Breath Of The Wild: 10 Tips For How To Take Down A Stone Talus

Stone Taluses are some of the most ferocious foes in Breath of the Wild's open world, but that doesn't mean their completely impossible to defeat.

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Throughout Breath of the Wild's open world, players fight against Stone Taluses, recurring enemies that also serve as Sub-Bosses. They appear as clusters of boulders at first before transforming into golem-like beings once the player approaches them. Variations like Luminous, Rare, Frost, and Igneo are also present throughout Hyrule Kingdom. Defeating them might seem hard at first, but there are numerous ways to make the fight less daunting.

10 Start Small, Work Your Way Up

Breath of the Wild encourages non-linear gameplay, so players are bound to stumble upon one of these stone golems sooner or later.

Facing a Stone Talus can be daunting at first, especially in the lower levels. There are two options for inexperienced players that can make the encounter less challenging. Stone Talus Junior is a baby variation found in Dueling Peaks South that will go down with just one bomb. Stone Talus Senior, located at North Dueling Peaks, is also a good starting point.

9 Know Where They Are

Stone Taluses spawn all around Hyrule, but there are fixed locations where players can find them. Knowing these spots can be of great help, especially when planning the strategy.

There are a total of 40 Stone Taluses in the game. Defeating them all and then reporting to Kilton at the Fang and Bone rewards Link with the Medal of Honor: Talus.

8 Be Ready When Approaching The Location

Stone Taluses can be deceitful at first. From afar, they look like regular piles of harmless rocks. They assemble when Link approaches them, at which point they take him by surprise.

The battle will begin immediately, so Link will have no time to prepare once the Talus assembles. If unprepared or unwilling to challenge it, players should actively avoid the locations, or else they'll find themselves in the middle of a Sub-boss fight.

7 Take Advantage Of Their Slow Speed

Taluses are very heavy, so their movements are slow and repetitive. Their attacks are simple but deal significant damage, and they follow a pattern that Link can anticipate after a while.

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The only way to defeat a Talus is by damaging the ore deposit at the top of its body. It is visible from nearly every angle during the fight. Experienced players can take further advantage of the golem's speed and aim at the deposit from a safe distance.

6 Use Powerful Weapons

Standard weapons will hardly damage the Talus and can make the fight excruciatingly long; their stone bodies make them invulnerable to melee attacks. Link can use bombs to destroy the creature's arms, but their health will not decrease. The only way to kill them is to damage their weak point.

An ideal weapon for this job is the Iron Sledgehammer. It has a damage rating of 12 and can make things less complicated. Players can also shoot explosive arrows at the ore deposit, which will also gravely damage the Talus.

5 Take Advantage Of The Space

If the player stands too close to the Talus, the stone golem will either swing its left arm at Link or will pound him into the ground with its right one. Conversely, If Link keeps a distance from the Talus, it will throw one of its arms, losing it in the process. It can also fall on its face and crush Link if the player stands too close to it.

Players need to take advantage of their surroundings. Link must run around the Talus, both approaching and avoiding it. If the golem throws one of its arms, Link can hide behind large stones or trees. Once it loses both arms, it's time to attack.

4 Climb Onto Its Body

The fastest way to damage the ore deposit is to climb atop the Talus and hit it directly. Link can achieve this by either shooting at the Deposit with an arrow, momentarily collapsing the golem. Link can also detonate a bomb on each arm, which also knocks the Talus to the ground.

The Talus will still move, even when on the ground, so the player must be careful not to slip. Otherwise, they will lose their chance and will have to know the stone giant again.

3 Use Ice Against Igneo Talus

The Igneo Talus is a fiery variation of the stone giant that camouflages as molten rock. It will burn Link if he tries to come into contact with its burning body. Like their stone counterparts, Igneo Taluses attack in the same manner. They can also cause explosions that severely damage Link.

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Players can avoid fire damage by using any number of ice weapons, like Ice Rods or Ice Arrows. The cold will stun the Igneo Talus and momentarily put out its burning body. From there, Link can then climb it and strike the ore deposit.

2 Use Fire Against Frost Talus

As its name suggests, the Frost Talus is an icy variation to the stone giant. Players find it in the cold regions of Hyrule, including the Gerudo Highlands and Hebra Mountains. It's important to note that not all Frost Taluses have ice coatings, and their frozen status depends on factors like the weather, time of day, and location.

Fire is effective against the Frost Talus. Fire arrows or flame weapons will temporarily melt the Talus, allowing Link to climb and damage the Ore Deposit. The Snowquill set will also prevent Link from freezing, allowing him to climb the Frost Talus without the need for fire weaponry.

1 Urbosa's Fury Is A Powerful Ally

All Talus variations are severely weak to Urbosa's Fury. It is a key item obtained from Urbosa after defeating Thunderblight Ganon in the Divine Beast Vah Naboris.

The ability temporarily stuns enemies with an electric shock. Link can then attack and deal considerable damage. Urbosa's Fury is one of the most overpowered attacks in the game and will make battling the Taluses feel like a walk in the park.

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