CES 2021: From companion bots to flying cars – What you need to know [videos]

The world's biggest tech show is underway.

CES 2021: From companion bots to flying cars – What you need to know [videos]

A digital version of CES 2021, the world’s largest consumer electronics show, kicked off this week. Millions have tuned in as exhibitors showcase new innovations and the growth in technology continues amid COVID-19.

Explaining the sudden growth, CES organiser and CTA president Gary Shapiro said:

The “pandemic has pushed the fast-forward button on tech adoption, from our homes to our work to our doctor’s offices”.

CES 2021: What you need know

The Las Vegas-based show’s digital version includes segments from leaders in the industry: from LG, Samsung and Lenovo to ASUS, Netflix and Huawei. Needless to say, the focus this year is on health tech.

CTA spokesperson Jean Foster told AFP that CES is one of the most experiential events in the world. “Attendees can actually see and touch and experience the latest innovations”. Foster adds:

“And while we can’t recreate that magic that happens in Las Vegas, we can bring our audiences a new and unique whole digital experience.”

Highlights from CES 2021

Flying car concept

On Tuesday, General Motors unveiled a concept for an “autonomous air taxi”. Yes, we’re talking flying cars here. Moreover, the single-seat aircraft is “capable of travelling autonomously up to 90 kilometres per hour from rooftop to rooftop”.

GM furthermore explained that the electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft – or eVTOL, for short – would be propelled by eight rotors using “next-generation battery technology.”

“How do you have a more convenient and luxurious commute? By taking to the skies. VTOL is a key to GM’s vision for a multimodal future”.

Quote from GM’s segment

Bots during the pandemic

Samsung introduced a bot which uses AI (artificial intelligence) to recognise its human. It is programmed to learn human habits so it can remind them of things. Other gadgets on display include wearables that monitor vital signs.

Also on display at this year’s virtual expo are robot companions, concierges, cooks, delivery drones, and medical assistants, with the chief executive of Cutii, Antoine Bataille, explaining:

“The pandemic completely changed our business model. We had envisioned Cutii at people’s homes. But today we are dealing with isolation on a collective level.”

In addition, Misty Robotics, launched an app for workplaces capable of screening temperature, while working on another project which includes a robotic companion, or digital assistant, if you will.

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