Chelsea are simply benefiting from their own cheating

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Chelsea are simply benefiting from their own cheating

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Chelsea cheats
Last season Chelsea didn’t spend any money because of the ban due to cheating therefore  this season they able to spend more money that anyone else and are benefiting from the fact they cheated… If their owner leaves will they be able to sustain that level of spending?…If clubs are not generating alot of income but spend alot of money how are doing this without breaching FFP. The world is in a financial crisis… Companies are bankrupt… Jobs lost..  Football clubs should adjust spending  and be held accountable for their spending during this crisis.
Donp LFC


Doherty – sexy, not sensible
A potential Matt Doherty signing should not get me excited but, following on from your recent ‘sensible, not sexy’ article, this absolutely makes sense. Although it’s definitely not sexy, it’s a considerably mighty upgrade on Serge Aurier. Honestly, as football player he is just unfathomable. Anyway, we all know that DM and RB were probably the weakest positions by far and we are being very un-Spurs like by conducting some smart transfer business early on. What is Spurs like, though, is the limited  budget. So let’s not pretend we ever buy established superstars, as we don’t, and very rarely do we even get the high profile, up and coming kids as we don’t (with a couple of exceptions of course – Bale, Alli). So this is about right for us and ultimately we’ve always needed to be greater than the sum of our parts. As long as we buy upgrades in starting positions or personnel that genuinely can challenge the first 11, I’ll accept that as a long suffering Spurs fan.

Am I jealous of Arsenal’s potential back line next season? Saliba, Magalhaes, Bellerin & Tierney is a pretty tasty back 4, so yes ,I am jealous. But that is Arsenal and we operate in our little Spurs bubble, counting pennies and devising schemes that will see Levy somehow sell Serge Aurier for good money. Am I jealous of Chelsea and their scary forward line of new and existing stars (Werner, Ziyech and Pulisic is a salivating prospect indeed. Still not got your taste buds tingling? Chuck in a likely signing of Havertz, as well as half a new defence with Chilwell and, possibly, Thiago Silva. Hell yeah. Who wouldn’t be jealous!

I have no idea what will happen next season, even less so than usual but 2 of our biggest rivals are making big waves in the transfer market (as above). You’ve got City with a chance of having the unknown Leo Messi in the starting line up, Liverpool being Liverpool and a Man U team with a fully firing Fernandes and a CB who is willing to go to prison in another country to defend his honour. But hey, we are maybe signing Matt Doherty. Take that, other big 6 teams.
Glen, Stratford Spur



The end of the Old Boys Club
I’ve been calling for this for a while. The same panel year on year and they are just more and more out of touch. I can’t believe Merse has kept his job to be honest as he is just as bad. It’s always the same lazy journalism with nothing to back up what they are saying. Blinded backing for the same old English coaches to pass around the same jobs over and over it drives me mad. Don’t get me wrong im not saying BT  are perfect but the panels they have on their version and the whole relaxed vibe sitting back on the sofa just seems so much more comfortable with todays audience.

With regards to Sky though I really like some of the younger pundits like Clinton Morrison, Micah Richards and Keith Andrews.

Im glad the old boys club has come to an end and im looking forward to seeing some of the young blood coming in!
Chaz (Essex)


Be a romantic, Lionel
On 5th July 1984, a diminutive Argentine playmaker, and best player in the world, left Barcelona for a world record fee and joined a team in Sky Blue and helped them achieve more than they could have imagined.

During this time he also became a World Cup winner and an icon of the game and pop culture.

Now, I am only bringing this up as I read Lionel Messi is speaking with PSG and Man City (well, more specifically Pep Guardiola), and its all so thoroughly depressing.

Messi doesnt need money. He has won everything at club level. Why doesnt he try and become part of something. To get something over the line for a club that hasnt won in a long time.

Instead of joining one of the Mega Clubs with deep pockets and who dont really need him anyway, well as much as one doesnt need one of the greatest players of all time, why doeant he sign for someone like, say, Napoli!

Let history repeat itself and him be a leader toguide Napoli to Serie A and beyond!
They havent won it since the other fella left.
And there would be the added bonus of denying Ronaldo the title.

C’mon Lionel, let the romance take over.

It would be great!


Money Messi
Am I the ONLY one who thinks it would be mad to spend hundreds of millions on a 33 year old Messi? I know he is the greatest of all time (I genuinely believe that), but he is not worth what looks like it may be £300 million to sign him. Don’t get me wrong, would have loved to see him in the premier league, but probably 3 years ago. If he does sign, with rumours of his current wage being 960k euros a week, what motivation would there be for him?
John Matrix AFC


1. Drew (Barca should give Messi away for free and be happy about it) I don’t think football is for you. Also how can Barca hope for a Hansi Flick bounce when giving away their best player?? Flick kept the same squad at Bayern, that’s what makes his job even more impressive.

2. Can people stop saying ThE tAmPa BaY BuCaNeErS sIgNeD tOm BrAdY – United can’t even sign Sancho when nobody else is competing with them for him, they’re not going to get Messi when the rest of the world is in for him too.

