Delta Announces Further Destinations Including Shanghai Plans

Following a significant drop in passenger services in the last few months, Delta Air Lines will resume operations…

Delta Announces Further Destinations Including Shanghai Plans

Following a significant drop in passenger services in the last few months, Delta Air Lines will resume operations to several key destinations in June. The Atlanta-based carrier is adding approximately 100 more daily flights across the continents. Furthermore, there are plans to resume trips to China.

Delta is ready to get more of its planes in the air next month. Photo: Getty Images

Industry improvements

Even though the schedule for next month is much quieter in comparison to last summer’s activity, the airline’s passengers will see the return of various major routes. Several domestic and international services will resume.

Operations have been suffering due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Passenger demand had started to dwindle before global travel restrictions rocked the aviation industry. However, according to a statement on what flights are being planned, the airline has been closely monitoring the situation and is ready to deploy more aircraft.

“Delta’s summer schedule continues to be shaped by customer demand, CDC guidelines and government travel regulations,” Delta said on its website.

“While the June schedule is significantly reduced in comparison to last year, customers will see the return of several major routes, both U.S. domestic and international, which were previously suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

According to Reuters, the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screened 250,467 fliers last Friday. This figure is the highest on record since March 24th. On this date, around 250,000 passengers underwent screening at airports. However, the number is minuscule in comparison with 2.66 million travelers on the same day last year. However, it contrasts with the mid-April low of 87,534 passengers.

Delta Air Lines grounded planes
Most of Delta’s aircraft remain on the ground amid all the travel restrictions across the globe. Photo: Getty Images

Which flights are resuming?

Many of the routes that are restarting are key Caribbean and transatlantic services. Flights to the likes of Montego Bay, Naussau, and San Juan will be daily. 

Also, the firm is planning to resume trips to several domestic, Canadian, Latin American, and transpacific destinations in the same month. In addition to these plans, it is looking to resume passenger services between Seattle and Shanghai, if the Chinese government approves.

Empty delta plane coronavirus
The airline will be hoping that passenger activity continues to improve in June. Photo: Getty Images

An evolving situation

Even though Delta is ready to deploy its aircraft, flights are always subject to government restrictions. Therefore, with the ever-changing environment, it is advisable to keep a close eye on travel conditions leading up to departure. Nonetheless, the airline’s summer activity already sounds much more promising than it was over the spring. 

Simple Flying reached out to Delta for comment on its schedule for next month. A spokesperson said that the company is continuing to evaluate its summer schedule. It will adjust its operations depending on customer demand, government travel directives, and CDC guidelines.

What are your thoughts on the carrier’s schedule for June? Do you see more flights opening up throughout the summer? Let us know what you think of its plans in the comment section.

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Air New Zealand Passenger Takes Drastic Measures To Contact Airline

An Air New Zealand passenger trying to get in touch with the airline has tried an interesting tactic.…

Air New Zealand Passenger Takes Drastic Measures To Contact Airline

An Air New Zealand passenger trying to get in touch with the airline has tried an interesting tactic. In Monday’s NZ Herald, the customer placed an advertisement requesting the airline to get in touch with the person.

An Air New Zealand passenger got creative when trying to get in touch with their airline. Photo: Getty Images

Passenger places an ad in the newspaper

The passenger in question, whose name is unknown, placed the ad in NZ Herald’s Monday edition. According to the advertisement, the passenger has tried to contact Air New Zealand but with no results. So, they placed an ad in the newspaper with their booking code. Air New Zealand is reported to have gotten in touch with the passenger after the advertisement appeared in the paper.

This is an incredibly interesting way to get in touch with an airline. Most airlines have multiple communication channels. This includes traditional phone calls, emails, online contact forms, and even social media channels. Although, given the unprecedented nature of this crisis, most airlines are struggling to keep up with the number of people calling.

The passenger claims they were unable to get in touch with the airline. Photo: Getty Images.

Air New Zealand provided Simple Flying with the following comment:

We reached out this customer yesterday and are working to assist them with their query. We know that Covid-19 has impacted our customers greatly and we are deeply sorry for the disruption this crisis has caused to so many of our customers’ travel plans. We acknowledge that as we have worked through the thousands of flight cancellations it has often been difficult to get in touch with us. Our Contact Centre has been extremely busy with our teams working extra shifts to help clear backlogs. We would like to thank all of our customers for their patience and understanding over the past two months.

Air New Zealand under fire for refunds

While it is unclear what the passenger’s issue was, most people contacting airlines today are trying to cancel their flights– or else get refunds for airline-canceled trips. Consumer NZ, an organization in New Zealand that monitors consumers’ rights and unfair practices, announced that it had called out the airline for failing to provide refunds on canceled US flights. Not too long after, Consumer NZ released a statement indicating that Air New Zealand backed down and will issue refunds for passengers.

Air New Zealand did come under fire for some refund refusals. Photo: Getty Images.

What to do if you can’t get in touch with an airline

Airline customer representatives are under intense strain right now. Since the crisis began earlier this year, most airlines have been overwhelmed with customer queries leading to long wait times on the phone.

If you are not traveling within 72 hours, consider holding off from calling your airline until you are within that window. In addition, there are a few different ways you can get customer service fast. If you are multilingual, see if your airline has customer support in other languages. Sometimes those lines are less packed. Also, try calling either early in the morning or late at night when few other people are calling.

Passengers can also reach out to AIr New Zealand via social media platforms like Facebook Messenger or Twitter. Photo: Getty Images.

Beyond that, try reaching out to your airline through other channels. While it may not be faster, it can be more convenient to wait for a response through a social media messaging platform or email.

It is not a good idea to release information publicly like this. Some people may be able to access your reservation or other personal details. Airlines understand that things are fluid and, if you are owed any form of credits, some will likely work with you even after your scheduled flight has departed to give you the credits or vouchers that you are owed.

Air New Zealand Dreamliner 787-9
Like other airlines, Air New Zealand has also seen a large number of customers trying to get contact with the airline. Photo: Getty Images


Getting in touch with an airline can be a tough affair even at the best of times. About seven years ago, a British Airways passenger was upset at how the airline was handling a complaint that he had. So, he purchased a promoted tweet calling out British Airways according to a report from BBC News.

Nevertheless, it is best to be as patient as possible when trying to get support from an airline during this time of crisis.

Do you think this newspaper advertisement was a good idea? Let us know in the comments!


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