Coronavirus Numbers Show Signs Of Progress In New York, But New Infections Remain ‘Overwhelming,’ Cuomo Says

The governor said again on Saturday that to make real progress, we need more testing and help from the federal government to get it done.

Coronavirus Numbers Show Signs Of Progress In New York, But New Infections Remain ‘Overwhelming,’ Cuomo Says

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — There are more signs of progress in New York’s coronavirus battle, but they came with stern warnings from Gov. Andrew Cuomo that it’s still too early to reopen.

The governor was talking about that apex and the latest numbers may, with the emphasis on may, show that it’s finally starting to be behind us.

Cuomo said again on Saturday that to make real progress, we need more testing and help from the federal government to get it done, CBS2’s Dave Carlin reports.

Cuomo announced declines in the hospitalizations from coronavirus and in the daily death toll, but also said new infection numbers remain high.

“We still have about 2,000 people yesterday who were new admissions to a hospital or new COVID diagnosis. That is still an overwhelming number,” he said.


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The governor repeated his call for billions of additional dollars in federal aid for New York.

On Saturday, President Donald Trump tweeted about Democrats in general obstructing progress on relief efforts, calling them “Do Nothing Democrats.”

In this hot spot for the country, there have been heated exchanges between the president and governor, with the president telling Cuomo to stop complaining.

Without referring to any particular feud, the governor had this to say about politics and the coronavirus: “How does the situation get worse and get worse quickly? If you politicize all that emotion.”

The governor said he is in agreement with the president’s concession that governors make the calls on reopening the states.

“You’re going to get potentially 50 different paths forward,” Cuomo said.

The governor says he favors a regional approach to reopening society and is eager to get more rapid testing in the state.

“We did 500,000 tests in a month. That’s great news. Bad news is it’s only a fraction of what you need,” Cuomo said.

Mayor Bill de Blasio was in agreement.

“Donald Trump blew it in January, in February, in March. He did not get us testing. If he had, it could have changed the entire course of this crisis,” he said.

President Trump on Saturday blamed governors over testing shortfalls. He boasted about tremendous lab capability across the country, saying governors like to complain.

“Indeed, our system is by far the most robust and advanced anywhere in the world by far, the rest of the world will tell you that,” he said.

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Meanwhile, Cuomo is also concerned about the high death tolls in nursing homes, including at Kings Harbor Multicare Center in Pelham Gardens, the Bronx, which has reported 45 deaths through April 15.

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Cuomo talked about the frenzy of problems at nursing homes. Getting updated statistics from them is a challenge, he says.

“Nursing homes conduct their own tests. They’re private facilities, they’re privately run facilities,” he said.

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