Delicious, Simple Lamb Potjie Recipe

All of the yum.

Delicious, Simple Lamb Potjie Recipe

Cooking with fire is really rewarding. It’s not just all throwing things over lumps of hot wood, you know. Mastering the art of cooking with coals – whether that’s braaing or slow cooking – is a great way to up your repertoire and a lamb potjie is one of the finest things you can cook.

South Africans don’t need invitations or excuses to huddle around the fire and knock up some great food.

Potjiekos literally translates into “small pot food” and we all have a favourite way of making this dish. This recipe uses lamb, you can use a cheap cut – in fact, cheap cuts are ideal for this sort of thing! Bone in is preferred, as there is lots of flavour in there.

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