Dr. Pimple Popper: Everything To Know About Dr. Sandra Lee

What is Dr. Sandra Lee like away from her dermatological practice? She's a powerful Instagram influencer who's an author and skincare product creator.

Dr. Sandra Lee is better known as Dr. Pimple Popper and we're here to share lots of interesting information about her life. The title of the gorgeous dermatologist's show makes her job sound simple, but there is more to it than squeezing a typical zit. Dr. Sandra Lee has been featured on the hit show for five seasons. The educational program gives audiences a glimpse into the Upland, California office of Dr. Lee. Viewers watch her perform gross in-office procedures weekly. Whether she is excising growths or cauterizing skin imperfections, there is no doubt that her patients leave her office feeling better. The individuals who seek treatment from Dr. Lee sometimes have stories that move viewers to tears. They usually give Dr. Lee rave reviews, due to her expertise and caring spirit. Her practice is not exclusive to California residents. People from all across the nation request her help.

Skin Physicians & Surgeons is home to Dr. Lee's practice. She and her colleagues offer patients procedures such as general dermatology (she once treated a man with an extra nose), laser treatments, superficial radiation therapy, cosmetic surgery, Tickle Lipo, and medspa services. Fans of Dr. Pimple Popper are introduced to these services, which are utilized to treat and heal numerous dermatological issues. Dr. Lee is a graduate of UCLA and attended medical school on the East Coast. She has been published in several medical journals. This trusted surgeon with a flair for pop culture has been featured on several other shows, including Studio 11 LA, The Doctors, and Hallmark's Home and Family. With a strong clinical and administrative team behind her, Dr. Lee maintains a glowing reputation.

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Her show is now streaming on Discovery+ and her commercials disgust fans of other TLC shows. The board-certified dermatologist was born in Flushing, NY, and raised in Upland, California. Her rise to reality stardom began with a social media page in 2015, where she detailed her work via Instagram posts and YouTube videos. This Sagittarian is married to her co-star and office colleague Dr. Jeffrey Rebish. They have been together since 2000 and they share two children. Dr. Sandra looks strikingly youthful and celebrated her 50th birthday this past December.

Dr. Lee is also a successful author. She published her autobiography, "Put Your Best Face Forward," in December 2018. She considers her book the ultimate skincare guide for her readers. She also offers social strategy tips to help others grow their online followings. She often updates her own Instagram with pictures of her and her family. The show boasts a following of 4.2 million on its IG page, and this definitely proves that Dr. Lee is a household name. She is also the founder of SLMD Skincare, a product line she is extremely proud to share with the world. It is currently available at Target stores.

Dr. Lee was very happy about her January photoshoot for People Magazine. She wore a beautiful dress. That was something she hasn't done for a long time, according to her Instagram account. Her appreciation for fashion and beauty is apparent on her hit show and in her personal life. She provides her followers with self-help tips regularly, such as explaining the three types of pimples that almost everyone gets during their lifetimes.

However, her main passion in life is helping her patients. Individuals interested in Dr. Lee's patients should prepare for a long wait. The show offers free treatments. It also covers travel and lodging expenses. That's why so many people try to get on the show. Hopefully, patients don't treat her the way that  treated her doctor. Of course, they do want to get to know the charming doctor that everyone loves.

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Dr. Pimple Popper is currently streaming on Discovery+.

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