said no several times.

"I have found the offender was fully aware that the victim was not consenting and went ahead anyway."

Jarryd Hayne will spend at least three years and eight months behind bars for the sexual assault.

The 33-year-old is being held at Parklea prison in Sydney's west.

His new wife is pregnant and it is yet to be determined whether she will raise the child alone.

To this day, Hayne has never taken responsibility for his crime, instead blaming media coverage of the case for destroying a half-a-million-dollar contract with St George Illawarra.

The former player will appeal his conviction, dragging his victim through another legal minefield.

She has been through so much already, but only time will tell if she can survive this next chapter.

Readers seeking support and information about suicide prevention can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14. National Domestic Violence Service: 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732). If you are in immediate danger call Triple Zero (000).

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