Drive the beloved country: Three post-lockdown routes you need to take

Apart from the lush Garden Route and more semi-desert region of the Karoo, here are a few road trips that you need to experience in your lifetime.

Drive the beloved country: Three post-lockdown routes you need to take

As soon as we are free to travel again, pack your bags and head off. We’ve come up with three must-see road trip routes for you to take after lockdown.

The Panorama Route

This road trip will take you through the province of Mpumalanga. The name of the route suggests its scenic view over the mountains and canyons as you travel on South Africa’s highest tar road. For those that are interested in South African history, you can explore the mine deposits and learn about the gold rush at the Pilgrim’s Rest Museum. Highlights include God’s window and the third largest canyon in the world, the Blyde River Canyon.

The Wild Coast Route

For those who prefer to be closer to the sea, this is the journey along the coast you do not want to miss. Sit back and view some of the best sunsets and hiking spots and watch herds of cows and other livestock roam freely as you experience the laid-back feel that the rugged beauty of the Eastern Cape has to offer.

Iconic stops along the route include; The hole in the wall at Coffee Bay, Cinsta and the rugged cliffs of Morgan Bay. From hiking, to exploring the birthplace of Nelson Mandela, to horseback riding along the beach, this route may be wild due to the uneven roads but it is sure to be one major adventure.

Distance: The road trip is a 260-kilometer stretch from East London to Port St Johns.

Maloti Drakensberg Route

This Maloti route is an initiative of the South African and Lesotho tourism departments to encourage travel along the country’s most awe-inspiring mountain ranges. The route passes through parts of Lesotho, some areas of the Eastern Cape, and the Eastern Free State.

Known for its majestic mountains, the route also includes a World Heritage Site, The Maloti-Drakensberg Park, which houses San Rock paintings. Highlights of the road trip includedinosaur footprints at The Golden Gates Highlands Park, The Sani Pass mountain range and hiking at the Amphitheatre, which overlooks the Tugela Falls.

Distance: It spans 13 000 kilometers between Lesotho, Eastern Free State and the Eastern Cape.

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Trevor Manuel accused of making call to ‘sacrifice black lives’

The ANC stalwart's criticism of some lockdown laws has not gone down well with the EFF.

Trevor Manuel accused of making call to ‘sacrifice black lives’

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have blasted former Finance Minister Trevor Manuel for his comments regarding the ongoing national lockdown.

The African National Congress (ANC) stalwart criticised some of the government’s social distancing measures, terming them irrational, during a radio interview on SAfm on Monday.

EFF come out guns blazing against Manuel’s lockdown comments

Not escaping Manuel’s criticism was the ban on alcohol and tobacco sales, the continued closure of some economic sectors, as well as the restricted exercise times.

On Tuesday, the EFF issued out a statement expressing their displeasure against the comments made by the 64-year-old.

The red beret called Manuel out on what they regard as a “call to sacrifce black lives”.

“Manuel’s disguised concern for constitutional rights is actually a call to sacrifice black lives, a call to safeguard the continuation of senseless and irrational profit-making for the sake of profit and not for human survival,” the statement read.

Economic Freedom Fighters

The party says Manuel’s comments were made despite there being sufficient evidence against the dangers of alcohol.

“Scientists all over the world were at pains to explain both short and long-term effects of alcohol on almost every single organs of our bodies, and how it weakens our immune system and increases the risk of acute respiratory distress syndrome, one of the most severe complications of COVID-19.”

Economic Freedom Fighters

The EFF added;

“The government should not be pressured to be too quick to try and resume normality chasing some idea of pre-COVID-19 conditions when the reality is that the profits they are chasing after are gone with the pandemic. All unbanning of sale of goods and services should prioritise human survival towards building a new economy.”

Economic Freedom Fighters

Red berets not holding back

Manuel was recently appointed as the Special Envoy of the African Union (AU) in mobilising a response to the global pandemic.

During his radio interview, he said some of the lockdown laws do not pass the test of rationality.

“I think a lot of the decisions that have been taken don’t pass the test of rationality. What you can and can’t buy and so on doesn’t work. Also, the idea that you can exercise only in a three-hour period? I don’t agree.”

Trevor Manuel

The EFF had initially rejected his AU appointment, labelling him a puppet of “white monopoly capital”. In Tuesday’s statement, the party reiterated its opposition to the appointment.

“The reality is that Washington DC has deployed its best henchmen unscrupulously to impose structural adjustments and austerity measures to the rest of the continent.”

Economic Freedom Fighters
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