Coronavirus warning for Bathurst 1000 motor race attendees

Visitors and residents on alert after 'remnants of the COVID-19 virus' were detected in local raw sewage.

Coronavirus warning for Bathurst 1000 motor race attendees

Anyone who attended the Bathurst 1000 motor race at the weekend should be tested forcoronavirus if they develop symptoms after remnants of the COVID-19 virus were detected in local raw sewage, NSW health authorities said tonight.

Local residents have also been warned, and anyone who does present with "even the mildest symptoms" has been urged to get tested immediately and to self-isolate until they have a result.

The warning flags potential for a significant outbreak given the crowds in Bathurst for the event.

The pandemic put a big dint in this year's numbers for the popular four-day race.

Bathurst Mayor Bobby Bourke told 9News last month that the loss of the annual flow of campers (between 30,000 and 40,00 people) would be a devastating blow to the region's economy.

"Around $25 million goes into our region out of Mount Panorama each year, and look, we won't have it this year," he said.

But while tickets were cut from the usual allowance 50,000 per day, 4000 reserved seating places were still available for each of the four days.

NSW Health said that wastewater samples from the weekend showed that a Bathurst 1000 attendee or worker, or a Bathurst resident or visitor, potentially has or has previously had COVID-19.

A statement said authorities were "urgently undertaking investigations, which include reviewing lists of all those known to have had the virus who attended or worked at the race".

Bathurst 1000

Wastewater and sewage analysis has been used as a pandemic tracking tool by governments worldwide since July, according to NSW Health — including at multiple sites in Victoria and South Australia.

NSW Health also tonight reiterated its virus warning for south-east Sydney.

NSW today recorded 10 new cases — two locally acquired, and eight in hotel quarantine.

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