Chris Martin Looked ‘Out Of It’ After Forgetting Songs At Recent Concert?

Martin couldn't remember the lyrics of several of his hit songs, a source says.

Chris Martin Looked ‘Out Of It’ After Forgetting Songs At Recent Concert?

Coldplay is back on tour, which means frontman Chris Martin is back on stage. One report suggests he’s lost his touch. During a recent performance, he continuously made mistakes and seemed “out of it,” an insider says. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Coldplay Chris Missing A Beat!’

According to the National Enquirer, Martin embarrassed himself at the Global Citizen Live event in Central Park. He flubbed the lyrics to his hit song “Yellow” and even asked Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes to help him out. An eyewitness said, “It was really awkward… it seemed like Camila and Shawn were more rehearsed for the song than Chris was.”

The mistakes didn’t end there. Martin flubbed a part of “Clocks” bad enough that he ended up apologized after the song. He said, “We effed that up a bit, but that’s ok.” A spy concludes, “There were moments when Chris seemed completely out of it.”

Bad Faith Criticism

It looks like the Enquirer sat down with a notepad determined to write down every single flub and little mistake over the course of a concert. If you’ve ever been to a concert, then you’ve seen musicians flub their lines from time to time. Even a seasoned professional like Martin is going to make mistakes during a set. It’s all part of performing live, and it’s just cruel to act like he’s “out of it.”

Even stranger is the part about Martin “calling on” Cabello and Mendes to “help him out.” Coldplay featured loads of guests during its Global Citizen set, including BTS. He wasn’t looking toward them for help, it was obviously a part of the show. Cabello called it a “dream come true.”

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The Central Park show was largely well-received, so it’s not like these minor mistakes affected anyone’s night. Martin’s doing fine, and this story need not exist. Coldplay’s back on tour, and Martin even shouted out his longtime girlfriend Dakota Johnson at a recent show, calling her “my universe.” He’s clearly living his best life.

Other Bogus Stories

Back in 2018, the Enquirer claimed Martin was rushing to the altar, yet he and Johnson still aren’t married. For another star seeming out of it, it reported that Wendy Williams’ increasingly bizarre behavior would end her talk show. While Williams’ flubs are growing more common, there’s no indication that her show is about to end. Just to cover every base, Gossip Cop will point out that this tabloid promised Mendes and Cabello were on a “fast track” to a wedding, but they haven’t gotten engaged either. Flubs at concerts can be expected, so this is a total nonstory.

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