Best Motorcycle Videos To Pass The Time

If you’re looking for something to watch during your time at home, check out these motorcycle videos to help pass the time.

Best Motorcycle Videos To Pass The Time

We already ran down a list of motorcycle documentaries worth a watch during these times of social distancing, but quality motorcycle videos aren’t always feature-length productions. There’s a lot of great content to be had on YouTube (including our own MotorcyclistMag YouTube channel), and it spans the gamut. You can learn some new mechanical or riding skills, watch people dump their bikes on a ridgetop road like Mulholland, stay up to date on the latest review, or settle in for a multipart series that follows a group of riders in Baja.

Of course there’s a whole lot more than that, but with the good also comes the bad, and there’s no shortage of absolute time wasters. To help you avoid losing precious minutes of your day to the ramblings of some roustabout rider with a helmet cam, we’ve picked some of our favorite videos and playlists to help make your search for a solid motorcycle video or two easier.

Rok Bagoros RokON Vlogs

Slovenian stunt rider Rok Bagoros is entertaining when he’s pulling stunts, but he’s also a solid vlogger. Dry humor and delivery combine with some awesome stunting in his reviews and riding lessons, and he’s produced more than 90 installments at this point. That means there’s plenty of content for us home dwellers. Just be prepared for a lot of that KTM orange…

Erzbergrodeo Red Bull Hare Scramble 2019

If you’re looking to fritter away half the workday on a single event, you can catch the full 2019 Erzbergrodeo Red Bull Hare Scramble. This is one of the most technically challenging off-road events in the world, and seeing riders battle the sadistic racecourse is a treat. Because when they get it right, it’s inspiring to watch. But when they get it wrong, it suddenly becomes a whole lot more comfortable sitting on the couch at home.

Vice News Doin’ It Baja

For a little escapist indulgence, check out Vice News’ eight-part series following a group of scruffy riders as they explore Baja. Be warned, however, if you’re opposed to recklessness, fireworks, drinking too much beer, drugs, goofballs, or Harley-Davidsons, this might not be for you. On the other hand, if any of those things sounds appealing, this group of videos will be like a breath of fresh air.

Dakar 2020 Bike Highlights

In case you missed it, earlier this year American rider Ricky Brabec became the first rider from the US to win the Dakar. It was also the first time that the race was run in Saudi Arabia, providing terrain that was as treacherous and demanding as we’ve come to expect after years of the event in South America. The 2020 Dakar bike highlights video is short and to the point, but it’s a great way to see just how challenging the ride was.

Crusty Demons Of Dirt On Tour

Remember in the ’90s when you’d pop in the VHS copy of your buddy’s Crusty Demons of Dirt and sit dumbstruck while riders flung themselves into the air? I do. This video series helped to put freestyle motocross on the map, and the full-length Crusty Demons of Dirt on Tour video is a fun way to relieve some of those old memories while also catching up on some of the more current happenings in that riding scene.

IOMTT On Board With Guy Martin

Watching an Isle of Man TT lap from the onboard camera of a bike might as well be a right of passage for riders in the digital age. It’s absolutely mesmerizing, and the clip from the 2014 race of Guy Martin stalking Michael Dunlop around the course is one of my favorites. Not only do you get the point-of-view experience of a lap, you also get to see what one of the best riders is doing through every corner.

Handcrafted - Custom Motorcycle Film

Purpose Built Moto has a feature-length documentary that provides an inside look at some of Australia’s hottest custom motorcycle builders. It’s a stylish and slightly subdued flick, great for a rainy day when you’re just looking to chill out and enjoy some fantastic-looking machines.

Used Bike Buying Tips With Aaron Colton

Our buddy Aaron Colton gives you insight into what to look for when buying a used bike, particularly some strategies on deciphering bike listings. What the red flags are, what is an indication of a well-cared-for machine, a competent seller, and more. If you want to become a pro used bike buyer, check this one out.

On Two Wheels

And finally a few of our video series. is one of our most popular titles. These videos blend some fun and humor with bike analysis and ride assessments from all over the world. Our rundown of the Triumph Scramblers in the above video is a great example, and there are plenty more where that came from.

MC Commute

Curious how a new bike fares on the road to work? Our series of MC Commute videos tells you just that. We hop aboard a brand-new machine, then provide our assessment of the bike’s high and low points as we wind our way to the office. It’s a great series if you’re looking to get a full rundown of a bike in a real-world riding situation.

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