Christina Aguilera Looks Unrecognizable (And Stunning) With Red Hair In New Instagram Post

Fans of Christina Aguilera may have to take a few extra moments to identify the singer in her recent Instagram post

Christina Aguilera Looks Unrecognizable (And Stunning) With Red Hair In New Instagram Post

Fans of Christina Aguilera may have to take a few extra moments to identify the singer in her recent Instagram post. Aguilera switched up her usual blonde-haired look for something completely different, and fans have thoughts. 

Christina Aguilera’s New Look Transforms Her 

Today, Christina Aguilera surprised her followers and fans with a brand new look. Instead of her usual platinum blonde hair, the singer’s locks were dyed an auburn red. In the photo, Aguilera is seen sitting down as she rests her arms on the table in front of her. As her left hand lay on the table, Aguilera positioned her right hand on her chin gently. 

As Aguilera gazed into the camera, her new red hair laid down both sides of her chest. What made her new hair color pop even more was that her outfit was primarily darker colors. In addition to a black tank top of sorts, Aguilera also sported elbow-length black gloves.

Based on the post’s comments section, Aguilera’s fan certainly enjoyed the new hair color she’s trying out. “I’m so in love with this new look,” one follower wrote. Despite the fact that she looked almost unrecognizable, Aguilera’s new red hair has her fans’ stamp of approval. But why did the pop star change her look? 

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What Is Christina Aguilera Working On?

So why did Christina Aguilera shock her fans with a radical new hair color? Based on the caption of the post, Aguilera is gearing her fans up for her latest song. The newest song is entitled ‘Pa’ Mis Muchachas,’ and Aguilera has been promoting the track for the past few days. 

In addition to the song’s title in the Instagram caption, Aguilera also wrote “Viernes,” which means Friday in Spanish. Also, Latin artists Becky G, Nicki Nicole, and Nathy Peluso were tagged in the caption. So, it appears as if fans can expect a new Latin-themed song from Aguillera this Friday! 

Is Christina Aguilera Going Back To Latin Music?

The song Aguilera advertised in her latest Instagram post is just the beginning of a new album the Grammy-winning artist is working on. In April, Aguilera revealed a second Spanish-influenced album was “overdue,” as it’s been over two decades since Mi Reflejo dropped. 

“It’s a big deal right now, and it’s really nostalgic and part of my Latin culture and history,’ the singer told Billboard in July. “So this is really, really fun to get into some family roots and explore who I am now as a woman musically. Things are coming from a different approach.” 

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Woman Has Genius Advice To Shut Down Men Who Make Lewd Comments

It's simple too.

Woman Has Genius Advice To Shut Down Men Who Make Lewd Comments

In a perfect world, women could exist without fear of catcalling, assault, or worse. But we’re in the real world. And unfortunately, that means women have had to merely adapt. 

So, we hold our keys in our fingers Wolverine-style. We buy bedazzled pepper spray and decorative brass knuckles. While these work great for physical assaults, what about the verbal ones? 

Heather Thompson Day came up with the perfect solution to unsolicited, lewd comments. Ladies, take notes—you’re going to want to use this one.

My Dad Just Told Me, ‘Never Laugh’

Twitter user Heather Thompson Day’s genius advice garnered over 120,000 retweets and 500,000 likes. “When I was 19, my boss said I should be a phone sex operator and laughed,” she began. 

“I said, ‘I don’t get it.’ He said, ‘it’s a joke.’ I said, ‘explain it to me,’” Day recalled. “And that’s how I learned that once sexual harassers have to explain why their inappropriate jokes are funny, they stop laughing.” 

Day explained that her boss at a radio station, a man 30 years her senior, made the comments. Lots of users also shared similar stories. Many were amazed Day came up with the idea at only 19. That she attributes to her dad.

“My dad just told me, ‘never laugh,’” Day wrote. “They will mistake your nervous laughter as compliance.” 

“Instead, pretend you don’t get it and watch them explain to you why you should be laughing. I’ve used this advice my whole life since.”

A Catch-All Comeback

Catcalling is an international problem. In an infuriating UN study, 90% of men said they catcalled women “for fun.” Other reasons included “boredom” and “male bonding.” 

Alright, has everyone completed their 360-degree eye roll with me? Good—let’s move on. Day’s method shifts the focus back to the commenter. It forces the harasser to either deflect or admit to their true intention: harassment. 

One Reddit user says this method works on all types of adults. “It was taught to me as the ‘three whys.’ You can simply ask, ‘why?’ But finding different words or phrases is good, too.”

“For whatever reason,” they continue, “after three requests for explanation, almost all answers will have to be, ‘because I’m racist/sexist/homophobic/a plain f—ing a–hole, etc.”

Beat Them At Their Own Game

Indeed, sometimes the best solution is to make them feel as uncomfortable as they’re making you. For too long, women have been encouraged to sweep inappropriate comments under the rug. 

But those days are over. Make them explain. Put them on the spot and promptly cut them down, as this NYC woman did beautifully (jump to :29). 

I’ve implemented all of these techniques. In fact, I also work at a radio station and have received similar comments about my potential as a phone sex operator. 

Unfortunately, the patriarchy isn’t going to tumble in a day. Until major societal changes occur, there will be those who feel entitled to harass others. 

So, in the end, you have to beat them at their own game. Trust me; they hate it.

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