Coming 2020

Tags: ghost of tsushima1013 points, 45 comments.

Coming 2020

Tags: ghost of tsushima

1013 points, 45 comments.

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Thirty-Six Pointless Memes Solely For The Purpose Of Entertainment

We have to give you the disclaimer that these memes are pretty much completely pointless. They won't improve your life that much, but they will make you laugh. That's something, right?

Thirty-Six Pointless Memes Solely For The Purpose Of Entertainment

We have to give you the disclaimer that these memes are pretty much completely pointless. They won't improve your life that much, but they will make you laugh. That's something, right?



Abdomen - Jason Momoa is teaching his son how to throw an axe with his eyes closed. You're welcome.


Adaptation - Little Miss Muffet: *sits on tuffet* Spider: adam.the.creator


Chemical engineer - Me making a margarita while muted on a conference call -200 100


Text - nashTM @nash_official someone explain to me why my 2 year old's khakis have full back pockets and i'm out here having to tuck my phone inside my boots 10:38 AM - 5/12/20 · Twitter for Android


Text - Arianna Bradford @TheNYAMProject Late last night, I told my husband that I heard a noise. He walked out to go check on it in his underwear, armed with just his phone flashlight. It's nice to know that if we ever wind up in a horror movie, I won't be the first to die after all. 5:59 AM · 5/12/20 · Twitter for iPhone


Canidae - WeRateDogs® O @dog_rates This is Arthur. He receiveda letter today from his 10-year-old neighbor, Troy. I'm told he is incredibly flattered and hopes to schedule a play date soon. 14/10 for both Hello neighbors MY Name is Troy I'm in and I'm just Wonder ing i4 day after this virus you nee d Sitter I can Take your dog on walks and moe 4th g rade a dog and if so 8XÆ A-12 0 5:00 PM · 5/12/20 · Twitter for iPhone


Human - 小貓主越餐厅 PHRN My mom "Come see the guests." Me having a great time PHowLmao .A IA P PAURAETOUe uce


Text - Thoughts of Dog® O @dog_feelings · 1d v i love you. and there's nothing you can do about it Q 710 2716.3K 129K WeRateDogs® O @dog_rates - 1d love you too Q 44 27 285 20.9K


Facial expression - The professor's wife confronting him about his affair The professor Everyone else in the Zoom meeting:


Poster - Brittany Brittany, 31 Monday 11:10 PM I tried really hard to come up with a clever caption for the picture of you with that statue But then I realized it was a bust Sent GIF Type a message...


kangaroo - 'Doodlebug', an orphaned baby kangaroo was found abandoned on the side of the road when he walked up to a human, held out his arms, and asked to picked up. His rescuer later gave him a teddy bear, and he wouldn't stop hugging it.


Cat - Being a soft cuddly baby Cats Being an asshole


Cat - Because fuck you, that's why!


Food - My wife bought a case of this cereal for me wtf 1 BOWL Every bite makes you better at & YOU'RE GOOD A T SEX doing sex. 10 LAYERS of Wheat 48g Whole Grain 6g of Fiber adam.the.creat


Text - Today 6:18 PM pizza or Chinese? Anything, as long as l'm not eating with you Damn asshat why the fuck did you swipe right Sent Type a message... GIF V.


Photo caption - WeRateDogs® O @dog_rates This is Moose. He accidentally opened the front facing camera. Decided to make the most of it. 12/10 : Stephanie McCann 9:23 AM · 5/11/20 · Twitter for iPhone


Suit - GO My finger 1E OF T HBO The close button on ads


Cartoon - Big burgers should be wider, not taller


Cat - This is Petrie. She lost her eyes when she was a wee kitten. She's all grown up now and she's the happiest cat I know. Her hobbies include catching lizards (impressive) playing fetch (also impressive) drinking from my water cup and stealing my ice cream. Last photo is the first day I brought her home


Cartoon - Annamated @Annamatedarts Loool Hello, I saw your Can you do me a art, It's so cool! favor? Artists Artists 10:51 AM · 5/12/20 · Twitter for Android


Text - Сydni Beer @cydbeer My 7yo is having surgery today. He was most concerned with not being able to eat before the surgery but said he'd be strong if I made his siblings pancakes. His older brother then said there was no way he'd be eating in front of him and skipped breakfast with him today. 11:01 AM · 5/12/20 · Twitter for iPhone


Dish - 8 hours of sleep 7 hours of sleep


Clothing - Boomers: young people should be dressed better Also boomers when they were young: AS FRAT O/Eliako


Lion - Bout to eat this idiot #blessed


Hair - *businesses reopen* 5 seconds later:


Text - Stupid Resumes @stupidresumes STUPID RESUMES Lol remember showing up to work after a 3-day holiday weekend being like


Font - u/thebreadthieves Michael Jordan FLEX GEAL FLE TAPE New colors on the same sneakers PLEX People who can't afford their rent


Text - Hannah Long @HannahGraceLong How I used to begin work emails: Hi! How I begin work emails now: O hope your family is in good health.


Text - Salty Mermaid @Jenn_H_Scott CanI please take a break from all this work? -my kid, who has picked up 4 stuffed animals and a spoon


Arm - kmick @kmickmon "XÆ A-12 come get your breakfast" ULTRALAST ULTRALAST


Text - The government doesn't want you to know this is the same fucking person SHINGT


Product - Been saying this shit for years STANDARD.CO.UK Cheese triggers the same part of the brain as hard drugs


Text - Me finding a song after only knowing a few words


Text - Lady Lawya @Parkerlawyer The man I married, " title="" height="990">


Text - Therapist: So when would you say your stress began? ME: Pts. 0050200 HI 0050200 1: 14

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