Danica McKellar Is Back On Network TV

Danica McKellar left an indelible mark on a generation when she played the girl-next-door Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years. She’s just joined a new Fox reality show, so Gossip Cop is checking in to see what else she’s had going on. Meet The ‘Domino Masters’ Earlier today, McKellar announced on Instagram that she’ll be […]

Danica McKellar Is Back On Network TV

Danica McKellar left an indelible mark on a generation when she played the girl-next-door Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years. She’s just joined a new Fox reality show, so Gossip Cop is checking in to see what else she’s had going on.

Meet The ‘Domino Masters’

Earlier today, McKellar announced on Instagram that she’ll be a judge on the upcoming Fox series Domino Masters. She’ll join two-time NFL pro-bowler Vernon Davis and domino expert Steven Prince as they judge contestants who build elaborate Rube Goldberg-like machines. Modern Famly star Eric Stonestreet will host.

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You can read more about the show in ’s announcement. Domino experts and enthusiasts will compete in a tournament, with the stakes still yet to be revealed. The show is set to premiere in the 2021-2022 season. It looks like Fox is capitalizing on the success of , so there will soon be a building block of sorts.

Danica McKellar’s Been Busy

When McKellar’s not judging dominoes, she’s carved out a wonderful career for herself. She’s written several math books, including the New York Times bestseller Math Doesn’t Suck. Through this work, McKellar’s become an advocate for women in STEM fields and has pushed for young people, especially women, to pursue mathematics.


McKellar’s stayed busy doing voice work as well. She was the voice of Miss Martian on Young Justice for years and is the official voice of Judy Jetson. She also made a very memorable appearance on Impractical Jokers a few years ago and has made a few subsequent showings on the TruTV show.

Queen Of Hallmark

McKellar’s appeared in so, so, so many Hallmark movies that even made a joke about it. Most of them are Christmas-themed mysteries, including Christmas She Wrote. Her newest film, Matchmaker Mysteries: The Art of the Kill, premiered last month. Given the pace that these movies come out, she could appear in anywhere between one to seven more movies before 2021 is through.

Speaking of Hallmark, McKellar will be waving goodbye with the rest of us as Jesse Metcalfe leaves behind Hallmark’s popular series Chesapeake Shores. The show, currently in its fifth season, has been a massive hit for the network and it’ll be a shame to see Metcalfe walk away. He’s not quitting the network cold turkey, however, and is still involved in numerous projects moving forward.

It’ll be a pleasure to see McKellar back on network tv again. Here’s hoping she doesn’t accidentally demolish an elaborate structure.

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Poor Kaitlin Bennett can’t catch a break. First came the rumor that she had the equivalent of a potty-training accident at a college party. Now she’s facing accusations that her marriage is a farce. That’s right—now that the Kent State “Gun Girl” has graduated, she’s an AR-toting wife. But who would sign up to marry this controversial political lightning rod? Get the details on Kaitlin Bennett’s husband, Justin Moldow—including a juicy conspiracy theory that people are spreading about him.

Kaitlin Bennett Is Best Known For Being “Gun Girl”

Kaitlin Bennet is known as the “Gun Girl.” An avowed conservative and pro-Trumper, she made headlines in 2018 for exercising her right to open carry. She chose her graduation day at Kent State as the setting for her publicity stunt:

Bennett, who founded the Kent State chapter of “Liberty Hangout” (a Libertarian student group), was proud of the response it drew.

“I’m glad that my photos are making headlines, because my intent was to start a discussion about gun rights on college campuses,” Bennett told USA TODAY in 2018. “At Kent State, in particular, guests may protect themselves with firearms, but students cannot, and I find that insulting.”

Some people might appreciate Bennett’s devotion to her weapons, but others are less amused. Protestors have shooed Bennett from campus speaking engagements on multiple occasions. And despite having almost 360,000 followers on Twitter, she seems to attract more critics than defenders in her replies.

Bennett suffered a giant humiliation in 2019 when a Barstool Sports blog post alleged that she once pooped her pants at a college party. The rumor quickly went viral, and Bennett haters have seized every opportunity to mention it in her presence.

But Bennett continues to plow ahead as the face of Libertarian conservatism. She currently runs Liberty Hangout on YouTube, where she trolls Democrats and raves about Trump. The channel currently has more than 600,000 subscribers.

Who Is Kaitlin Bennett’s Husband?

Kaitlin Bennett is married to her Liberty Hangout partner Justin Moldow.

According to their website, Moldow has a BS in marketing from Manhattan College. He was president of the school’s Entrepreneurship Club and founded a student group called Young Americans for Liberty.

Moldow was raised Catholic, and his religious faith is evident in articles like “How God Used Kobe Bryant to Bring the World Closer to Christ.”

When Did Justin Moldow And Kaitlin Bennett Get Married?

In February 2019, Bennett announced that she was engaged to Moldow. Some of the responses she received were less than congratulatory. The snarky remarks prompted her to tweet, “It must suck to see the people you hate be happier than you. Can’t relate.”

The couple married in April 2020, but one year later they did it again under more relaxed Covid-19 protocols.

“A year ago our wedding ceremony in Florida was canceled by the government,” Bennett tweeted. “We had a 10 person ceremony with immediate family to at least get married in the Church, but had to postpone our celebration by a whole year. This week our day FINALLY came and it was perfect!”

“Last night we were finally able to celebrate our holy matrimony with friends and family,” Moldow added in his own tweet. “This was not a day we were ever going to let be robbed from us, & it was well worth the wait!”

The Internet Has Speculated About Justin Moldow’s Sexuality

Shortly after Bennett and Moldow exchanged vows, internet critics speculated that the relationship was already on shaky ground.

First came an accusation that Moldow was hitting on another woman via DM. It was published via Twitter and then deleted, but the image still exists via search engines.

Then came an unverified claim that Moldow had once been to conversion therapy to treat homosexuality.

Unfortunately, Moldow hasn’t been secure enough to brush off accusations that he’s gay. He took the time to address it in an April 2020 tweet:

Despite his best efforts, the gossip mill hasn’t stopped churning. In April 2020, tea-spilling vlogger Sloan provided an armchair psychologist’s perspective of Moldow.

“I’m not trying to out anyone… I am just calling out what I see…” said the host. “Are you sure you’re against us or are you just deflecting yourself? I can definitely see him as one of those insecure closeted gay people who are using their religion or political beliefs to justify how they act…”

Watch the entire breakdown behind the theory below:

We wouldn’t presume to know the truth about Moldow’s sexual orientation. But we aren’t surprised by the rumor, either. As long as Bennett remains a shameless political firebrand, salacious stories about her personal life (true or false) will continue to come out.

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