‘Chasing the Bun’: New Rassie Erasmus spoof leaves SA in stitches [video]

'Rassie Erasmus' has opened a bakery in Springbok after winning the Rugby World Cup in a new hilarious spoof.

‘Chasing the Bun’: New Rassie Erasmus spoof leaves SA in stitches [video]

From the guys who brought us My Kreepy Teacher, a spoof about the Oscar-winning My Octopus Teacher, comes another spoof called Chasing The Bun… a story about ‘Rassie Erasmus’ opening a bakery in Springbok.

Chasing the Bun – a new parody

Good Things Guy reports that last year My Kreepy Teacher went viral around the globe with a ridiculous story about a man and his unconventional relationship with his pool cleaner. The entire parody was based around the documentary.

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Now Retroviral and Panther Punch teamed up once more to bring South Africa another hilarious parody, this time playing off the SuperSport and SA Rugby documentary Chasing the Sun which gave Mzansi a behind-the-scenes look into the Springboks’ 2019 Rugby World Cup triumph.

According to SuperSport, the camera crew travelled with the rugby team throughout 2019, “getting unprecedented behind-the-scenes access throughout the lead-up and during the Rugby World Cup” which the Boks ultimately won for the third time. With unique access and exclusive contributions from coaching staff, players and commentators, the documentary is the story of how a team, a nation and the world came to discover that we are all indeed stronger together.

“You know four years ago this was just a pipe-dream,” actor Rassie says in the parody video. “But since then, I’ve made my team believe it’s not about them; it’s about the rest of South Africa. And when people walk through our doors to eat our food, we f*** them up. Physically. And that’s a fairytale.”

Watch: Chasing the Sun parody

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My Kreepy Teacher parodies the award-winning doccie almost take for take. On YouTube, Retroviral writes that My Kreepy Teacher is an emotional and evocative film about the unconventional relationship between a man and his pool cleaner; a Kreepy Krauly.

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A group of COVID-19 anti-vaxxers was seen picketing along the Sea Point Promenade in Cape Town saying the pandemic is of satanic rituals.

WATCH: COVID-19 anti-vaxxers picket in Sea Point Promenade

A group of anti-vaxxers was spotted picketing along the Sea Point Promenade in Cape Town over COVID-19 vaccine. The group was carrying placards and was reportedly saying the COVID-19 pandemic has to do with “satanic rituals” and that they want the government to “leave them alone”.

‘Anti-vaxxers’ is the colloquial term given to the minority of people who are openly opposed to getting vaccinations as part of a mass government roll-out. They claim their fears are legitimate, but often delve into a world of conspiracy theories and misinformation. 



Earlier this year, President Cyril Ramaphosa turned his attention to the ‘anti-vaxxers’ of South Africa – as he aimed to ease fears about immunisation. Since the pandemic started fake news, disinformation and misinformation have been doing the rounds on social media, causing most to panic and fear the COVID-19 jab.

“There are still some in our country who are skeptical about vaccines, and there is much disinformation and conspiracy theories being spread about the COVID-19 vaccines.  Yet vaccines have been used to eradicate diseases such as smallpox and polio. Children get vaccinated routinely against many diseases such as mumps and measles-rubella,” Ramaphosa said.

In June, a company based in Cape Town incurred the wrath of social media users, after their anti-vaccine billboard was reported to city officials.

The sign, riddled with contempt for the scientific achievements made during this pandemic, told Capetonians to choose between getting the jab or honouring God. There is a reference to Bill Gates in there, and the billionaire has become a lightning rod for anti-vaccine conspiracists in the past 16 months or so.

The message read ‘no vaccines for us’ at the bottom, and gleefully peddles misinformation while seeking to discourage people from getting their vital inoculations. It was initially erected on Beach Road in Maitland, but one Capetonian has taken matters into her own hands – and ensured that the City of Cape Town was made aware of the

In their response to the complaint, COCT representatives say that the billboard DOES contravene the city’s by-laws. The business – which, funnily enough, specialises in PPE supplies – has also been forced to pay a fine for their indiscretions.

“The signboard is illegal as the owner has not applied for authorisation in terms of the City’s Outdoor Advertising and Signage By-law. The company has paid an admission of guilt fine and the City is currently liaising with the owner about the removal of the signboard.”

City of Cape Town

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