‘Dangerous Lies’ makes for some formulaic yet fair lockdown viewing

Full of twists and turns, dark secrets swirl around a broke caregiver's newfound wealth in this Netflix thriller.

‘Dangerous Lies’ makes for some formulaic yet fair lockdown viewing

Although Dangerous Lies may be a little far-fetched and sloppy at times, this Netflix movie is engaging enough to help you pass some time during the lockdown.

Camilla Mendes stars as Katie — a selfless caretaker with financial troubles who looks after a wealthy elderly man, named Leonard (Elliot Gold), living in a beautiful mansion.Leonard has no family and when he dies, he bequeaths his estate to Katie despite only knowing the sweet caretaker for four months.

Detective Chesler on the scene

This leaves Detective Chesler (Sasha Alexander) to suspect that perhaps Katie’s husband, Adam (Jessie T Usher), may have had a hand in Leonard’s death. The viewer, on the other hand, is led to believe that Leonard would leave everything to Katie seeing as he had no family and she had mentioned about her and her husband’s financial struggles due to him not being able to find a job.

Unlike Katie, her husband is a rather questionable character who is painted as a hero in the beginning of the movie when he stops a robbery in a diner where Katie previously worked. The diner is subsequently closed down, leaving Katie unemployed.

Questionable character

Detective Chesler implies that Adam may have set up the robbery at the diner, but this is never proved. Adam’s greed is revealed when they find money in a trunk in Leonard’s house.

Adam splurges his money on a new watch and new phones despite having agreed to take things slow to ward of any suspicion of foul play. His actions make his motives unclear and suspicious.

Trust issues

While the married couple battle with trust issues after moving into Leonard’s home (an odd decision as selling it might’ve been an easier option), they fail to recognise a looming threat in the form of an estate agent named Mickey Haden (Cam Gigandet).

The admittedly formulaic plot of Dangerous Lies is a little on the slow side, and the lies don’t carry as much danger as implied. However, the movie is shot well and carries enough tension and suspense to hold your attention and keeps you guessing for the full 90 minutes.

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