Cindy Crawford Stuck In ‘Private Hell,’ Butting Heads With Husband Rande Gerber?

The report claimed that Crawford had been fighting non-stop with her husband.

Cindy Crawford Stuck In ‘Private Hell,’ Butting Heads With Husband Rande Gerber?

Are Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber still at each other’s throats? Twelve months ago, Gossip Cop confronted a story about the two wrestling over their parenting styles. Let’s look back on that story and see how it all went down.

Problems With Presley

A report from OK! unveiled that Crawford’s happy life was all a facade. She was privately living in hell. A source said she’s “deeply concerned about the well-being of her kids.” Gerber was not seeing eye to eye with the supermodel on how to raise Kaia and Presley Gerber. Kaia had just split up with Pete Davidson, while Presley was getting a slew of tattoos. A tipster said Crawford “never thought either of her kids had a wild streak.”

Gossip Cop agreed that it was normal for parents to worry about their children, but this story was just a bit hard to believe. Worrying about adult children is hardly proof of a crumbling marriage. As far back as 2018, this tabloid promised Gerber and Crawford would get a divorce, so this story was just the same old myth. Every happy social media photo made this story even less likely.

How Are They Doing?

Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford did not break up over their children, so we were right to debunk this story. They’re gallivanting about the United States at the moment and recently made a stop in Key West.

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Crawford recently sat down with Ellen Pompeo and shared her love for Kaia. “I’m proud of her because I guess in that way she is more confident than I was at that age.” Kaia’s landed a role on American Horror Story, so everything’s coming up Kaia.

As for Presley, he’s having a good time in Malibu with his girlfriend, Sydney Brooke. He also recently got one of his face tattoos removed, so this story of wildness was completely off base. Kaia and Presley recently got lunch together, so it looks like everyone in the family is as close as ever.

Other Bogus Stories

Not long after this story, OK! was at it again. It reported that Crawford was begging Kaia for help in calming Presley down. This was more of the same, only it put less emphasis on Rande. Since the families were fine, this story was obviously false as well.

Earlier this year Woman’s Day tried to spark drama because Rande was spotted without his wedding ring. It turns out wedding rings aren’t magical artifacts, and you can remove them without ending a marriage. All is well in house Gerber, so Gossip Cop was right to debunk the story.

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