Blade: Mahershala Ali Teases Look For His MCU Hero | Screen Rant

In preparation for the upcoming Blade reboot one fan has already conceptualized actor Mahershala Ali's look for the role.

Blade: Mahershala Ali Teases Look For His MCU Hero | Screen Rant

In preparation for the upcoming reboot, one fan has conceptualized how Mahershala Ali will look in the role and the actor approves. Although we may have to realistically await Blade's arrival for another two years, that's not stopping fans from being excited about the character's return. It's been a long time coming for one of the first Marvel superheroes who broke ground for many different reasons.

Created in 1973, Blade's first appearance was as a supporting character in Marvel's The Tomb of Dracula. Though he found some subsequent success in the 1970s, Blade was never considered one of the top tier heroes within Marvel's vast cast of characters. However, a resurgence years later saw Blade make an appearance in a 1992 issue of Ghost Rider, which ultimately lead to the release of his very first solo comic, Blade: The Vampire Hunter, in 1994. Around this time, Marvel had already started the process of developing a Blade movie, with rapper/actor LL Cool J in mind to portray a lighter version of the character. However, Wesley Snipes was inevitably selected to play Blade in 1996 and portrayed the character in each of the franchise's films: Blade (1998), Blade II (2002) and Blade: Trinity (2004). In total the Blade series made $415 million at the worldwide box office and now Marvel is ready once again to bring him Blade back for more bloody fun.

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However, with the current shutdown of most movie productions there's no telling when the new Blade movie will actually grace screens, yet that's not stopping fans from imagining what Ali would look like in the role. Over on Instagram, user Maxbeechcreative has created a cool sketch of Mahershala Ali as Blade and so far it's been well received by his followers. Even Ali himself showed his approval when he posted the same image on his own Instagram page. Take a look below:

Of course, many will recognize this isn't Ali's first time portraying a Marvel character. In the first season of Netflix's Luke Cage, Ali took on the role of villain Cornell 'Cottonmouth' Stokes, a respected and feared crime boss in Harlem who becomes a nemesis for Cage early on. Luke Cage marked another historic moment in Marvel's history since it was a TV show centered on an African American character leading their own series, much like Blade.

With three movies, a TV series and an anime under its belt, many fail to realize that Blade is technically Marvel's first attempt at giving one of their black heroes their own franchise, not 2018's Black PantherIronically, Snipes had been in talks to star in an earlier version of Black Panther beginning in 1992, however issues behind the scenes brought the project to a halt. So historically speaking, Blade was the litmus test that lead to a steady offering of movies that came afterwards, such as the film series. And although most fans wanted to see him reprise the role, Snipes offered the new Blade his full consent, praising Ali's acting chops and telling fans to "chillax".

It will be interesting to see how the MCU brings Blade into the series, and who his allies will be. It would be great to have him pair up with Doctor Strange and a few of the more powerful superheroes since, overall, Blade is one of the more entertaining individuals from Marvel's lineup with a huge fan following. But with so many delayed MCU projects ahead, we can all count on many a sleepless night awaiting our favorite Daywalker to make his MCU debut.

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Lucasfilm has a reputation for being spoiler-averse; that was particularly notable with The Mandalorian season 1, where they managed to keep Baby Yoda a secret until the first episode dropped on Disney+. Still, it's much harder to keep secrets during post-production, especially when they're related to casting. As a result, Disney has recently confirmed Rosario Dawson will play a live-action Ahsoka Tano, Temuera Morrison will be appearing as Boba Fett, and Katee Sackoff will be reprising her  role of Bo-Katan. In truth, given the dearth of entertainment news right now due to the lockdown, Disney is probably quite happy to drip-feed this casting news and continue building anticipation for their popular Star Wars series.

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Death Watch forged an alliance with Darth Maul, who planned to frustrate the Jedi and the Sith alike; Bo-Katan opposed this alliance, but was overruled. With Maul's help, Death Watch took control of Mandalore, but to Bo-Katan's fury, Maul then declared himself their new leader - and, therefore, ruler of Mandalore. Bo-Katan led the Nite Owls in a counter-insurgency, and soon Mandalore was caught in a bloody and brutal civil war between rival factions. As the conflict escalated, Bo-Katan decided the only way to bring it to an end was to forge a new alliance with the Republic, and she freed Obi-Wan Kenobi from a trap set by Darth Maul. Sadly, she was unable to prevent the death of her sister.

In The Clone Wars season 7, Bo-Katan once again approached the Jedi and gave them updated intelligence on Maul's location. She participated in the Siege of Mandalore, a victory that happened at the same time as the events of . Bo-Katan was appointed Regent of Mandalore, but she refused to accept the Empire's rule, and as a result another civil war raged on the militaristic planet. She was overthrown by former supercommando Gar Saxon, who became Mandalore's Governor and the Emperor's Hand on Mandalore.

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The Empire responded in force to the Mandalorian uprising, in a tragic attack known as the Great Purge. Nothing is known of Bo-Katan's fate; while she's been cast for The Mandalorian season 2, there's been no indication whether this is a flashback. One thing is for sure, though: the Darksaber was wielded by Moff Gideon at the end of The Mandalorian season 1, and Bo-Katan won't have given it up willingly. If this isn't a flashback, and if Bo-Katan is indeed still alive in the post-Return of the Jedi era, then no doubt she will be able to help the Mandalorian understand the Force powers of Baby Yoda - and she may even be reunited with Padawan Ahsoka Tano, her old frenemy.

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