Dolly Parton Forced To Retire After ‘Horrifying Meltdown’?

The report said that Parton's doctors and friends told her that she had to slow down or else.

Dolly Parton Forced To Retire After ‘Horrifying Meltdown’?

Does Dolly Parton need to retire? Twelve months ago, Gossip Cop encountered a story about the “9 to 5” singer getting forced into retirement over a health crisis. Let’s look back on that story and see what actually happened.

She Needs ‘To Slow Down’

According to The Globe, Parton suffered a horrifying meltdown and was rushed to the hospital where things were “touch and go.” The doctors said she needed to “take it easy from now on,” which was the same advice all of her friends gave her. Even her reclusive husband, Carl Dean, suggested she “slow down,” but Parton was having none of it. She felt retiring would let her fans down.

Gossip Cop pointed out how vague this whole story was. The health crisis itself was left to the imagination. We also couldn’t find another news story about any trip to the hospital, so it looked like the Globe made it all up. Since she literally just done an interview where she said “There’s no way I could retire,” it was easy to debunk the story.

Did She Retire?

No! Of course not. One year later and Parton is still doing well. She’s stayed active, releasing new music and making television appearances left and right. Not only did Parton not retire, but she went on to win an Emmy Award for her holiday special Christmas On The Square.

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Parton’s still very easy to find. She’s the headliner of an upcoming Kenny Rogers tribute and was just . She plans on renovating Dollywood, releasing a new album, and may have a world tour in the works. This story looked absurd at the time, but Parton’s filled schedule makes it look a little bit worse every day.

Other Tall Tales

The Globe ought to know better than to attack Dolly Parton, yet bogus stories still trickle out of its pages constantly. A few months after this retirement story, it claimed Parton was adopting a 10-year-old child into her home with Dean. Not long afterward, and she and Dean were supposedly melting down. Dean and Parton are happy at home, but they’re not looking to welcome children.

This tabloid also attacked Parton’s weight. It said she was starving herself on a 500 calories-a-day diet. All of these stories are utter hogwash. The Globe is the last place you should go for accurate news about Parton. She’s alive, well, and has no need to slow down.

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