Daniel Craig Only Quit James Bond Over Fears Of Serious Injury?

A source says it's fear that scared Craig off from reprising the role again.

Daniel Craig Only Quit James Bond Over Fears Of Serious Injury?

No Time To Die marks the end of Daniel Craig as James Bond. The iconic character will soon bear a new face, but one report says Craig is only leaving out of fear. Is he quitting because he’s worried about having an accident? Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Craig Too Creaky To Play Bond!’

According to the National Enquirer, Craig fears a stunt could “cripple him for life.” The role of James Bond is a physically demanding one, and his wife, Rachel Weisz, is begging him to step away before it’s too late.

An insider explains, “Daniel insists on doing his own stunts, but it’s left him bruised, bloodied, broken and battered. He’s afraid the long-term effects may be devastating.” The source adds, “It’s a miracle he isn’t in a wheelchair already.” 

On Casino Royale, Craig broke some teeth. In Quantum of Solace, he injured his shoulder and nearly sliced his fingers off. Spectre and No Time To Die both brought leg injuries. The insider says, “His body is telling him to quit now — before he does permanent damage.”  Weisz is apparently especially worried. “She’s deeply concerned about him and worries the job will jeopardize his ability to be a healthy dad to their little girl,” the source concludes.

Why Daniel Craig Left Bond

Daniel Craig doesn’t have one reason for leaving Bond — he has many. He’s had one foot out the door for years now. Famously, after Spectre came out, he said he’d rather slit his wrists than play Bond again. Had Spectre fared better with critics, he may not have even come back for No Time to Die. He wanted to calm the voice in his head saying, “I wish I’d done one more.”

It’s natural for Craig to walk away after suffering these injuries, but there’s a difference between listening to your body and living in fear of tragedy. Like Pierce Brosnan before him, he’s recognizing that playing Bond in your fifties may not be a good idea. Craig isn’t even close to beating Roger Moore’s record as the eldest Bond, and he leaves in pretty good shape.

He’s An Action Star

The reason Gossip Cop can comfortably debunk this story is simply by looking at some of Craig’s other films. Logan Lucky in 2017 and Cowboys & Aliens are both stunt-heavy action movies, so it’s not like Craig only puts himself at risk in the Bond films. He’s set to star in The Creed of Violence and in many more Knives Out films, both of which could feature action-a-plenty. None of these roles are as tasking as the rigors of Bond, but his openness to physical roles proves he’s not living in fear of an injury.

Other Tall Tales

The Enquirer has proven many times that it can’t be trusted with stories about Craig. It once claimed Weisz was threatening to divorce Craig because of his alleged alcoholism. The story relied on Bond-related puns more than anything else, so Gossip Cop busted the story.

Just last month, this tabloid reported that Craig was actually leaving to save his marriage. All of a sudden, he’s now leaving because he’s “too creaky.” This outlet also promised the couple would break up in 2017, yet they’re still together. This obviously isn’t a valid source for Craig news, so you should disregard the story.

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How Are They Doing?

Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford did not break up over their children, so we were right to debunk this story. They’re gallivanting about the United States at the moment and recently made a stop in Key West.

A post shared by Rande Gerber (@randegerber)

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Other Bogus Stories

Not long after this story, OK! was at it again. It reported that Crawford was begging Kaia for help in calming Presley down. This was more of the same, only it put less emphasis on Rande. Since the families were fine, this story was obviously false as well.

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