3. F365 did a great article after Barca signed Coutinho, along the lines of they have sold out because they used to develop superstars and didn’t spend silly money on transfers, but with the Dembele and Coutinho signings they had become just another super club throwing money at problems. The writing has been on the wall for a number of years, they have been mismanaged for a long time.

4. It does look like Chelsea after putting together a squad for post Lampard. Sorry Frank, but if you don’t hit the ground running then there are a few more qualified coaches available right now (Poch, Allegri, etc). Although without a goalkeeper they’ll probably be a little too Liverpool 2013/14 to win anything.
James LFC


Years ago when I was a lad, there was a comic (remember them?) called Scoop, one of the stories was about a player called Stark who would play for whichever team paid his wages (he even played for 2 teams in one match, half each) with the whole world and his dog wanting Messi, maybe he could do a world farewell tour, playing one game for each team, $600k a game, quite cheap when you consider other costs these days
Andrew Goonerabroad Brown


Messi in pain

Messi stays in Spain

The End
Tony Laforce, Hackney


What’s going on with Celtic?
Last night Celtic were knocked out of Europe at the Third Qualifying Stage to Hungarian Champions Ferencvarosi, a club not many will be able to name a player from, well, apart from an Ex goalkeeper from Liverpool perhaps, not meant in a disrespectful manner what so ever, but when you think of Celtic, they should be beating clubs such as Ferencvarosi.

I’d love to hear from Celtic fans in the mailbox about how they feel, season after season feels the same, you win the League title, perhaps complete a double or a treble then likely knocked out of Europe in the qualifying rounds and go again the next year, surely that must become frustrating?

I’m no expert on Scottish football, but did the demise of Rangers back in 2012 cause that lack in quality to set in? The lack of real competition within the league?

I certainly do miss seeing Celtic and Rangers as a European side that could cause shocks, upsets and even make a Final.
Mikey, CFC 


Tongues firmly in our cheeks
It’s really bothering me how you Mediawatch are constantly shoe horning how much Harry (we’re on a first name basis) spent on his vacation. Why does that matter? Are you guys just being tongue in cheek since that’s how the media attacked Sterling?

C’mon ABU366, we talked about this.

Is he supposed to be ashamed of what he’s paid? Have 10 million in the account but only spend 2,000 on a weeklong vacation for his family because other people aren’t as rich? Why keep bringing that up like it shows us his “character”? It’s just a guy who (sounds like) took his family to Greece for a nice expensive (once in a year) vacation, got into trouble and then HAS NOT YET BEEN PROVEN GUILTY.

City appealed, won and now everyone is hunky dory, but Maguire’s appeal is bullshit right.

I dunno, I just think how much money he spent on his vacation shouldn’t skew optics of him…his actions during the altercation should, and when those details are revealed 100% then he should be judged.
N.V.M. (Role model or not he’s a human being who makes mistakes)


Is it really nearly here?
It’s It’s nearly here!…what we’ve all been waiting for…as Barca begin to divest all of their players and Messi prepares to give his tactics instructions to Pep; as United are linked with every registered player on earth only to buy Suarez on the last day of the transfer window and arrange for Evra to greet him at OT;
as Chelsea buy every German player whose name they can pronounce;
as Jose attaches poison darts on Spurs players’ studs;
as Klopp prepares the final Gotterdammerung to end the Ring Cycle;
as West Brom bring in a new trampoline to perfect Boing! Boing!;
as Leeds hold seances to draw on the spirits of Revie’s terror regime;
as Carlo plans tactical recipes to make his Toffees as smooth as his spaghetti bolognese; as Chris Wilder plots to play two goalkeepers, both as deep lying centre forwards;
as Villa prepare to play before Princes and Palace before paupers (poetic license before someone writes in saying that most CP supporters are hedge fund bankers and venture capitalists);
as Fulham  erm Meh?Who Cares?
as Arsenal use last season’s shirts to polish the FA Cup;
as Moyes prepares to leave the Hammers and then return for a 3rd time;
as Sean Dyche chisels another granite defender and calls in the Pendle witches to bring it to life;
as Brendan brings back Lineker to play up front with Vardy in order to join the 100 club – combined goals that is, not age; as Potter wields some wily Hogwarts magic at Brighton to stay out of the bottom 3;
as Southampton players are issued with ear plugs so they don’t have to hear commentators mention THAT 9-0…EV-ER-Y BLEEDIN’ TIME!;:
as Toon look to blink through the Fog On The Tyne that is Ashley to the light(?) of new ownership’;
By the FLAMING, FIERY FOLLICLES OF NUNO’S MAGNIFICENT BEARD as he let’s loose his voracious wolves of war!

The new, better than ever, 2020-21 Premier League Season!

Salivate in anticipation everyone…and let’s be nice to each other whomever we support!
Gary (ex Pat United fan in Pennsylvania)B


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Everton tweeted: “All the best in retirement, Gareth Barry! Congratulations on a magnificent career and thank you for your time with the Toffees.”

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