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The unsubs on Criminal Minds had plenty of reasons for their murders, but all of them could fall somewhere on the D&D moral alignment chart.

Criminal Minds: D&D Moral Alignments Of Unsubs | ScreenRant

came to an end early in 2020 after 15 seasons and 324 seasons, and during its run, the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) solved some pretty strange cases involving equally strange unsubs. Plenty of bizarre murders were committed but the unsubs always ended up paying for their crimes.

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A couple of the unsubs had motivations and goals that fueled their desire to kill while some were just plain psychotic. In order to properly analyze the moral alignments of the unsubs, it's best to use the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) system. Here's where the infamous unsubs on the procedural crime series fall under.

10 George Foyet aka "The Reaper" - Lawful Neutral

As one of the most ruthless killers on the show, Foyet made a deal with a lawman to put an end to his brutal murder spree if the authorities stopped coming after him. When that lawman died, he resumed his activities because the agreement was now null and void. Fame was his major goal, wanting to be known as the greatest serial killer of all time.

Foyet's actions make him a lawful neutral character. People under this alignment believe in honor. They also follow rules that have been agreed upon. However, they also go by their own principles, which become evident when the rules no longer apply or there are no consequences to be suffered.

9 Nathan Harris - Lawful Good

Nathan—the only unsub to not kill anyone—first appeared in the eleventh episode of Season 2 titled "Sex, Birth, Death." From an early age, he began getting attracted to corpses so he got temptations to become a killer. However, he quickly realized that he was losing his mind and when he had a chance to kill a prostitute, he tried to stop himself by attempting suicide.

Luckily, Nathan was saved by Reid and became institutionalized. The fact that he tried to do anything possible to prevent himself from committing a murder makes him a lawful good person. Such people never want to do anything bad, no matter their urges and if they happen to do it, they deeply regret it.

8 Frank Breitkopf - Neutral Evil

With a kill count of 175, Frank is the most prolific killer in the entire series. He was often calm and cold, thanks to a magnificent performance by Academy Award winner Keith Carradine. After the death of his mother, Frank travelled around America, killing people. mostly targeting unwanted members of the society (like his mother).

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He would paralyze his victims then vivisect his victims under a mirror so that they would see what he was doing to them. Later on, he took a rib from each victim in order to make wind chimes for a woman he had fallen in love with. Since there were reasons for his murders, he qualifies as a neutral evil character. Such characters normally have specific reasons for committing evil deeds.

7 Cat Adams - Chaotic Good

Cat gave Spencer Reid and the BAU plenty of headaches. She was an international assassin who turned out stronger after a troubled childhood. Her father often abused her and even killed her mother. When she became a contract killer, Cat preferred taking jobs from married men who wanted their wives dead.

But instead of killing the wives, she would kill the men who had hired her. She did this because the men reminded her of her own evil father. This makes Cat a chaotic good person. People under this alignment normally want to bring about change or inflict punishment to those who deserve it, but their methods tend to be violent, unwise or extreme.

6 Tobias Hankel - Lawful Neutral

Tobias was raised by an abusive father who was a religious fanatic. He often quoted biblical scriptures' while punishing a young Tobias. On one occasion, he even branded a cross on his head with a red-hot poker. Tobias was later ordered by his father to kill him while he was seriously ill. The guilt, coupled with the childhood trauma and drug addiction caused Tobias to turn into a serial killer.

He would specifically target people that considered sinners. Whenever he murdered someone, he specified a specific rule of the bible that they had broken. These traits make him a lawful neutral person. People under this category follow all the rules set by a higher authority and even go to extremes to make sure such rules are enforced.

5 Peter Lewis a.k.a. "Mr. Scratch" - Chaotic Good

Like, Cat, Lewis is also a chaotic good person. When he was child, his father ran a home that housed children who were waiting for adoption. One day, the children accused his father of being abusive, so he ended up getting locked up. While in prison, other inmates killed him after learning what he had been jailed for.

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Later on the claims of psychologist who had rallied the children to accuse Lewis' father were debunked by the FBI. Lewis, who was now working for the NSA, became devastated after learning that his father had been persecuted and killed for nothing. He thus began hunting and killing the people who were responsible for his father's woes. While he cant be faulted for seeking revenge, his methods are extreme, hence he qualifies as chaotic good.

4 Thomas "Tommy" Yates a.k.a. "The Womb Raider"- Chaotic Evil

When Tommy's mum was 16, she was raped by unknown people, resulting in his birth. His mother died while giving birth to him. He thus had to be raised by his grandparents who were abusive and cruel. He was also bullied in school and ended up committing his first murder by killing one of the bullies.

After coming out of prison, he began targeting women and killing them randomly by cutting out the inner organs of their wombs. The fact that Tommy killed both good women and those he considered bad, make him a chaotic evil person. There was no goal to his actions. He just did it to satisfy his lust for blood.

3 Floyd Feylinn Ferell - Unaligned

After biting off a huge chunk of his baby sister's leg, Ferell was institutionalized until he was 18. When he was released, he became an even worse cannibal. He would kill women, then use their bodies to prepare cannibalistic meals at his restaurant. At one point, he even served meat from a dead woman to people looking for the same woman.

Ferell preferred targeting prostitutes at first but switched to athletic women since he felt their bodies had more flesh. Once he had tied them up, he would even tenderize the flesh of the women with oil first before killing them. Ferell goes straight to the unaligned category because he was not of sound mind and had no idea whether what he was doing was good or bad.

2 Billy Flynn a.k.a "The Prince of Darkness" - Chaotic Evil

Like many other unsubs, Flynn also had an abusive mother who was a prostitute. He was institutionalized when he killed her together with one of her clients. After he was released, he began travelling around America and killing families. He normally left one family member alive so that they would always remember him.

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After killing his victims, he would take money from them in order to buy gas and drugs. Flynn's actions are simply for his own pleasure, hence he is a chaotic evil character.

1 John Curtis a.k.a. "The Replicator" - Neutral Evil

Portrayed by Mark Hamill, Curtis was once a member of the BAU but when an operation went wrong, he was blamed and demoted. This hit him hard as he was an intelligent agent with an IQ of 172 who always had dreams of climbing the corporate ladder. Frustrated, he began targeting members of the BAU as a form of revenge.

Curtis also began replicating the murders committed by some of the unsubs that the BAU had dealt with before. Since everything he did was to get back at the BAU, he can be classified as neutral evil. None of his killings. He did them to achieve a specific objective.

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