Dr Disrespect Explains Why He Loves Warzone Over Other Battle Royales

Dr Disrespect explained why he loves Call of Duty: Warzone more than other popular battle royale titles such as Fortnite and Apex Legends.

Dr Disrespect Explains Why He Loves Warzone Over Other Battle Royales

Dr Disrespect has revealed why he prefers  over other battle royale games. The popular streamer has always had a massive affinity for Call of Duty, especially following his history of developing maps for Advanced Warfare, but he has dabbled in other battle royales aside from Warzone, such as PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Since launching in 2020, the controversial streamer has been gravitating toward Modern Warfare's battle royale.

tournament, with his Twitch ban as the most likely cause. The controversial streamer was abruptly banned from his biggest platform last summer for unknown reasons, leading to a brief disappearance and loads of speculation. No concrete reason for the ban has ever been given, but a rumor places the blame on Doc trying to trick Twitch in contract renegotiations. Dr Disrespect allegedly lied about a big offer from Mixer right before they announced they were shutting down in an effort to get Twitch to match it or pay him more. Once it was revealed Mixer was closing its doors, Twitch reportedly took offense and kicked him off of its platform.

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Dr Disrespect responded to a viewer in his chat (via ) that suggested that Warzone was killing Call of Duty. Given the intense focus from Activision to keep its biggest money maker alive, some have felt that games like Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War have taken a bit of a backseat. Dr Disrespect disagrees, though. “I think Warzone is just a completely different [game]. You know what I like about this, when I go to Warzone I know what I’m gonna get. I’m gonna get a fix of probably the funnest BR out there, in my opinion.”

Dr Disrespect continued, noting that there's something about the experience with Warzone that is unmatched by Fortnite or Apex Legends. “You kinda get everything with Warzone,” he said. “It’s fast-paced and you know what you’re getting and you’re landing hot and you’re constantly getting engaged. It’s that fix, it’s that experience. But Valorant is just a good contrast. I love where we’re at, going back and forth. We’re getting the full spectrum.”

Warzone is still endlessly popular, so even if he doesn't actually enjoy it, of course Dr Disrespect is going to stream it. It draws in lots of viewers and is generally a very fun game to watch. Recently, a  streamer broke a massive record and got 162 kills with his squad in a single game. It's an incredibly dynamic game where truly anything can happen and often spawns great clips showcasing creative and fun plays. Whether or not Activision can maintain this popularity past its upcoming one year anniversary remains to be seen.

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