Double Shot At Love Trailer Teases Pauly and Nikki Renewed Romance

Pauly DelVecchio of Jersey Shore appears to be back together with ex Nikki Hall in the new trailer for Double Shot at Love With DJ Pauly D and Vinny.

Double Shot At Love Trailer Teases Pauly and Nikki Renewed Romance

Pauly DelVecchio of  appears to be back together with ex Nikki Hall in the new trailer for season 2. The extended trailer shows DelVecchio and Hall snuggling and kissing, as well as their co-star and Jersey Shore alum saying that they are, “booed the f--- up.”

DelVecchio and Guadagnino starred in season 1 of in 2019. A group of women were invited on the show not knowing who the celebrity they were there to romance was. In the end, won Guadagnino’s heart, but the connection didn’t last. DelVecchio decided to leave single, with his final girls being Hall and Derynn Paige. While on the show, Hall was aggressive and possessive about the DJ’s heart. According to the trailer, it looks like it paid off. 


In an article about the new trailer, details the new premise of season 2: the same girls from season 1 will be asked to join DelVecchio and Guadagnino in a house in Las Vegas. There is no competition this time around, just mayhem - the trailer shows one of the girls hurling a glass at DelVecchio while he attempts to shield himself. Among the cast members returning are Hall, Paige, Brittani “B-Lashes” Schwartz, Maria Elizondo, Marissa Lucchese and Suzi Baidya. The trailer shows the girls going wild in Vegas, and a sneak peak of a strip routine by former Chippendales dancer Guadagnino. He seems to be getting closer to former  cast member Maria Elizondo, while DelVecchio is seen making out in bed with ex Nikki Hall. 

Despite thinking that Hall’s devotion to him was too much in season 1 of Double Shot at Love, DelVecchio is all over her in the trailer for season 2. The couple continued to date for a short time after the ending of season 1, but the relationship ended with DelVecchio blocking Hall on Twitter and Instagram, and it was over before the reunion episode.

However, all seems to be forgiven, with Nikki saying in the trailer, “He’s pouring his heart out.” DelVecchio remarks, “We’re attracted to each other and we’re having fun.” It remains to be seen whether they are on the same page this time around. As DelVecchio says in the trailer, “It could backfire.”


Season 2 of Double Shot at Love With DJ Pauly D and Vinny will premiere on June 11, 9pm EST on MTV. 


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ended with Rey committed to the cause of the Jedi. She buried the lightsabers of Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa, in a scene reminiscent of Excalibur in the legends of King Arthur; then she triggered a lightsaber of her own, one she had constructed in part from fragments of the staff she had wielded on Jakku. Traditionally, the act of constructing your own lightsaber is a rite of passage marking a Jedi Apprentice's ascension to the role of Jedi Knight. Thus, symbolically, as Rey triggered her yellow lightsaber, she was declaring herself a Jedi.

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker confirmed Finn is actually Force-sensitive. Indeed, the junior novelization strongly suggests this was the reason he was able to break through the First Order's conditioning. It seems the dark side was used as part of the brainwashing process; Force-sensitives were naturally more resistant, and thus on Jakku, Finn instinctively knew he could not simply kill innocents. He isn't the only one to have this experience, however; on Kef Bir he discovered an entire company of Stormtroopers who had rebelled rather than slaughter innocents. In their case, too, there was no conscious decision; there was just a sudden instinct, a feeling this was wrong. The implication here is that this entire company are Force-sensitives.

It's unclear whether Rey knows Finn is Force-sensitive, but he spent the entirety of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker attempting to tell her, and he's sure to get round to it sooner rather than later now that the First Order have been defeated (as the Final Order). That naturally means Finn will become Rey's first apprentice, the second of a new Jedi Order. And, though Rey doesn't know it, the Force has already assembled an entire company's worth of recruits to join them. Plus, there's the broom boy from and other Force-sensitive children around the galaxy who may now take up the ways of the Jedi.

Rey's Jedi Order will be very different to the one seen in the Star Wars prequel trilogy. She has spent a year poring over the sacred texts, ancient Jedi scriptures that date back to the very dawning days of the Order. There's strong evidence the early Jedi had a different philosophy to Master Yoda and his fellows; they considered balance to be another aspect of the Force, like light and dark, and they were sworn to serve this balance. In Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Rey saw a mural showing the founder of the Jedi Order, the so-called Prime Jedi, and he was depicted as a servant of balance. Light and dark were given equal prominence in the mural, with the Prime Jedi representing the darkness in the light, and the light in the darkness.

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Rey has claimed the surname "Skywalker" for herself, and in doing so has unwittingly incorporated herself - and the Jedi Order she will found - into the prophecy of the Chosen One. Signifying this, Rey's lightsaber blade is colored yellow, muted from the Jedi blue and Sith red. If balance is indeed a separate aspect of the Force, then Rey's Jedi Order will have a very different relationship with it to the Old Jedi Order. There have been hints some of the Force powers seen in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - abilities such as Rey's new Force Heal, or even the Force Dyad - are associated with balance, explaining why they've never been seen before. Presumably Rey and her new Jedi Order - the order of balance - will discover more long-lost secrets of the Force as well.

The events of the Star Wars prequel trilogy now appear to be common knowledge; even  saga. As a result, Rey is likely to learn one key lesson from the prequel Jedi; she won't allow herself to become too closely bound to the galaxy's politics. The Sith engineered the close relationship between the Old Jedi Order and the politicians on Coruscant, and this became a potent weapon. The Jedi were forced to compromise their morality, to accept political constraints that prevented them fighting against slavery, to protect Republic interests no matter what. That culminated in the Clone Wars, when the Jedi became the Generals of the New Republic military. As seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the galaxy was unable to differentiate between the Jedi and the Republic, and everyday citizens frequently blamed the Jedi for the problems they experienced in life.

Rey's Jedi texts predate the politicization of the Jedi; meanwhile, it's reasonable to assume some of the Force Ghosts will counsel her, potentially including Master Yoda. He was Grand Master of the Jedi Order at the time it became compromised to the point of collapse, and he's had many years - and the experience of being one with the Force - to reflect on that failing. No doubt he would advise Rey to avoid repeating his mistakes. It will be interesting to see the future of the galaxy take shape. Rae Carson's suggests Poe Dameron will begin a political career, and Poe and Rey have often found themselves clashing. That will probably continue, because Poe's political goals will be very different to the will of the Force, and Rey will wish to serve the latter.

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