Copy and Paste These 9 Messages That Make Her Want to F**k

Text Her to Come Over–And Watch Her Show Up In Minutes, When You Use These Texts… Click Here to Discover… [Click here to read more] 5 Views The post Copy and Paste These 9 Messages That Make Her Want to F**k appeared first on Gotham Club.

Copy and Paste These 9 Messages That Make Her Want to F**k

Text Her to Come Over–And Watch Her Show Up In Minutes, When You Use These Texts…

Click Here to Discover the “Hookup Blueprint” That Takes  You From First Message to Sex in 3 Simple Steps…

From the first text after meeting a new girl, to sexting secrets, to how to ask her to come over — today I want to talk about everything you need to know about texting and sexting women.

Let’s face it: Texting a new girl can seem like walking across a minefield.

You have no clue what’s going to turn her off.

Or put you in the “Friend Zone.”

Or if at any moment she’ll stop talking to you altogether.


Studies confirm that the texting phase of modern courtship can produce massive amounts of anxiety. 

So I’ll walk you through some best practices when it comes to texting women, such as:

  • Specific ways to start a conversation (that will keep her talking…)
  • Why you should NEVER play stupid games like the “3 Day Rule”
  • How to instantly make her wet over text… (This is KEY to keeping her interested — not to mention the only way to have sex before you even go out on a date…)

And my tips are ALL road tested, cut-and-paste, and will have her over at your place ready to lick you like an all day sucker… even before you take her out to dinner…

Ready to begin? Let’s go.

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The First Text

There’s a couple different ways that you’ve reached this point.

Either you met a girl in public and got her number (Good for you! That’s awesome.) 

Or you matched with her on an online dating site.

Either way, these tips hold true.

Tip #1: Never Just Say “Hey”

Ask any woman and they’ll tell you that practically every guy who hits on them or tries to slide into their DMs just says one word. 


Or maybe they really go buck wild and say “Hey, what’s up?”

This is middle school-level texting.


And it gets you nowhere.

Saying “Hey” as your opening line is the equivalent of applying for a job with a boilerplate cover letter.

There are two reasons why this fails.

One, women get so many of these texts that you become just another annoying thirsty dude.

And two, women want to feel special.

Which brings us to… 

Tip #2: Pick Something Specific to Reference

Your first text should be uniquely catered to her.

If it sounds like something you could send to any girl — and not this girl in particular — don’t send it.

Reference something specific about her dating profile or something you noticed when you met her.

Maybe she’s into your local NFL team and you’re both big football fans.

Or maybe has a super cute dog.

Or she mentioned that she was in nursing school when you met her.

Just make it specific and you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd.

Tip #3: Ask Her Out

If you want to skip the small talk and go straight for the kill, there’s nothing wrong with asking a girl out right away.

It might not work, but for many women this will be a refreshing change from all the guys who just want to text for weeks on end and never pull the trigger and ask her out on a date.

You could say something like, “Hey, you seem like a really interesting person and I’d like to get to know you better. How about drinks this Friday at that new bar on Washington Street?”

It’s direct because it clearly states your intentions.

It’s specific because it says what you want to do, when you want to do it, and where you want to do it.

And, it will be different from all the other messages she’s getting.


Tip #4: Don’t Play Games

Women will play games with you via text.

They’ll ignore you for hours.

Leave you on read.

They do this because they’re trying to test you to find out if you’re an interesting enough person to not need constant validation from her responding to you… and also to see how you handle not getting your way.

A guy who is busy working, going to the gym, hanging out with his friends, and maybe going on other dates isn’t going to need a response back to all his texts in 0.5 seconds.

He can wait because he has other sh*t going on.


Likewise, DO NOT try to “get even” with her by playing stupid games like the “3 Day Rule” or waiting an hour to respond to her if she took an hour to respond to you.

It will make you seem petty and like you’re more interested in appearing cool than you are in her.

strongly dislike when a man makes them wait to hear back.

Plus, only 9% of men had success with the “3 Day Rule.”

If her texting habits make you spiteful or angry, then honestly —  just walk away.

There are plenty of fish in the sea and when things *click* with someone, you know it. 

Talking to someone new should never feel like work.

Going From Small Talk to Flirting

Once you want to enter the uncharted waters of flirting, it’s important to get it right.

You can do this by making subtle hints that you’re sexually attracted to her, without going from 0 to 100 too fast or being graphic.

Basically, you want to open the door for her to reciprocate your advances, without blowing your load too early.

Here’s are a few examples:

  • “So, do you like to make the first move or have the guy?”
  • “This is a little embarrassing, but I can’t stop thinking about you.”
  • “I’m just gonna say it, you have a great ass…”

These are playful and let her know that you’re sexually interested in her (allowing you to avoid the Friend Zone), but they also put the ball in her court.

If she’s into it, she’ll respond in kind.

If she’s not, you’ve given her the opportunity to basically just say “Thanks” and change the subject, thus allowing you to move on and find someone else.

Let’s be honest, dirty texting and flirting over text looks cringey except when you’re in the heat of the moment and both parties are into it.

That’s OK.

If you want to get the girl, you eventually have to shoot your shot.

And if she’s into you — she’ll love it.

Specific Sexting Strategies to Make Her Wet

Once you’ve gotten past the awkward “Getting to Know You” phase and have gone out on a few dates and hooked up, you can start laying it on hot and heavy with the sexts.

Here are some of the most effective ways to sext a woman to make her wet, according to women (with examples):

Sext Style #1: Intimate Compliments About Her Body

  • “You have the most perfect little ass I’ve ever seen.”
  • “I always come so much when I think about you.”
  • “You taste so good. I want my face between your legs right now.”

Sext Style #2: Compliment the Way She Makes You Feel

  • “I was just thinking about how good your tongue feels on me.”
  • “I can’t stop thinking about how good your p*ssy feels…F*ck.”
  • “You turn me on just by looking at you.”

Sext Style #3: Say What You Want to Do to Her

  • “Just so you know, I’m going down on you later…”
  • “I need you bent over right when I come over.”
  • “I can’t wait to play with your p*ssy again.”

Now you’re ready to get to the touching…

Text her to come over with this final message…

Once She’s Wet For You… Here’s How to F**k Her…

Now she's responded and she's excited by you… your next goal should be to get her either:

1) Out on a date


2) Over to your place

I personally go for option two as often as I can…

I mean why go out to a bar… buy overpriced drinks… and wait an hour or more…

And THEN try to “go back to your place”… ?

You’re already texting her, right?

So throw her one or more of these 5 texts get laid instead of being her “texting pen pal.”

(WARNING! – Don’t be her penpal, the last thing you want to do is to be stuck texting her for so long that you put yourself in the friendzone…)


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